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Monday, November 14, 2005

Man on ecstasy import charges shot

A man who is due to appear in court over ecstasy importation charges has been shot near a Melbourne police station.

Antonio Sergi staggered into the arms of police at Moonee Ponds police station after he was shot in the chest and both arms.

The shooting had hallmarks of a typical underworld hit, sources told the Herald Sun newspaper.
"All the hallmarks of a typical underworld hit?" Ummm isn't the guy, like, kinda, ALIVE? Hardly typical...

Anyway, this weeks Lucky Bullet recipient Antoni Sergi is "known to police" and to this website. from what we know, he was shot with a damn hand cannon at close range, by someone he knew, but he won't be telling.

Ahhh bless the Underworld- after I was calling it "oh it'll go quiet now..." foool that I was.

The Age:

POLICE are investigating underworld associates of a man who survived being shot in the chest and arms as he sat in his car just 400 metres from the Moonee Ponds police station.

The man, 32, of Sydenham, was in a stable condition in hospital last night, having driven himself to the Moonee Ponds police station after being shot twice in The Strand, on the edge of Queens Park, about 1.20am.

Detective Sergeant Michael Engel, of the armed offenders squad, said the injured man was "known to police".

It is believed the man was due to face court over an alleged major importation of ecstasy tablets.

Please note the last line here: due to face court.

Herald Sun:

A MAN due to face court over the biggest importation of ecstasy tablets into Australia was shot yesterday after being lured to a suburban park.

More to come...

The Age
Herald Sun


  1. Anonymous2:45 am

    Thats fuckin funny, I thought a hit ment that the cunt should be dead ?

    I know who this guy is and I find it funny that he even made it into the paper to be honest, on the food chain he is very low and doesn't even rate at all.

    I guess now there is a void that its trying to be filled by people with shit for brains.

    I have had a bit of word that a bloke I have spoke of before "Bluey" has been seen by a bloke I know and from what he has been saying he's got alot of people that were close to the Moran's around him.

    I've also been told that a crew from Yarraville in there 30's have been making a name for them self, if people remember a bit in the news not to long a go a bloke got knifed to death for a bike by two brothers "Dale Ward & Simon Weelen" well both of them were not the sharpest tool's in the shed but they do have 3 older brothers from Geelong then Yarrville who are the real deal.

    The brothers have all been inside for acts of violence, armed robbery and drugs. Around the late ninetys Bluey was a member of this crew along side these boys and a few others in Yarravile, some of the members were doing time and most are now out.

    This crew was also close to the Moran's and The Carlton Crew and were called in to do alot of there dirty work, hence why this Bluey fella was so close to Jason Moran.

    I'm looking forward to a few news headlines to come.

    Son Of Sly

  2. hahahah thats classic. Lowest on the food chain. When i saw this on the TV i thought the same thing. He was either near the top once before he got caught. Now his back on the bottom tryin to make a quick buck to either make a name for himself again (like he was know B4 N e ) or making some moola to pay for his lawyer.
    i also thought hit meant dead too


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