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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Zarah Garde-Wilson- background

To many folk she's new player on the scene. She was an article clerk with Pryles and Defteros Solicitors, then it all went ugly.

She took up with Lewis Caine for two years after he had left prison for murder (only served 10 years). He got popped, she went really weird (see bulleting story)(. Then she went from small time crim boyfriend to big time with Tony Mokbel.

Now she's a week away from losing her practising certificate.

Here are some articles to check out- all involve Ms Garde-Wilson in some way...

The pictures:
After posting these pics, it came into MUI's thinking that Zarah look uncannily like Belinda McClory. Now belinda played "Kirsty Nichols" in the Janus TV series- a crim's moll turned informer turned back into a crim's moll (Wendy Peirce?) Interessant n'est pas?

Belinda McClory:

Zarah Garde-Wilson:


  1. Anonymous7:31 pm

    What does she want with tubby Tony? Oh sorry, it must be his bubbling personality and Brad Pitt type looks, right? (She sounds a fruitcake of the first order)

  2. how bout some info on perth underworld types as well, if there are any

  3. Anonymous5:40 am

    These kinds of women get off on being around men with power full stop.

    I remember seeing some lovely looking women with the late Dennis Allen and he was one ugly looking cunt with no teeth, some women get off being around men that would kill them if need be, its all to do with the danger of being with these types of men.

    Son Of Sly

  4. how bout some info on perth underworld types as well, if there are any

    Start yer own blog, we're too busy over here.

    besides for "Perth Underworld" see: "Ex Pat South African White mafia"

    SOS, you are so right- think Heather Parker (though she is/was pig dog ugly)- "It's always the bad boys that makes the girls hearts beat faster"

    No wonder I can't get a root, I'm too nice.


  5. Anonymous5:48 pm

    Dennis Allen, what a maniac. It'd be fair to say it's a case of.......mutton dressed as lamb

    Could never understand women writing to rapists and convicted killers behind bars

  6. Anonymous2:51 am

    how bout some info on perth underworld types as well, if there are any

    "No one gives a shit about perth mate"

    But if you need to know about anyone you could always look up John Kizon, buy he's a bit of a fairy by Melbournes pace.

    Son Of Sly

  7. she was in the paper yesterday again. She had to make a statement for 1 of the underworld's family (they wouldnt state who). Aparently they were in a cafe where Purana task force was in the bar across the street celebrating. They waved and sent over a bottle of wine compliments of Purana to the family. They were disgusted by this and thats when Zarah came in stating harresment or some shit like that.
    Its in the Herald yesterdays

  8. Anonymous10:10 am

    Listen here (angry emoticon required). Woke up in a foul mood today and feel like ripping somebody's head off grrrrrrrrr

    I was just wondering how I go about being a toughguy with connections blah blah. One that "knows people" and can "make some moves on the street"......stuff like that, yeah?

    My intended targets:

    1) the garbos. These bastards and their incessant noise once a week wake me up every single time they come and collect the garbage. On top of that they always leave the bin on it's side, to be run over by people in their 4 wheel drives and squished on the street. Something must be done

    2)the next door neighbour. They own a mutt dog that keeps pissing on my lawn. Now I ask you - what sort of way is that to treat a would-be toughguy such as mwa?

    3)Eddie McGuire. I've have a deep hatred for this smarmy arsehole ever since he took up residence in Toorak after being brought up in mocassin country (ie Broadmeadows). He deserves some concrete shoes for Christmas

    I want answers. Anyone that can "connect me up with the right people" will be handsomely rewarded for their efforts. If necessary, can pay. I have approximately $6.35 saved up thus far

    p.s. I hope this request isn't read by any ASIO or the NCA or the Purana taskforce. Don't wanna get anyone here into trouble, you see

  9. pfft. fuk off

  10. Anonymous10:21 pm

    I'm from Broadmeadows, you cheeky bastard.

    Son Of Sly

  11. Anonymous5:27 am

    You may well be from Broadie good sir. you now live in Toorak? hehe

    No offence intended - I grew up in Northcote, not exactly a 'marbles in the mouth suurb when I was growing up there in the 70's

  12. Anonymous7:51 pm

    No offence taking, I live in Kew now does that count ?

    "still got me mocassin's but"

    Son Of Sly

  13. Anonymous11:31 am

    Kew is acceptable. Moccos in Kew haha you must be the social pariah out there

  14. Anonymous8:50 am

    i'm live in northcote now :)

  15. Anonymous10:37 am

    Is she a good Lawyer? What's her costs?

  16. Anonymous5:18 pm

    Nice and easy on the eye Zarah.

    I would take her on no and try and tame her no problems at all.

  17. Anonymous11:41 am

    Zarah Garde-Wilson easy on the eye?

    Who's cock are you pulling? Obviously not yours because you haven't got one to be making a ridiculous comment like that.

    Look at her sleazy squinty mail-slot eyes.

    Now look at her smelly camembert cheese snatch and her permanently open date which have both taken load after load from incredibly small appendaged callous-palmed cock-heads like Fat Tony and Caine Wilson.

    Honestly, even those slutbags you find on Fitzroy Street would stay away from cocks like that.

    But not this skanky ho. Still, she probably misses her dad's cock ramming her snatch and date and so that's the best she could get.

  18. Anonymous11:44 am

    Wouldn't trust my cock anywhere near this fuck tart's smelly putrid cunt. She'd put any cheese factory to shame.

    Blue vein cheese anyone......

  19. Anonymous12:04 pm

    Even my Rotty has dumped a load in this ho. He reckons it was like fucking a pool of smelly mud tho.

  20. Anonymous12:15 pm

    Anonymous said...

    Is she a good Lawyer? What's her costs?

    10:37 AM

    For $2 she'll gobble your member and swallow your manjuice + she'll let you dump a load into the furthermost corners of her cunt + she'll let you dump another load halfway up her rectum + she'll give you a tittyfuck on her fake rack + she'll give you back $1.99 change.

    Yep, she's cheaper than a Springvale gooky pork roll...and nastier too.

  21. Anonymous12:30 pm

    Zarah lying down on a bed with her ankles beside her ears. Big Fat lardarse Tony sweating as he pumps her with his cocktail frankfurt penis.

    Sure enough she may not be an oil painting bro but she sure has a nice body and I wouldn't mind bending her over something and doing her quick hard and deep. She looks the sort who'd have a sweet little waxed pussy too, not a hair out of place (a bit like the cricket pitch at Lords LOL).

    Sweetie, you can do way better than Big Fat lardarse Tony.

  22. Anonymous7:08 pm

    Da fuckin tart ain't know shit about fashion bro. She ain't wearing legit Louis Vuitton or Dolce e Gabana shit. Me says she most likely got her mutts on da Bali specials. Cool.

  23. Fat Tony7:21 pm

    G'day Zarah,

    Fat Tony here. I know I tried dipping my little cocktail frankfurt into your smelly snatch, but to be honest snatches just never did anything for me.

    Gimme a nice fresh little piece of male ass any day. Shame Andrew got popped, cause I miss the way he pounded me like a Coles steak. My loose ol' date would take every one of his 17 inches. It was such a turnon seeing those photos of him rubbing sunscreen on Carl Williams' least the papers all thought it was sunscreen. Best damn home-made "moisturiser" if you get my drift. Little salty though. Must be those anchovies Andrew had for lunch that day!!!

    Anyway that's it from me. Don't mention my name any more Zarah dear.

    Gotta run daarliing. Too bad you're not here to see the pretty boys here in downtown Beirut. Ooooh, I'm going to have sooo much fun. Deary me, just look at his rippling pecs.......

    xxx Fat Tony

  24. Zarah "Fuck Tart" Garde-Wilson7:25 pm


  25. Lewis Caine7:31 pm

    Zarah, my calloused palm always was a better shag than what you ever were.

  26. Anonymous11:22 am

    I've got 4 words for this Baramundi scented cock box....Get a fuckin Bra!


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