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Friday, September 29, 2006

Fears that police inquiry will undermine trials

Fears that police inquiry will undermine trials...:
"A WOMAN allegedly hit by a member of the disbanded police armed offenders squad has been released on bail, after a court heard her confession might be inadmissable.
There are concerns that a number of alleged violent criminals could walk free because of the assault accusations levelled at members of the squad during public hearings held by the Office of Police Integrity."

This is EXACTLY the sort of thing that happens when incompetent, corrupt or violent coppers get caught. All of a sudden we have to trawl through the past to see who fucked up.

A previous commentor noted that this blog was "anti police" Well fuck that. We aren't. WE just know what happens when this shit hits the fan. It happened when the drug squad went tits up and here we see it again.

The commentor noted that the squad was being reformed and how did we feel about that? Well, hardly suprised. Is there a chence that Victoria would NOT have some sort of armed offenders squad? No! That would be awaving the white flag. In the same way the drug squad was broken up and rebuilt in a new image.

The focus of a new squad is pretty simple:
  • Get rid of all members tainted by past scandals (whether charged/guilty or not).

  • Establish new protocols and checks while the new squad findfs its' feet.

  • Wait for them to fuck up again

  • Simple really...

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Nixon sacks 'unsuitable' officer - National -

Nixon sacks 'unsuitable' officer - National -

"Victoria's Police Commissioner Christine Nixon today announced that a member of the state's police force has been dismissed.
A statement released by Victoria Police said Ms Nixon was satisfied that the unnamed male senior sergeant was unsuitable to continue within the force."

The OPI investigations are starting to bite. Criminal charges will follow people!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Letter in Todays Age

If only there were many more like Jake - Letters - Opinion -

"Police accountability? Ask Ms Horvath
DETECTIVE Sergeant Mick Norris (Letters 25/9) suggests police know they will be held accountable, if pursued through standard rules of law for illegal acts they commit under 'the misguided belief that the end justifies the means'. But after reading the story of Corinna Horvath's ordeal in The Sunday Age (24/9), I'm afraid I don't share Sergeant Norris' confidence.
Ms Horvath was hardly an armed robber who lived to threaten the law-abiding community with heinous acts of violence. Yet the police in her case felt safe enough to bust oodles of laws, regulations and protocols (and facial bones) in pursuit of their ends. And their assumptions of safety from accountability would seem to have been well founded.
Perhaps Sergeant Norris, Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu and the rest of the 'Mullet Muppets' could talk to people such as Corinna Horvath and then tell us how they would protect the public from police who act illegally, and hold those police accountable to the extent that they actually pay a price for the crimes they commit.
David Thompson, Clayton"

Mullet's Muppets.

We. Like. That. A. Lot.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Outlaw gangs make killing

A quick Sunday morning post (can't stay and chat- off to... err... church?)

Outlaw gangs make killing:

"Bikie gangs are using standover tactics to intimidate business rivals as they expand from drug trading to legitimate industries around Australia.

The Australian Crime Commission says that while bikies remain prolific drug manufacturers and dealers, they are now investing in apparently respectable industries.

'OMCG (Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs') involvement in outwardly legitimate business enterprises is potentially impacting adversely on a number of key market sectors in Australia, including finance, transport, private security, entertainment, natural resources and construction,' the commission has found."

Friday, September 22, 2006

Face off: police rift widens.

Face off: police rift widens - National -

Ordinarily, the process here at MU is:

  • Quote from source.
  • Write pithy comeback/insulting/sarcastic reply.

But this article has so much utter shite from mso many parties that it fucking defies description.

Let's give it a shot:

As the Police Association labelled the public hearings of the Office of Police Integrity a "disgraceful Spanish Inquisition", the State Opposition said it would review the contracts of Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon and other top emergency service officials if elected.

If presenting evidence that contradicts an officer's testimony is a disgraceful Spanish Inquisition: then YAH! for Spanish inquisitions!

As for the State Opposition; shut the fuck up, children. This is a the real thing, not a young Liberals "soggy biscuit" competition. For fuck's sake.

Mr Mullet said the rally would report on the "disgraceful Spanish Inquisition being conducted by the OPI and the outrage- ous behaviour of the Chief Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner Overland in the investigation of our members attached to the armed offenders squad".

Let's get this straight: the very powers that the OPI have used to show the illegal beahviour of the Armed Offenders Squad are the very same powers the Police Assoc. want for their members to investigate the general public.

Goose. Gander

I think the public will have no issue whatsoever with the investigation methods of the OPI; where the public might have an issue is when Police officers abuse their position and their powers and then lie about it. I also think that when convicted armed offenders start appealing on the grounds that they were the victims of systemic police bashings and illegal behaviour- and then get off as a result, the public might kick up a stink. No one will give a flying fuck what happens to these cops. They are asking for extra civil liberties (like supressing the OPI video)- when they would not extend the basic liberties the offenders were entitled to.

Moving on:

Senior Constable Dabb returned to the witness box yesterday and again viewed the video that seemingly showed him hitting an armed robbery suspect with a telephone after the suspect asked to call a lawyer.

Counsel assisting the inquiry, Garry Livermore, said it was "obvious" that Senior Constable Dabb was on the video assaulting the suspect, known as A100.

But Senior Constable Dabb denied taking part in any assault. "It doesn't depict anything," he said. "I wouldn't know what was going on … I don't know who it is."

Our questions for Dabb:
  • Given you say this video is not you, perhaps you could explain why this video made you collapse a few days ago?
  • Is this video of your interrogation room?
  • Is it you in the video?
  • If not you, then whom?
  • Are you saying this is a staged/faked video?
  • Are you accusing the OPI of staging this/fabricating evidence?
  • If this is NOT you, are you willing to see this video released to the media?
  • Do you think we are all fucking stupid?

Summary: What an epic fuck up this will end up being. Christine Nixon is acting within the law, and in the view of this blog; correctly. Paul Mullet is 20 kinds of stupid, ignorant, pig headed, wrong headed, foolish, deluded and dangerous. his words and actions are not helping him nor the people he purports to represent. What's next? Dennis Tanner for Chief Commish? The Police Union are the most militant and dangerous union in the country. If John Howard and Kevin Andrews want to have a real crack at unionism- forget the MUA, go for the coppers.

Tail. Wags. Dog.


Being an idiot is contagious!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Police suspended in OPI probe

Police suspended in OPI probe :
"Police Association Secretary Paul Mullett said Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon had 'hung them out to dry'.

'Who are the bad guys? The armed robbers who compromise community safety ... every day of the week,' he said.

While he added that 'no one was above the law', Senior Sergeant Mullett said the officers were entitled to the presumption of innocence and said the evidence should be presented in the appropriate jurisdiction rather than at a public hearing."

One minute he sounds like he supports Guantanamo Bay, the next he makes these bent fuckers sound like David Hicks.

Honestly- he's as consistent as a paranoid schizophrenic three weeks off their meds.

Let's get one thing straight: Paul Mullett is an idiot.

That feels much better.

You heard it here first; even if you knew it all along...

Police hearing 'a Spanish inquisition'

Police hearing 'a Spanish inquisition' -:

"Police Association Victorian secretary Paul Mullett said today that if there was evidence supporting wrongdoing by members of the squad, it should be tested in a court of law and not an integrity hearing.
'This is nothing short of a Spanish inquisition,' he told ABC Radio."

Paul, Paul, Paul. You would defend Hitler if he was a copper. Seriously fella, you just have to learn when to cut these boys loose. Silence at this time. Are you their lawyer? Looking to influence a jury down the track?

Sure, if they go to court the Police Union should support them- but when teh evidence is as overwhelming as this- then perhaps a statement such as "we support our members, but do not condone violence".

Paul, stop trying to frame the way the OPI, the commisioner, the general police structure should be. We DON'T ASK GARBOS ABOUT THE BEST WAY TO RECYCLE so why do you think we should consult with coppers about the law, the courts or the structure should be?

Suggestion: focus on your own organisation first eh?

Police Association secretary Paul Mullett has little time for his detractors. "They have an agenda. That's obvious. We question their agenda," he says.

Yes Paul they do- to get rid of you and your dinosaur attitudes, practices and idiotic statements.

Beatings by police caught on secret film...

Ya Gotta hand it to the toe cutters in the OPI- they really know how to spring a trap:
Beatings by police caught on secret film - National -
"GRAPHIC video images of detectives beating and kicking a suspect in an interview room have rocked the inquiry into the Victoria Police's disbanded armed offenders squad.
One of three detectives accused over the bashing collapsed in the County Court witness box yesterday after being shown the secretly filmed footage."

Robert Lachlan Dabb- collapsed in court.
Sooky la-la