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Friday, November 18, 2005

"Criminal lawyer suicidal, says plea report"

Zarah Garde-Wilsoon's crew are bringing out the big-ish guns as part of her pre sentence hearing after being found guilty of um lawyer like behaviour:

UNDERWORLD solicitor Zarah Garde-Wilson is suicidal, paranoid, depressed and still remains deeply in love with her slain boyfriend Lewis Caine.

The revelations about her fragile mental state emerged during the solicitor's plea hearing at the Supreme Court yesterday.

Yes, so deeply in love, so mournful is she, that she's taken up with Antonios Mokbel. Only in his arms does the pain of Lewis disappear, even for a brief moment. He is a shining bald head knight. Damn, spare us this shit.

Yesterday, Garde-Wilson's lawyer, Gerard Nash, QC, read from a psychiatrist report about his client.

...The report stated that Garde-Wilson was suicidal and if she lost her right to practise as a solicitor, she would become "acutely suicidal".
Well, losing your secondary source of income can be like that. Wonder what the fall back postion will be. Missionary probably

The stress of being forced to give evidence had resulted in Garde-Wilson losing her appetite and losing five kilograms.
So this episode hasn't been a complete disaster then. She should start her own weight loss website/book/club. "Works for me!"

The solicitor refused to take medication to treat her mental disorders and stress due to her "philosophical beliefs".
We here at MUI have no response to this at all. It's so ironic/paradoxical that we are afraid that if we comment on it, we might cause a negative reality inversion and blow the whole freakin' world up.

In an extra bonus, it's reallly worked wonders for her skin.

Just a quick note about how sex n crime go hand in hand, here are the top 5 search items that have brought us visitors in the last 5 days:
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Perving still rules.


  1. Anonymous7:23 pm

    I demand to know if Zarah (same name as Harold Holte's wife. Holte - you know - the ex prime minister that faked his own drowning at Cheviot beach and was picked up by a Russian submarine)

    Anyway back to Zarah - I bet she has an almightly cameltoe teeheehee

  2. the bill7:41 pm

    got any thing on kizone

  3. Anonymous7:47 pm

    Fuck off bill, we won't tell you again lol

    Son Of Sly

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