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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Beddie Byes by dark for the Tone

Big Tone will be tucked up in Southbank early after a Judge ruled that late nights and gambling were playing havoc with his hair line and waistline:

SELF-DESCRIBED professional gambler Tony Mokbel will provide a $1 million surety and observe a night-time curfew after his bail on a Commonwealth drugs charge was extended yesterday in the Supreme Court.

Mokbel, 40, of Southbank, faces trial on February 1, having pleaded not guilty to being knowingly concerned in importing a trafficable quantity of cocaine.

Justice Bill Gillard ordered Mokbel to report twice daily to police, surrender his passport, not contact witnesses and give 24 hours' notice if he wants to change his address.

Son Of Sly says:
Tony isn't even a real crim- he doesn't come from a criminal background, he was a legit bloke, a clean skin.

He had a late start in crime, but with his wealth that he made with legit ventures he was able to climb the ladder quickly.

It's said that he's never personally knocked anyone but it's been said that he paid Benji $100,000 for the Redev hit after he was bashed by his minder and a few blokes fromW.A. (It's said that this bashing contributed to Benji going over to the Williams crew from the Carlton Crew)

He teamed up with the William's lot after the Moran's power went as he thought it was the smart thing to do and after he had the shit kicked out of him by Gatto's mates it really only left the Williams lot.

I think Tony will beat the charge on the 1st case but has a problem with the 2nd and a bit of "time out" may occur. His brothers are still around but not for long as there is already a few new kids on the block and I don't think they give a fuck about any cunt- least of all the Mokbel bros.

Tony has never done any real jail so it will do him good, but lets say this now "INSIDE PEOPLE IN FOR LIFE DON'T GIVE A FUCK WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE" on the outside you can try and be anyone you want but inside the most feared and violent run the show, so he has two choices:

1: He better pay to be looked after.
2: He better pay to be looked after.

If he thinks he's going to be in the same unit as the rest of the new school he should think again, they were all in Charlotte unit together: Brincat,Williams & Dad, Rocco Arico, Radev, Mokbel and a few others at one point many years ago, there is not way this time round, Mokbel ran the joint at that time and Carl was a model inmate but was into everything.

Brincat only behaved so he could get out but it's also been said that he fell out with Radev over who ran the drugs in the unit and killed him when both were on the out- "bullshit" Benji's work there.

It must be said that the unit they were in never had any really feared inmates at that time.


  1. Anonymous6:09 pm

    I was of the impression that Veniamin was a freelance hitman before teaming up with Williams. Surely this is one sure way to make yourself severely unpopular with both major sides and you're bound to be ahem 'disappeared' sooner or later

    Mokbel's bashing - these guys from WA don't seem to give a toss who gets in their way (bikies were they? Friends of John Kozin?)

    "bullshit" Benji's work - does this mean that it was Brincat that killed Radev, and not Veniamin?

    Back to the Morans - they were associated with the Femington guys at one point (Peirce/Allens, Jensen, Houghton et al). Makes you wonder how far these guys would have gone had they not all been shot by the cops. Or murdered

    Was Keith Faure a freelancer as well? as has been suggested?

  2. Anonymous12:58 am

    Keith was a hitman and had been at his trade for over 20 years, he beat most of the murder blues but is said to be behind around 6 or 7 over the years, and yes he was a freelance in later years.

    Benji knocked Radiv not Brincat, and also Benji only did two hits before he teamed up with Williams, the first was with Mark Moran on the Big Al job with Mark being the trigger man and Benji driving and the 2nd was Frank Benvenuto with Mark driving and Benji doing the Shooting.

    The reason for Mokbell being bashed is in Jail he called Coffin Cheater Troy Mercanti a dog, Mercanti is a close friend of Mick Gatto and John Kizon and is from W.A.

    (Peirce/Allens, Jensen, Houghton et al)

    If Dennis Allen was still alive he would be in a Hospital for the Criminal Insaine as he would of been found guilty over the Stanhope murder and then later down the line been charged with a few more, but with Dennis its hard to say as alot of people have said that without the speed he was ok but then with the speed he would kill for fuck all, you only had to look at him the wrong way at 35 Stephenson Street and it was lights out, they didn't call him dial a murder for nothing.

    If he did go to a normal prison then he would of had to been kept away from the rest of the cons as he was a dog and alot of people went down with info GUS gave up.

    His brother Peter Allen is in jail at the moment and has been for most of his adult life, but Peter doesn't have the Killer instinct that Dennis has so the threats he made over revenge with Victors murder fell on deaf ears as the family are a spent force.

    If Jenson was still alive he would be in Jail or dead as he was banging Victor Peirce's wife Wendy behind his back, Victor would never of been involed in Walsh Street if he had been told about this at the time.

    As for Houghton and the rest its hard to say but with Houghton being the trigger man in Walsh Street you can guess what would of been his outcome.

    There is a big gap to be filled in Melbourne at the moment but there is already talk of that being filled by a few new kids of the block.

  3. Anonymous10:59 am

    carl, benji,rest of the TURKEYS did the community a favour,lets face it only shitbags died in the gangland war good ridence saved the taxpayer some money pity kieth faure and that russin GOOF arnt six feet under to no normal person really cares. WELL DONE

  4. Anonymous3:19 am

    2 the last comment ur a goose mate! only shit bags hey , if u new any1 of them ud no they were good people despite there lives.... i hope u rot in hell u sound like a cold no nuthing fuckwit


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