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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Nixon sacks 'unsuitable' officer - National -

Nixon sacks 'unsuitable' officer - National -

"Victoria's Police Commissioner Christine Nixon today announced that a member of the state's police force has been dismissed.
A statement released by Victoria Police said Ms Nixon was satisfied that the unnamed male senior sergeant was unsuitable to continue within the force."

The OPI investigations are starting to bite. Criminal charges will follow people!!


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  2. Forgot to mention the reformation of the Armed Offenders Squad?
    Didn't quite fit in with your anti-police rhetoric?

  3. ...reformed in theory only

    Find me one name from the old squad tha are in teh new squad.

    And in the unlikely event you do, find me one newbie NOT mentioned in the OPI investigation

    WE are NOT anti Police- just anti Gitmo bay style police.

    Purana got a shit load of charges and convictions without beatings.

    beat a perp=shit cop too lazy to pin them with real evidence


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  5. All of the old members are in the new squad....

    Except for the 3 suspended.

    I know PURANA got a shitload of charges, I was there....

    And that whole beat a perp rubbish? It has nothing to do with being lazy, quite frankly that really is crap. Drop me a line by e-mail and I'm happy to converse with you. I like your site, but you're putting too much emphasis on biased media coverage, The Age.


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