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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Police hearing 'a Spanish inquisition'

Police hearing 'a Spanish inquisition' -:

"Police Association Victorian secretary Paul Mullett said today that if there was evidence supporting wrongdoing by members of the squad, it should be tested in a court of law and not an integrity hearing.
'This is nothing short of a Spanish inquisition,' he told ABC Radio."

Paul, Paul, Paul. You would defend Hitler if he was a copper. Seriously fella, you just have to learn when to cut these boys loose. Silence at this time. Are you their lawyer? Looking to influence a jury down the track?

Sure, if they go to court the Police Union should support them- but when teh evidence is as overwhelming as this- then perhaps a statement such as "we support our members, but do not condone violence".

Paul, stop trying to frame the way the OPI, the commisioner, the general police structure should be. We DON'T ASK GARBOS ABOUT THE BEST WAY TO RECYCLE so why do you think we should consult with coppers about the law, the courts or the structure should be?

Suggestion: focus on your own organisation first eh?

Police Association secretary Paul Mullett has little time for his detractors. "They have an agenda. That's obvious. We question their agenda," he says.

Yes Paul they do- to get rid of you and your dinosaur attitudes, practices and idiotic statements.

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