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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Beatings by police caught on secret film...

Ya Gotta hand it to the toe cutters in the OPI- they really know how to spring a trap:
Beatings by police caught on secret film - National -
"GRAPHIC video images of detectives beating and kicking a suspect in an interview room have rocked the inquiry into the Victoria Police's disbanded armed offenders squad.
One of three detectives accused over the bashing collapsed in the County Court witness box yesterday after being shown the secretly filmed footage."

Robert Lachlan Dabb- collapsed in court.
Sooky la-la


  1. Anonymous9:26 am

    mr dabb looks like the sort of bloke who would struggle to pick up a chick in a nightclub.... then when last drinks are called, he would start a fight with all the romeos and casanovas (ensuring he had numerical superiority first of course) - at least this gives him some form of "arousal" and helps ensure no-one is having more fun than him... i can tel all this from his weak scottish jawline and his bad hair-do

  2. Anonymous7:34 pm

    what fuckin jaw line? he aint had a jaw since he hooked up with vic police.. to much sucktion on the ball bags of his work mates & other low lifes in the force! they all lie under oth not to mention the daily bendin & breakin of whatever law suits em..?

  3. Anonymous7:38 pm

    Did he beat him with one hand or two? Sorry beat him "off" with 1 or 2 hands? Will we get to see the hot footage!!!!!!!???????????xxxx <3


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