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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Letter in Todays Age

If only there were many more like Jake - Letters - Opinion -

"Police accountability? Ask Ms Horvath
DETECTIVE Sergeant Mick Norris (Letters 25/9) suggests police know they will be held accountable, if pursued through standard rules of law for illegal acts they commit under 'the misguided belief that the end justifies the means'. But after reading the story of Corinna Horvath's ordeal in The Sunday Age (24/9), I'm afraid I don't share Sergeant Norris' confidence.
Ms Horvath was hardly an armed robber who lived to threaten the law-abiding community with heinous acts of violence. Yet the police in her case felt safe enough to bust oodles of laws, regulations and protocols (and facial bones) in pursuit of their ends. And their assumptions of safety from accountability would seem to have been well founded.
Perhaps Sergeant Norris, Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu and the rest of the 'Mullet Muppets' could talk to people such as Corinna Horvath and then tell us how they would protect the public from police who act illegally, and hold those police accountable to the extent that they actually pay a price for the crimes they commit.
David Thompson, Clayton"

Mullet's Muppets.

We. Like. That. A. Lot.

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