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Friday, October 01, 2004

Just on a fishing trip...

THE Carlton Crew criminal gang was losing the underworld war and needed to wipe out the rival Williams clan, a court heard yesterday.

Mario Condello...
"I think it's all going to die down . . . I think the other side, they're too strong. They've won," he allegedly said.

I believe it was Ancient Greek leader Phyyrus who said after losing a lot of men in a winning battle "Another victory like that and we're done for..."
Mr Condello allegedly offered the hitman $150,000 a head for the slayings and said there would be no peace until Carl Williams was "put in a hole".

Carl put in a hole? Hmmmm as stated earlier on this blog, we think Carl is a brainless moron. He might be in jail, but someone else was there:
Roberta Williams, wife of Carl Williams, was seated in the public gallery of the court to hear claims Mr Condello gave the hitman advice on where to find her relatives and how to kill them.

Like, whoa! Holy shit! she has giant brass balls. Really. I'm quite suprised she didn't call out, spit, have a go, shoot, blow up, scratch some eyeballs out, etc. She is, without doubt, one bad arse, cold, measured bitch.

No shit!

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