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Friday, September 29, 2006

Fears that police inquiry will undermine trials

Fears that police inquiry will undermine trials...:
"A WOMAN allegedly hit by a member of the disbanded police armed offenders squad has been released on bail, after a court heard her confession might be inadmissable.
There are concerns that a number of alleged violent criminals could walk free because of the assault accusations levelled at members of the squad during public hearings held by the Office of Police Integrity."

This is EXACTLY the sort of thing that happens when incompetent, corrupt or violent coppers get caught. All of a sudden we have to trawl through the past to see who fucked up.

A previous commentor noted that this blog was "anti police" Well fuck that. We aren't. WE just know what happens when this shit hits the fan. It happened when the drug squad went tits up and here we see it again.

The commentor noted that the squad was being reformed and how did we feel about that? Well, hardly suprised. Is there a chence that Victoria would NOT have some sort of armed offenders squad? No! That would be awaving the white flag. In the same way the drug squad was broken up and rebuilt in a new image.

The focus of a new squad is pretty simple:
  • Get rid of all members tainted by past scandals (whether charged/guilty or not).

  • Establish new protocols and checks while the new squad findfs its' feet.

  • Wait for them to fuck up again

  • Simple really...

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  1. Anonymous5:47 pm

    Yea, clean it the fuck up 4 once & 4 all...


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