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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Zarah no longer Cained...?

According to The Age Spy section, Zarah Garde-Wilson has dropped thE "Caine" from her "Garde-Wilson & Caine" law firm name and no longer wishes to have his baby...

With Tone all set for a term in jail, should MUI make its' move? Shall we try to Get Zarah at an ungarded moment?

Comments please!

(we will scan the article as it is not online!)


  1. Anonymous6:13 pm

    The unguarded moment was a great song by The Church in '80 or '81

    But anyway - if you (or yous - depending on how many of yous MUI's there are) get into Zarah's knickers then I thoroughly expect explicit pics to be posted at this here site. This is non negotiable

    p.s. I foresee a Garde-Wilson-Fat Tony's sign being put up shortly

    Does she really think it's luuuuurv this time?

  2. son of sly1:51 am

    I seen her the other day in the city, she was with Roberta Williams, was going to ask them for an interview for Melbourne Underworld but thought "fuck it" we already know everything we need to know and I don't think they would of went for a few "naked" snaps to go along with the interview anyway.

    As for the Fat Tone, I wouldn't mind a punch on with him, can't stand the cunt, he hasn't got my respect in any way, shape or form.

    Should be fun to see who will stand over him with all his back up daed or in the boob.

  3. classic.......

    is she maybe getting smarter by the days???? I'm going to wait to see if the big tone will be slowly dropped when his in

  4. Oh Fuck Sly! you should have asked. In fact let's have a contest to see the best question. Winner gets to "guest post" on MUI:
    1/ When you hit both hit 50, who will have had the most botox/plastic suregey/silicon?
    2/ Are you sushi sisters* yet?
    3/ Who has slept with the most number of men that have resulted in the most number of deaths?
    4/ Is a threesome out of the question?

    * See This and scroll!

  5. p.s. I foresee a Garde-Wilson-Fat Tony's sign being put up shortly

    Question is- what will said G-W & F-T be offereing- won't be legal services I'd venture...


  6. Number 2 Number 2!!!!!
    Roberta has the problem of her men heading off on holiday's.
    Zarah has the death finger..
    i say go for number 2 questions

    ps Thanks for the new term i will be using that now for a few fucking sluuuuts i know

  7. Anonymous7:30 pm

    Sluts - they were aplenty (or so it seemed) in the very early 80's when I was growing up

    Whenever asked for a cigarette from a woman the thing to say was:

    "smoke for a poke
    two for a screw
    imagine what a carton'll do"

    teeheehee amused myself with that little blast from the past

  8. son of sly2:54 am

    Well seeing a mate of mine's wife punched on with Roberta outside a pub a few years back and sent her to the E.R, I don't think she would of been to happy with any of my questions lol.

    1: How does if feel to still be married to the biggest dickhead Gangland Melbourne has ever seen ?

    2: Did Carl know that you were rootin Benji the pocket rocket behind his back ?

    3: Have you ever thought about going back to Dean Stevens ?

  9. yea i have heard alot about Roberta and her ways back in the 80's......

  10. I think we all heard the rumours about Benji n Roberta- but it never really washed with me- I mean Benji was mates with Greg Domaszewicz, and I heard Roberta was filthy about it on account of Greg's babysitting skills.

    Also, Benji had sworn himself as the Williams family's protector, seem unlikely that he would do the dirty. But then his record when it came to "fair fights" was abysmal to say the least. (turning up to a "queensbury rules" fight over a woman and pulling out a rosco being but one example!)

    Back it up SOS!

  11. Anonymous2:01 pm

    why did pryles defteros and co close? because hades decided to shut a few of its branch offices

  12. Anonymous6:41 pm

    What did Roberta get up to in the 80's? She's just an average suburban housewife, ya know. They outta get a royal commission going into the continued harassment by the cops of this poor girl and her law abiding suburban family about one of her court melodramas a while ago - she was there to lend support to one of Carl's numerous appearances and didn't like what the female prosecutor was saying. So......"let's go outside and punch on" she yelled out in the middle of it all. hahahaha such class

  13. son of sly10:42 pm

    Back it up SOS!

    Yeah I know what your saying mate, but I know a young bloke "makes me feel old" that drinks in the same pub as me, now he use to live in Sunshine and also knew Benji as Benji has a little girl with his sister and they went to the same school and worked out at the same gym, so you could call them close and there is no doubt that he thought that Benji was rootin Roberta.

    From what I've been told, Benji would cheat on this blokes sister all the time with other girls, even a stripper at one point, he would even move in on other so called mates women as he was a bit of a back door merchant from what I've been told.

    Roberta took out an add in the Herald on Benji's birtday and it wasn't the kind of add you would take out for a close mate "more lover" this I am told pissed Carl off big time, hence there was no add from Carl, Roberta also wears a locket around her neck with a picture of Benji in it, so really I think its safe to say with both Benji's rep and Roberta's at gettin around a bit, and they were alone alot with no one around that its safe to say they got up to it.

    Now yes its true that Roberta or anyone else in that camp didn't like Domaszewicz, there was even word that Brincat was going to shoot him at a party that Benji brang him along to, but I doubt Roberta would cast aside Benji over Domaszewicz.

  14. Anonymous4:32 am

    What's Brincat's story? I'd never heard of him until he was arrested

    Sounds a mean bastard

  15. son of sly5:56 am

    Victor Brincat was an armed robber, rapist and he also liked to rip of drug dealers for there money and drugs.

    He's served time in just about every state in the country and his claim to fame is after he was pinched for robbing a bank in Lygon Street he jumped from the back seat of the moving cop car.

    Not really a mean bastard, bit of a dickhead to be honest and is not really well liked before or after shooting Moran infront of his kids.

    Apart from that I don't really know if he's from Melbourne or how he knows Carl Williams, they were in the same unit in jail a few years back so maybe they met for the first time there and he joined up with Carl after he was free, Carl was out for a few years before Victor and in those years is when he really started to build his power base, or maybe they always knew each other.

    I do know that Carl bought Victor a Diamond Ring for his birthday while Victor was still in jail and that Victor was seeing Roberta's sister for a while.

    As for him being a hitman, well we know for sure he killed Michael Marshall, Jason Moran & Little Pat, he has been charged with all those murders and is thought to be Willy Thompsons killer.

    As you can tell he was a fuckin real good hitman lol the only thing is he got caught, and good hitmen don't get caught, he should of stuck to armed robs.

  16. Anonymous8:44 pm

    Wonder what became of the cop that fell asleep in the copcar, when Brincat escaped. haha

  17. Anonymous4:01 pm

    merry christmas... i wonder if peace will reign in 2006

  18. Anonymous10:27 pm

    hope not. otherwise this place will be dead

  19. Hi. Kath Pettingill here. What's happening boys?

  20. Eye've been keepin an eye on this place for a while now (between runnin the binga and cookin scones down ere on the coast) and eye don't reckon yous know wot yous are talkin about. Don't make me come down there otherwise it'll be on for young an' old

    Eye won't tell yas again

  21. Anonymous9:24 am

    LMFAO hi kath

  22. Anonymous6:16 am

    Kath 'ere again

    Eye'm gunna be 'avin a few of the locals at m'eye place today on account 'a most a me kids is eiver in the clink or in 'evin

    Merry bloody christmas to the lot o'yaz!!! Hoe Hoe bloody Hoe

  23. Anonymous8:07 am

    hoe,hoe,hoe,hoe merry christmas Roberta hoe, hoe um Hoe.........

  24. Anonymous10:11 am

    All the best for the new year boys and girls. With a bit of luck there'll be loads of gangster related murder and mayhem in 2006 so this place will kick off in a big way. Murder and mayhem, mayhem and murder. Yeehaaaa

  25. Anonymous1:13 am

    no no- everyone who's anyone is under afp surveillance and knows it- 2006 will be r&r... 2007 will be the year of mayhem

  26. Anonymous5:19 pm

    Quite true I suspect. What'll we talk about for the next year?

    The price of fish?

  27. Anonymous12:32 am

    well there's the fish markets, and the fruit markets ;) fertile ground for discussion there, but mostly in calabrese

  28. So nothing new happening around. How are all the boys?? Hope all your NY's came in safely

  29. Son Of Sly2:29 am

    Happy New Year to everyone.

    There is things going down but i'm out in the feild finding out more, so stay tuned.

  30. oh i am sticking son, you know i am...Anyway i will be at the courts next week. Theres some underworld shit for ya..hahaha..Anyway cant wait to hear what you got for us

  31. Anonymous6:50 pm

    Wakey wakey boys and girls. Someone executed some guy just up the road from where Housam Zayat fella was executed a few years ago

  32. uhhuh, heard about that. He was an asian by the sounds of the name. Gold chain and wallet with money left behind on body, so they wanted him dead and only dead.
    Im just waiting to see if Son or MU has anything for us...

  33. Anonymous7:17 pm

    Not sure about Sly but MUI are still working off their christmas excesses me thinks

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