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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Supergrass turns on Mokbel

Supergrass turns on Mokbel - World -
"A suspect in a high-profile drug case has turned supergrass by agreeing to give evidence against fugitive drug baron Tony Mokbel and his brother Milad.
Milad Mokbel, 38, of suburban Brunswick, faced Melbourne Magistrates' Court today on charges including trafficking a large commercial quantity of methylamphetamine and possessing methylamphetamine.
Tony Mokbel disappeared towards the end of his Supreme Court trial in March."


So go on, ask the inevitable question

"(I have) no doubt in my mind whatsoever he would be well aware of exactly how Tony Mokbel facilitated his escape and have access to the same identical provisions," Sen Det Rowe said.

Milad Mokbel's barrister Robert Richter, QC, told the court his client's incarceration had caused severe hardship for his wife and three children.

He said it may take more than two years before his client was dealt with by the court and evidence about the future charge was a moot point in this case.

He also said Milad Mokbel's mother was willing to provide her house as surety.

Magistrate Donna Bakos remanded Milad Mokbel into custody and adjourned his bail hearing until tomorrow.

Singing: "Once bitten twice shy babe.."

Gotta laugh at his mother putting up her house!