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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Mokbel bid to release assets fails

Accused drug trafficker and multi-millionaire Melbourne businessman Antonios "Tony" Mokbel has failed in a bid to overturn an order that has frozen his assets.

The 40-year-old's assets, valued at an estimated $20 million, were frozen by a Victorian County Court order in 2001.

If Tone has $20 mil officially, then imagine what he has in liquid cash assets- like his sock drawer, bread basket (no pun) and ceiling space.

But there is a kicker:
Mokbel's lawyer, Phillip Priest QC, earlier told the Supreme Court the order to freeze his client's assets did not make provisions for him to meet reasonable living expenses.

Like keeping Zarah in diamonds, and keeping his own belly full.

He's wasting away before our very EYES!

Though he's not gambling down the Crown no more

Mokbel bid to release assets fails - National -


  1. Anonymous6:19 pm

    After seing that pic I'm convinced he's been lying about his age for quite a while now

    Kebab with the lot Tony. Double meat and garlic sauce thanks

  2. Anyone have any more Fat Tony jokes?

  3. Anonymous8:26 pm

    Tony is 41.
    Looks like a spare fucking tyre


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