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Friday, November 04, 2005

Gangland pair found guilty of murder - National -

Dumb n Dumbererest whacky duo Goussis and Faure have tripped the light fantastic and gone down like a 2 dollar whore. Suprise *yawn*.
Zarah Garde-Wilson- next on OUR hit list
The pair had pleaded not guilty to murdering Lewis Caine, who died from a single bullet to the face on May 8 last year.

They did not give evidence.

Because their evidence was "unlikely to assist their case" as they say in the legal trade. Oh and the whole allowing your client to lie on the stand -> get disbarrred thing.

James Montgomery, for Faure, said it defied common sense Faure would drink for two hours with Caine in front of witnesses and then be a party to shooting him.

...and that's the exact reason why they were drinking with him before they whacked himn. To make it look that way. Christ. Stupid.

Now that this case is in the can, we here at MUI can get back to the task at hand: bedding Caine's ex Zarah Garde-Wilson. We woun't be taking her on as our life partner-> the whole "last boyfriend got shot" thing has us a little nervous. And besides, it would be wrong to be seeing Zarah Garde-Wilson and Roberta Williams at the same time.

Gangland pair found guilty of murder - National -


  1. Anonymous9:23 am

    Well mate you can keep Roberta as she's a bit of a dog "her sisters alright" I wonder if both of them have been rooted since Carl and Victor Brincat have been banged up, but i would have a crack at Zarah as she is a nice piece of ass if I do say so.

    As for old Keithy "well fuck know's how he got himself into all this shit AGAIN", as they say "bars or box" well its looking like he doesn't have a fuckin choice now lol.

    The only crazy thing about it is that Ange got involved in this and its looking like a big one for him, he was never involved in anything this major "well he fuckin is now".

    LIFE in jail lol fuck me dead, what in the world is worth that.

    I guess for Keithy old habits die hard and for Ange new habits will die old.

    Son Of Sly

  2. young buck5:39 pm

    her sisters not too crash hot either if thats her in the pic, tho - after a couple of beers she might start to look alright

  3. Anonymous6:10 pm

    No, that's Zarah Garde-Wilson in the pic up the top

    You don'think she's attractive? It's all about perspective - have you ever seen a mildly decent looking solicitor? Exactly.......I didn't think so hehe

    Have seen her on the news a few times and she wears sexy low cut tops and short skirts etc. This is to be encouraged at all costs

  4. You can admire the Garde Wilson, but do NOT touch her until some one has safely disposed of Lewis Caine's sperm. She wants that stuff... for her own reasons...

  5. Anonymous5:51 pm

    que? what? Is there something sinister with the sperm thing?

  6. Anonymous9:41 am

    she wants his baby

  7. Checkit:

    "It was later revealed that Ms Garde-Wilson, who has named her city firm Garde-Wilson and Caine after him, was trying to win the right to have his child, using his frozen sperm. She opened the firm in June after working as a junior solicitor for Pryles and Defteros."


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