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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Beddie Byes by dark for the Tone

Big Tone will be tucked up in Southbank early after a Judge ruled that late nights and gambling were playing havoc with his hair line and waistline:

SELF-DESCRIBED professional gambler Tony Mokbel will provide a $1 million surety and observe a night-time curfew after his bail on a Commonwealth drugs charge was extended yesterday in the Supreme Court.

Mokbel, 40, of Southbank, faces trial on February 1, having pleaded not guilty to being knowingly concerned in importing a trafficable quantity of cocaine.

Justice Bill Gillard ordered Mokbel to report twice daily to police, surrender his passport, not contact witnesses and give 24 hours' notice if he wants to change his address.

Son Of Sly says:
Tony isn't even a real crim- he doesn't come from a criminal background, he was a legit bloke, a clean skin.

He had a late start in crime, but with his wealth that he made with legit ventures he was able to climb the ladder quickly.

It's said that he's never personally knocked anyone but it's been said that he paid Benji $100,000 for the Redev hit after he was bashed by his minder and a few blokes fromW.A. (It's said that this bashing contributed to Benji going over to the Williams crew from the Carlton Crew)

He teamed up with the William's lot after the Moran's power went as he thought it was the smart thing to do and after he had the shit kicked out of him by Gatto's mates it really only left the Williams lot.

I think Tony will beat the charge on the 1st case but has a problem with the 2nd and a bit of "time out" may occur. His brothers are still around but not for long as there is already a few new kids on the block and I don't think they give a fuck about any cunt- least of all the Mokbel bros.

Tony has never done any real jail so it will do him good, but lets say this now "INSIDE PEOPLE IN FOR LIFE DON'T GIVE A FUCK WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE" on the outside you can try and be anyone you want but inside the most feared and violent run the show, so he has two choices:

1: He better pay to be looked after.
2: He better pay to be looked after.

If he thinks he's going to be in the same unit as the rest of the new school he should think again, they were all in Charlotte unit together: Brincat,Williams & Dad, Rocco Arico, Radev, Mokbel and a few others at one point many years ago, there is not way this time round, Mokbel ran the joint at that time and Carl was a model inmate but was into everything.

Brincat only behaved so he could get out but it's also been said that he fell out with Radev over who ran the drugs in the unit and killed him when both were on the out- "bullshit" Benji's work there.

It must be said that the unit they were in never had any really feared inmates at that time.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Zarah speaks to the press...

Victoria's "Stateline" program, last FRiday might, the 25th November:
JOSIE TAYLOR: One detective told Stateline the idea of Zarah Garde-Wilson living in fear is ludicrous as she has joined the biggest gang in the criminal playground. You've been accused of being attracted to that, sort of being sucked in by the glamour.

ZARAH GARDE-WILSON: I'd like to know what the attraction is. If the current position I'm in is attractive, they really should be thinking again. If the criminal lifestyle involves waking up at 6 o'clock, having breakfast, driving to work, working through to 8 o'clock, having dinner, going to bed, then so be it.

And then there's:
JOSIE TAYLOR: Are you friends with your clients?

ZARAH GARDE-WILSON: It's hard not to be friends with your clients.

JOSIE TAYLOR: How do you represent them and be their friend?

ZARAH GARDE-WILSON: I don't see why it causes an issue. For example, if I were married there would be no prohibition on me representing my husband. I can't see what the limitation is. You are prohibited from representing a friend; it doesn't make sense.

JOSIE TAYLOR: Would you consider, say Tony Mokbel your friend?

ZARAH GARDE-WILSON: I consider him a friend.

Mind. Boggle.

Offense as defence...

Zarah is getting ready to fight disbarrment. This seems a curious way to go about doing that...:

Lawyer alleges Victorian police corruption

Solicitor Zarah Garde-Wilson has accused Victoria Police of mounting a malicious witch-hunt against her because she chose to represent underworld figures.

Ms Garde-Wilson has escaped a jail term after being convicted of contempt of court for refusing to give evidence in a murder trial.

The Law Institute is still deciding whether it will suspend her practising certificate.

Ms Garde-Wilson has told the ABC's Stateline program that police made it clear to her after the death of her partner Lewis Caine, that it would not be in her best interests to represent certain people.

"I'm appalled by the conduct of Victoria Police in relation to the gangland matters," she said.

"There's many levels of corruption.

"There's corruption on its face, where you're alleging police officers themselves committing criminal activities, and I believe the worst sort of corruption is the manipulation of evidence.

"And I believe that is proliferant."

Assistant Commissioner of Crime Simon Overland says Ms Garde-Wilson's comments are self-serving.

"Her criticisms are also not properly based, they're based on misconceptions which I suspect she well understands," he said.

"For instance, she's suggesting that we've arranged circumstances for her to be called to give evidence at the recent trial, that's simply not true."

Friday, November 25, 2005

Lewis Caine...

Some more background on the Caine/Garde-Wilson situation. It appears that while Zarah and Lewis were together, Lewis had another woman on the side.

He regularly stayed at her place overnight. She got pregnant to him. He wanted the baby (he was also keen for Zarah to have his baby- a regular Lion pride leader was Lewis), but she had an ectopic pregnancy and lost the baby.

They were both very upset- he'd told his younger sister she was going to be an aunt. He asked his reiki teacher from jail NAME DELETED to be the godmother. He said to the woman that when his children ask why he chose her as their mother, he would tell them, because she is an angel. Its alleged that he even asked her to marry him, but she ended the relationship despite being in love with him, because of his criminal life, his infidelity and his tantrums. (apart from teat he was a model citizen)

Whilst together, from his own initiation, he was desperately trying to get out of crime. He said how when he got out of jail he worked in a pub for a few months , then the police told the owners of his murder conviction and they sacked him- the pricks. (how does an ex crim go straight? Write books maye?) He said he didn't like being in crime and that he could have been so much more. He went for a few jobs while they were together, one as a courier and one as a used car salesman. When she lost the baby he said he told his mates he was going straight. All he wanted to do was return to the army but they wouldn't have him back.

He said when he was in jail he refused once to leave his cell for a few days and they called the nasty boys in. Six or so men came in and severely assaulted him and tried to give him a 'black panadol' (batton up the arse). He managed to stop this taking place- but they got him- he wasn't allowed to have visitors for 5 years.

It is said that his father physically and psychologically abused him as a child.

Zarah had a private funeral so the mystery woman couldn't attend to say goodbye. She wanted to see his body at the coroner but didn't want to get involved and wanted and still wants to stay out of the media due to her career.

This is the last of our tales of Caine. RIP.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Email us!

So send us your tips, questions and death threats!!

More on Zarah... pun intended

Another update:
The Age feature on Garde-Wilson

Police claim that the young solicitor has joined one of the feuding tribes in the gangland war and has crossed the line in her duty as a lawyer. So much so that some police believe her refusal to testify was in line with the crook's code of never being a dog and ratting on your mates.
Frankly this is why she is in trouble. The refusing to testify things was no big deal- it wasn't self incrimination, but self preservation. One you can do and get away with, the other you can't. Go figure.

But at the core of this: the police belief she has "taken sides". Joseph Conrad, please explain:

He had taken a high seat amongst the devils of the land -- I mean literally. You can't understand. How could you? -- with solid pavement under your feet, surrounded by kind neighbours ready to cheer you or to fall on you, stepping delicately between the butcher and the policeman, in the holy terror of scandal and gallows and lunatic asylums -- how can you imagine what particular region of the first ages a man's untrammelled feet may take him into by the way of solitude -- utter solitude without a policeman -- by the way of silence -- utter silence, where no warning voice of a kind neighbour can be heard whispering of public opinion?
Essentially, now the cops have decided she is a target, then she has a problem. Ask Andrew Fraser how ugly things can get once the cops decide to after you. Many lawyers are not exaclty altar boys, but if the cops decide they don't like the cut of your jib, then you will be singled out for special attention.

Zarah Garde-Wilson: this is your fate.

More from The Age article:

A senior Purana officer told The Age: "I think she's just a lonely person and doesn't have a lot of close friends." So isolated is she privately - this line of thinking runs - and so committed is she professionally, that her two worlds have merged in ways most lawyers would find unthinkable.
Another reason they are going hard at her: hurt her, hurt HIM.

Last word is yours Ms Garde-Wilson:

As she said outside court recently, "It'll take a bullet in the brain to stop me."

For Christ sake, don't say shit like that.

We should state, despite this blog's generally flippant style, we really like and admire Ms Gard-Wilson's style. Really.

She just needs to grow up a little and watch that blurry line between work and life.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Garde-Wilson: sentenced

Early news (we was there!):
She's had a conviction recorded, but no jail time.

The judge was quite sympathetic and acknowledged she took steps to tell the truth (entering witness protection), but would record a conviction regardless.

We'll see what the Law Institute make of this.

UPDATE: Herald Sun

Lawyer convicted, but avoids jail term

ZARAH Garde-Wilson, the gangland lawyer who refused to give evidence at the trial of those accused of her boyfriend's murder, was convicted today of contempt of court but avoided jail.

Garde-Wilson, 27, claimed she feared for her safety if she appeared on the witness stand after one of her partner's killers, Keith George Faure, threatened her life if she gave evidence.

Justice David Harper convicted her of contempt of court, but did not impose further punishment.

No, that's because disbarring will now probably take place.

..and that is punishment enough.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Old farts to catch young bucks

From the "it's so stupid it must be true" file comes this classic:

RETIRED homicide detectives may be recalled to review unsolved murder cases under a plan being considered by police.

The investigators would be contracted to re-examine files to identify cases that they believe can now be solved.

"They have so much expertise it would be of great benefit if we can tap into it," Assistant Commissioner (Crime) Simon Overland said.

Of course this assumption that "they have so much expertise" is based on the assumption that they can remember anything- including their own names.
The retired police could also be used as consultants to check on the progress of investigations. "A fresh set of eyes can often see obvious things that have been missed," Mr Overland said.

"Fresh eyes". Must be a typo.

This has the making of a TV series- no doubt:

"Colostomy Squad"

This week, Colostomy Squad seek out the phantom granny flasher by going door to door in the neighborhood. After two houses they retire to the pub to talk about how shit hot they were way back when. Rated BABS (Boring As BatShit)

Friday, November 18, 2005

"Criminal lawyer suicidal, says plea report"

Zarah Garde-Wilsoon's crew are bringing out the big-ish guns as part of her pre sentence hearing after being found guilty of um lawyer like behaviour:

UNDERWORLD solicitor Zarah Garde-Wilson is suicidal, paranoid, depressed and still remains deeply in love with her slain boyfriend Lewis Caine.

The revelations about her fragile mental state emerged during the solicitor's plea hearing at the Supreme Court yesterday.

Yes, so deeply in love, so mournful is she, that she's taken up with Antonios Mokbel. Only in his arms does the pain of Lewis disappear, even for a brief moment. He is a shining bald head knight. Damn, spare us this shit.

Yesterday, Garde-Wilson's lawyer, Gerard Nash, QC, read from a psychiatrist report about his client.

...The report stated that Garde-Wilson was suicidal and if she lost her right to practise as a solicitor, she would become "acutely suicidal".
Well, losing your secondary source of income can be like that. Wonder what the fall back postion will be. Missionary probably

The stress of being forced to give evidence had resulted in Garde-Wilson losing her appetite and losing five kilograms.
So this episode hasn't been a complete disaster then. She should start her own weight loss website/book/club. "Works for me!"

The solicitor refused to take medication to treat her mental disorders and stress due to her "philosophical beliefs".
We here at MUI have no response to this at all. It's so ironic/paradoxical that we are afraid that if we comment on it, we might cause a negative reality inversion and blow the whole freakin' world up.

In an extra bonus, it's reallly worked wonders for her skin.

Just a quick note about how sex n crime go hand in hand, here are the top 5 search items that have brought us visitors in the last 5 days:
1. Zarah Garde-Wilson
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5. melbourne underworld

Perving still rules.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Zarah Garde-Wilson- background

To many folk she's new player on the scene. She was an article clerk with Pryles and Defteros Solicitors, then it all went ugly.

She took up with Lewis Caine for two years after he had left prison for murder (only served 10 years). He got popped, she went really weird (see bulleting story)(. Then she went from small time crim boyfriend to big time with Tony Mokbel.

Now she's a week away from losing her practising certificate.

Here are some articles to check out- all involve Ms Garde-Wilson in some way...

The pictures:
After posting these pics, it came into MUI's thinking that Zarah look uncannily like Belinda McClory. Now belinda played "Kirsty Nichols" in the Janus TV series- a crim's moll turned informer turned back into a crim's moll (Wendy Peirce?) Interessant n'est pas?

Belinda McClory:

Zarah Garde-Wilson:

Monday, November 14, 2005

Man on ecstasy import charges shot

A man who is due to appear in court over ecstasy importation charges has been shot near a Melbourne police station.

Antonio Sergi staggered into the arms of police at Moonee Ponds police station after he was shot in the chest and both arms.

The shooting had hallmarks of a typical underworld hit, sources told the Herald Sun newspaper.
"All the hallmarks of a typical underworld hit?" Ummm isn't the guy, like, kinda, ALIVE? Hardly typical...

Anyway, this weeks Lucky Bullet recipient Antoni Sergi is "known to police" and to this website. from what we know, he was shot with a damn hand cannon at close range, by someone he knew, but he won't be telling.

Ahhh bless the Underworld- after I was calling it "oh it'll go quiet now..." foool that I was.

The Age:

POLICE are investigating underworld associates of a man who survived being shot in the chest and arms as he sat in his car just 400 metres from the Moonee Ponds police station.

The man, 32, of Sydenham, was in a stable condition in hospital last night, having driven himself to the Moonee Ponds police station after being shot twice in The Strand, on the edge of Queens Park, about 1.20am.

Detective Sergeant Michael Engel, of the armed offenders squad, said the injured man was "known to police".

It is believed the man was due to face court over an alleged major importation of ecstasy tablets.

Please note the last line here: due to face court.

Herald Sun:

A MAN due to face court over the biggest importation of ecstasy tablets into Australia was shot yesterday after being lured to a suburban park.

More to come...

The Age
Herald Sun

Supression order lifted

We knew about this last week, and Lord we hinted at it, but here it is:

Zarah Garde-Wilson has been charged with, and has been found guilty of a charge of contempt of court after failing to sign a statement.

In other not so shock news, we can tell you she also has been having an affair (on and off) with Tony Mokbel. She is currently living in one of Tone's many maisons.

This case has been subject to a supression order, an order we decided to respect.

Updates as the mainstream news catch on...

The Age Get on Board:
Garde-Wilson was found guilty of contempt of court last Wednesday after refusing to answer questions in the trial of Keith Faure and Evangelos Goussis. Last month, both were found guilty of Caine's murder.

While refusing to give evidence, Garde-Wilson made a failed application to enter the witness protection program.
Ohhh so close. May be Wendy Peirce had a chat about the ins and outs of being in witness protection when you have lagged out family/friends/loveer/whoever.

Herald Sun:

Justice David Harper said the justice system could not work without witnesses overcoming their fears – like many others in the Faure trial did. "Were they, and thousands like them . . . to succumb to it, no system of justice could survive," he said.

Justice Harper said he believed Ms Garde-Wilson's claim that there had once been a threat to her safety from Faure, but it was no longer imminent.

The Age again:
She said she was "petrified" for her safety and could possibly lose her licence to practise as a solicitor.

...Law Institute of Victoria chief executive John Cain told The Age that an investigation might be opened once Garde-Wilson's matters have finished before the court, to test if she "is a fit and proper person" to practise law.
That's a given. Even if she gets a non custodial sentence (as we suspect she will) it's game over for her legal career. It's ironic that this charge will make a her a full on gangsters mole. Not charging her would have given the cops a half chance at turning her into an informant. Who is running this shit?

By the way- just how crazy hott is that get up we see her wearing in the picture? Man she could hold our briefs anytime she wants.

The Age
Herald Sun

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Like my new threads, man?

We've done a slight overhaul of the site- with a new layout, fixed background, new style sheet and so on. We've also started a Google Adsense program- because we think you oughta hook up with books, DVDs and other MelbUnderworld items should you be so interested. We also want to make hideous amounts of money so we can keep our Underworld bitches in the manner they are all too accustomed to. Biatches.

Those of you with blogs that may be of interest (ie you like crime, death and being stalked)- feel free to leave a comment and link in this thread and we'll put you in the sidebar.

Your comments on the changes please!

See the new background HERE

The bulletin- past article

We've talked before about how Ol' Piss n Wind Williams and Brincat are not liking prison, but for some insight into the daily life (this article is old- Feb '05- we just found it... slack researchers are we) It's worth a read. I wonder how much has changed with Mick Gatto out again.

Now old Mick lost a heap of weight in jail- but we reckon Carl will just stack it on. Comfort food is what he likes. Oh and a thumb sucking blankie to boot.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Gangland pair found guilty of murder - National -

Dumb n Dumbererest whacky duo Goussis and Faure have tripped the light fantastic and gone down like a 2 dollar whore. Suprise *yawn*.
Zarah Garde-Wilson- next on OUR hit list
The pair had pleaded not guilty to murdering Lewis Caine, who died from a single bullet to the face on May 8 last year.

They did not give evidence.

Because their evidence was "unlikely to assist their case" as they say in the legal trade. Oh and the whole allowing your client to lie on the stand -> get disbarrred thing.

James Montgomery, for Faure, said it defied common sense Faure would drink for two hours with Caine in front of witnesses and then be a party to shooting him.

...and that's the exact reason why they were drinking with him before they whacked himn. To make it look that way. Christ. Stupid.

Now that this case is in the can, we here at MUI can get back to the task at hand: bedding Caine's ex Zarah Garde-Wilson. We woun't be taking her on as our life partner-> the whole "last boyfriend got shot" thing has us a little nervous. And besides, it would be wrong to be seeing Zarah Garde-Wilson and Roberta Williams at the same time.

Gangland pair found guilty of murder - National -