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Monday, November 28, 2005

Offense as defence...

Zarah is getting ready to fight disbarrment. This seems a curious way to go about doing that...:

Lawyer alleges Victorian police corruption

Solicitor Zarah Garde-Wilson has accused Victoria Police of mounting a malicious witch-hunt against her because she chose to represent underworld figures.

Ms Garde-Wilson has escaped a jail term after being convicted of contempt of court for refusing to give evidence in a murder trial.

The Law Institute is still deciding whether it will suspend her practising certificate.

Ms Garde-Wilson has told the ABC's Stateline program that police made it clear to her after the death of her partner Lewis Caine, that it would not be in her best interests to represent certain people.

"I'm appalled by the conduct of Victoria Police in relation to the gangland matters," she said.

"There's many levels of corruption.

"There's corruption on its face, where you're alleging police officers themselves committing criminal activities, and I believe the worst sort of corruption is the manipulation of evidence.

"And I believe that is proliferant."

Assistant Commissioner of Crime Simon Overland says Ms Garde-Wilson's comments are self-serving.

"Her criticisms are also not properly based, they're based on misconceptions which I suspect she well understands," he said.

"For instance, she's suggesting that we've arranged circumstances for her to be called to give evidence at the recent trial, that's simply not true."


  1. If Zahahara was any good, she would NOT refer to these businessmen as 'gangland'.
    Gee Insider, I notice you have Word Verification on to keep away the Comment Spam - after reading your Profile, I woulda thunk they would all be to scared to fuck with YOUR blog.

  2. No we are full of piss and wind. We are about as scary as Dakota Williams.

    Actually, no, she is far more threatening....

  3. Anonymous6:09 pm

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  4. Anonymous3:05 pm

    she even impersonates police over the telephone to find out if lewis had been charged with assault, perole violation..
    she even fucked that up......
    i knew straight away i wasnt dealing with the police, all so she could keep her violent, drug fucked, gambling addicted convicted murdering stand over man with a small dick out of an instant return to jail..

    who s laughing now Lewie???????????????
    cant say i miss you cunt...........


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