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Thursday, November 10, 2005

The bulletin- past article

We've talked before about how Ol' Piss n Wind Williams and Brincat are not liking prison, but for some insight into the daily life (this article is old- Feb '05- we just found it... slack researchers are we) It's worth a read. I wonder how much has changed with Mick Gatto out again.

Now old Mick lost a heap of weight in jail- but we reckon Carl will just stack it on. Comfort food is what he likes. Oh and a thumb sucking blankie to boot.


  1. Anonymous12:01 am

    If you can't do the time then for fuck sake don't do the crime.

    I bet old Keithy George ain't bitchin about his time, these new school crims are to use to there designer clothes and mobile phones, Victor needs to stop bitchin, I mean what the fuck did he expect ? a room with a view ?

    I bet Benji's glad he's not along side them, i'd pick death over Acacia any day of the week, there already dead anyway, they just haven't gone in the ground yet.

    Its a fuckin heavy price to pay, think about it, never being able to bang your wife or any other women for that matter, never being able to take your kids to the park or even walk to the milk bar, FUCK THAT!

    What about Alfie ? he has to do his run outs by himself, now thats 24 hours a day by himself, that would drive you fuckin mad.

    And if he get's found guilty then he will be the only one that wont die in prison but you can bet your cash that the kids that have lost there dad will be all grown up by then and the cycle will start all over again just like it has for many years in good old Melbourne Town.

    A 4m x 2m cell, my fuckin toilet is bigger bigger then that.

    Son Of Sly

  2. Anonymous5:51 pm

    they should deport these scum back to whatever country it was they're from.

    ruining australia with there scummy fruit and vegie godfather routines.


  3. Anonymous5:13 am

    What a numbskull. While you're at it why not send off anyone that's descended from immigrants. Hey presto, empty country

  4. Send 'em back?

    Once upon a time the organised crime was indeed organised along racial/ethnic backgrounds, but there has been much blending in the last 30 years, and I would hasten to point out that the Irish/English immigrants were pretty hard at it in Melbourne in the latter part of the 19th century and for much of the 20thC as well. No one discussed sending them home!

    Sending folks "home" is not an answer- most crims- dead or alive in Melbourne are better than second generation Australian born. So the fact that they may or may not have "ethnic" sounding names is irrelevant- they are Australians and need to be dealt with by Australian authorities.

    Deporting the crims would not answer the issue anyway. Vacuums get filled.

    If there is interest, MUI will be doing a run down on how the new terror laws might be used against regular criminal activity...



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