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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The Age: Top AFL player linked to underworld figures

John Silvester writes in a very delicate-dance-around-it kinda way about an AFL player who has some "interesting friends"...

The player has been seen with members of one of the warring groups and was spotted by surveillance police while he was associating with gangsters at a five-star Melbourne hotel.

He doesn't say who or even which club. But we here at MelbUnderworld don't care:
It is Chris Johnson from the Brisbane Lions. It doesn't suprise us considering that Johnson used to be fond of the sponsors product and the odd beer at the Tunnel in the old days (circa 1995-97) when he played for Fitzroy with some very colouful characters.

Add in that he originally hailed from Jacana, which is very close to Carl Williams'Broadmeadows. Ahh, perhaps retirement will mean he can get into the protection game.

Maybe one day he can be just like Benji!!

The Age- John Silvester reports

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