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Monday, October 25, 2004

US-style powers to hit crime

Analysis will follow....:
A US-style special prosecutor and unprecedented police powers will be used to attack organised crime in Victoria, but civil liberties groups claim the proposal is dangerously flawed.

The new officer, with the title chief examiner, will have coercive powers and can demand answers from organised crime suspects. Self-incrimination will no longer be accepted as a reason for not answering questions.

The Age: US-style powers to hit crime

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Chris Johnson- on field hit man is off field...?

Brisbane Lions chairman Graeme Downie reacted angrily yesterday when Lions triple-premiership player Chris Johnson was named by a radio station as having links to members of the Melbourne underworld.

Those writers!! Why did they pass up the opportunity to say "Brisbane have come out FIRING?" ot "Taken a shot at thaose who named the player" or even "accused those who named Johnson of character assasination"

So many opportunities-lost.

I had hoped the Herald Sun would get on board:

Top Lion link to accused in murder case
AFL triple premiership player Chris Johnson has been linked to a man arrested over three Melbourne gangland murders.

Brisbane Lions' star Johnson and Alfonse Traglia have been close friends and at one point last year spoke almost daily.

Traglia last month was charged with the murders of drug boss Jason Moran and his friend Pasquale Barbaro in June last year at an Essendon North children's football clinic.

There's a bit of spice, but where are the damn sub editors?

In a rather hilarious effort the Herald Sun publish a disclaimer before tipping a bucket on a few current and former players:
The Herald Sun does not suggest Johnson was ever involved in any criminal behaviour. The spotlight on Melbourne's underworld has also uncovered other relationships between prominent footballers and gangland identities.

They include:

THE brother of a rising AFL star linked to accused drug boss Carl Williams.

A STAR midfielder who has been a friend of an armed robber who has come under Purana notice.

RICHMOND player Ty Zantuck who is a friend of the Moran family and was at the funerals of Jason Moran and his father Lewis.

FORMER AFL star Wayne Johnston who attended the funeral of Jason Moran and was a friend of his brother Mark, who was murdered in June, 2000.

Traglia is in the top security Acacia unit of Barwon Prison, near Geelong.

Chris Johnson played in Brisbane's premiership triumphs of 2001, 2002 and 2003 and has won all-Australian selection.

A highly-skilled and courageous player, he started his career with Fitzroy and headed north when the clubs merged in 1996.

Football and crime.... It's not a new thing folks. Been around since the year dot. Once connected with gambling (legal and illegal) now its moving more into players social lives. They no longer have jobs AND play footy so idle hands... (ask Wayne Carey...)

The Age- Gangland link to AFL player
Herald Sun: Top Lion link to accused in murder case

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Gangland accused refused bail

An alleged crime boss charged with conspiring to kill Melbourne underworld figure Carl Williams today lost a bid to be freed on bail.

But in refusing the application, Supreme Court judge Justice Bernard Teague said 52-year-old Mario Condello's prison conditions were "unacceptable".

Justice Teague said the "particular difficulty in communicating with lawyers is particularly to be condemned".

Condello is facing charges of inciting and conspiring to kill Williams, his father George Williams and an unidentified bodyguard.

Well thats put the European holiday on hold indefinately. Just as well coz I gather the European holiday was going to be indefinite as well...

The Age: Top AFL player linked to underworld figures

John Silvester writes in a very delicate-dance-around-it kinda way about an AFL player who has some "interesting friends"...

The player has been seen with members of one of the warring groups and was spotted by surveillance police while he was associating with gangsters at a five-star Melbourne hotel.

He doesn't say who or even which club. But we here at MelbUnderworld don't care:
It is Chris Johnson from the Brisbane Lions. It doesn't suprise us considering that Johnson used to be fond of the sponsors product and the odd beer at the Tunnel in the old days (circa 1995-97) when he played for Fitzroy with some very colouful characters.

Add in that he originally hailed from Jacana, which is very close to Carl Williams'Broadmeadows. Ahh, perhaps retirement will mean he can get into the protection game.

Maybe one day he can be just like Benji!!

The Age- John Silvester reports

Friday, October 01, 2004

Just on a fishing trip...

THE Carlton Crew criminal gang was losing the underworld war and needed to wipe out the rival Williams clan, a court heard yesterday.

Mario Condello...
"I think it's all going to die down . . . I think the other side, they're too strong. They've won," he allegedly said.

I believe it was Ancient Greek leader Phyyrus who said after losing a lot of men in a winning battle "Another victory like that and we're done for..."
Mr Condello allegedly offered the hitman $150,000 a head for the slayings and said there would be no peace until Carl Williams was "put in a hole".

Carl put in a hole? Hmmmm as stated earlier on this blog, we think Carl is a brainless moron. He might be in jail, but someone else was there:
Roberta Williams, wife of Carl Williams, was seated in the public gallery of the court to hear claims Mr Condello gave the hitman advice on where to find her relatives and how to kill them.

Like, whoa! Holy shit! she has giant brass balls. Really. I'm quite suprised she didn't call out, spit, have a go, shoot, blow up, scratch some eyeballs out, etc. She is, without doubt, one bad arse, cold, measured bitch.

No shit!

Herald Sun Story

The Age Story

Don't hang with Judy if you wanna live..

PUBLICATION of a book written by gangster widow Judy Moran has been delayed.

The book, which was expected to be released this year, will hit bookshop shelves early next year.

Mrs Moran has lost two sons and a husband to Melbourne's gangland wars of the past six years and those deaths are expected to be a major focus of the book, entitled Another World.

Ol' Judy reminds me of a funny Bill Hicks segement when Bill talks about an ad on TV where a guy tells his sob story about drugs:
Anti Drug guy: "I lost my job, then my car, then my house, then my kids. Don't do drugs."

Billy Hicks: Well, I'm definitely not doing them with you, fuck! Man, you're bumming me out, get him out of here! Who invited Mr. Doom over, get that guy out of here!

I'm not saying that you shouldn't hang out with Judy Moran, I'm just saying don't marry her. If you are related to her, like, mate, get the hell outta Dodge.

It wasn't just her ex husband Lewis Moran who got knocked, but also the Kane lads as well!

Mrs Moran's husband, Lewis, was murdered at Brunswick in March this year, Jason was gunned down at Essendon North in June last year and another son, Mark, was shot dead at Aberfeldie in June, 2000.

Having all yer family wiped out used to be Kath Pettingill's domain...

Book release delayed: Herald Sun