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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

'Execution' victim probably knew killer - National -

Hello loyal reader!

Look apologies for the break- but Roberta insisted on a QLD trip- claiming that botox and sun lamps don't mix. I'd call "shenanigans" on that 'cept for the fact she could eat my balls for brekky an' shit 'em out before lunch.

So I said yes to the QLD trip. Was a lot quieter this year- what with Benji dead and Carl in jail. That, and Roberta's latest botoxing has stretched her face to the point that conversation is nigh on impossible- without a translator. Bless the Lord for small mercies.

To the tasks at hand:
- The Goanna dropped of the twig. Well he got away with "it". (Define "it" in comments)
- Welcome 2006! Let the mayhem begin! (see below story for first signs of chaos!)

'Execution' victim probably knew killer - National -


  1. Anonymous8:31 am

    Welcome back. Thought for a minute one of those dudes that gets on here exclaiming that they'll kick your head in for making fun of fat people had given you some concrete shoes. Or made it so you swam wit da fishes. Or something of that ilk

    It would appear that the place where this guy's body was found is quickly becoming a fav holiday destination for nasties here in Melbourne

  2. The Goanna they called him. I say he got away with "it". My explanation of "IT" is involvement in drug trafficking, pornography, fraud, money laundering, and tax evasion.....ahhhh.... Unable to explain why so much money of his cash had circled around notable crime figures and what the moneies was used for, he was quick to the mark to deny all. But then what about the prime minister at the time.
    I will state "In March 1987 Lionel Bowen, the attorney-general, under strong pressure from the prime minister, issued a highly unusual statement to parliament which cleared Packer of all charges. The same year, the billionaire told ABC Radio that Hawke had done great things for business and that he would be voting Labor at the next election" oookkkk then...
    oh yea welcome back MUI, miss you lots, hope Roberta looked after you how every good hoe should....
    Now to Son Van Duong i really dont know what to say about this matter. Executed at a popular site seems a little to airy fairy to me.

  3. Anonymous1:56 pm

    truganina... what (and who) is it near???? near but not too near...

  4. Anonymous1:58 pm

    yes kerry packer was involved in some shocking pornography... the home blokes section in picture magazine- he profited from the ex gratis display of bogan australia's manly members... enough to turn any stomach

  5. Anonymous5:10 pm

    Kerry Packer? Porn? WTF is this one all about?

  6. Lordy- ACP own Picture mag- and have pics of people nuide- sending 'em in from home.

    Sad, awful stuff! :P
    Laugh a little.


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