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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Strawhorn dodges another one

A JUDGE yesterday discharged a deadlocked jury after it failed to reach a verdict in the long-running drug-trafficking trial of a senior Victorian policeman.
Detective Senior Sergeant, Wayne Geoffrey Strawhorn, 49, the state's most experienced drug squad officer, will face trial for the third time in the Supreme Court on a date to be fixed. He is accused of organising drug deliveries to murdered underworld figure Mark Moran and the Bandidos Outlaw Motorcycle Club.

It's pretty clear that the judge may have erred in his directions to the jury. Instead of the usual nonsense about rules of evidence and weight of testimonies and so on he should have said simply " Right out you go have a cup of tea, come back in say an hour- with a VERY FUCKING GUILTY verdict so I can send this clown down for 20 years. Hoo roo!"

It's also clear that when you start talking up knocking yer own, selling pseudoephedrine without recording the amounts sold and for how much and then having bundles of cash about the place, you are either (a) as bent as a banana or (b) simply watching The Shield. We'll go with part (a) thank you your worship.


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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

'Execution' victim probably knew killer - National -

Hello loyal reader!

Look apologies for the break- but Roberta insisted on a QLD trip- claiming that botox and sun lamps don't mix. I'd call "shenanigans" on that 'cept for the fact she could eat my balls for brekky an' shit 'em out before lunch.

So I said yes to the QLD trip. Was a lot quieter this year- what with Benji dead and Carl in jail. That, and Roberta's latest botoxing has stretched her face to the point that conversation is nigh on impossible- without a translator. Bless the Lord for small mercies.

To the tasks at hand:
- The Goanna dropped of the twig. Well he got away with "it". (Define "it" in comments)
- Welcome 2006! Let the mayhem begin! (see below story for first signs of chaos!)

'Execution' victim probably knew killer - National -