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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Strike FOUR and you're out?

Carl is having a pretty tough time of it as we blog...
...and the fat boy is downnnnn
Police are set to charge alleged underworld figure Carl Williams with a fourth murder, claiming he stalked and shot drug dealer Mark Moran outside his luxury Aberfeldie home nearly five years ago.

Now this case was stone cold dead in the water. Purana (and just about everybody) knew the rumours surrounding Carl's involvement (though most thought it was Benji who did done the trigger work..) but the cops couldn't pin it on him with any certainty. What changed?

The breakthrough comes after a key witness told police he drove Williams within walking distance of Moran's Combermere Street home on the night of the murder.

Good help is so hard to find. Yes the guy dropping Carl in it MR X is the same Mr X who managed to get a whole 7 years off his 25 year sentence for dobbing in Carl. Worst of all, Mr X has deprived us of Carl's antics for about 35 years or so...

The word of a convicted crim doesn't carry much weight on its own... but then:
Another witness, who is not connected with the underworld, has been able to corroborate much of Mr X's statement.

A second criminal source is also alleged to have made a statement against Williams.

Oh this is bad, very bad for our boy. Maybe he will be able to go in "The Biggest Loser" while in prison? He's got a bit to lose...

Murder charge No.4 for Williams - Crime & Corruption -

Friday, January 21, 2005

Carl Williams- Game Over?

Huge story brewing here folks- it appears that Carl Williams is to be charged with the murder of Mark Moran in June 2000.

It's been rumoured that Carl was involved ever since he gobbed off at Jason Moran in prison about how he "took the bullet out of my stomach and put it in Mark" (referring to the earlier shooting of Carl by the Moran brothers...) but frankly we here at Melbunderworld news always thought Carl was a bit of a pussy when it came to tooling about.

We was wrong!

Seems Carl was a regular Wild Bill Hickok eh? He didn't stay down and dirty once the cops were onto him though- the late great Benji put up his hand and Carl handed over the rosco just as fast as he had used it.

So folk- is this the end game? It was said that the Carlton Crew were gone once the Munster and Lewis Moran went- but seems the Williams crew are not far behind- all the trigger men are dead or in jail, the players are in jail and tony Mokbel is just waiting for a knock at the door.

And what happens now? Well a vacuum rarely stays a vacuum when there is fresh air nearby.

*Calling all tough guys, your time has arrived*

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Thursday, January 20, 2005

25 - grassing yer mates = 18

A prosecution supergrass who agreed to give evidence against underworld figures Carl Williams and Victor Brincat yesterday became the first person jailed for murder over Victoria's recent gangland killings.

The informer, known only as Mr X, was sentenced in a secret Supreme Court hearing at Ballarat to 18 years' jail.

I'm sure many of you have seen the US "Law and Order" franchised TV shows. In these shows, the accused can cut all sorts of deals and get their sentence reduced significantly.
Not so here in Australia- The accused can roll over, but the charges will stand- the judge alone has discretion and in this case, one can't quite see where Mr X gets his motivation:
"Justice Teague said he would have jailed Mr X for at least 25 years, with a 20-year minimum, had he not agreed to co-operate with authorities and plead guilty to murder."

Here at Melbourne Underworld news are fully aware of the identity of Mr X and frankly cannot understand why there is a supression order surrounding his name:
  • The people he has implicated/testified against know who he is
  • Fellow prisoners know who he is

Why it matters whether the public knows is beyond us- I'm pretty sure the public don't care either way.
Go figure. But on this rare occasion we will respect the judges decision and despite these servers being based in the USA where the supression order has no weight, we will not reveal who Mr X is...

Underworld supergrass gets 18 years for killing