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Friday, December 24, 2004

Underworld recruiting in prisons - Crime & Corruption -

Some of the main suspects in Victoria's underworld war are trying to recruit fresh troops inside Melbourne's prisons, according to Corrections Commissioner Kelvin Anderson.

We're told there are two types of recruit:
  • The "lifers" recruited to strong arm in prison.
  • The short sentence hard men wanted for work outside.

    The issue here is whether there is enough to sustain a new war. As said in the media in recent rtimes, the war has taken a cease fire as the main layers are either in prison or dead...

    Underworld recruiting in prisons - Crime & Corruption -
  • Thursday, December 09, 2004

    What's that you say Keithy?

    Dobber, dobber!
    Notorious Melbourne underworld figure Keith Faure has turned on an associate and admitted being present at the shooting murder of crime patriarch Lewis Moran, a court was told today.

    This is ol' Keithy:
    Chopper: Oh, Keithy. I always thought I was a good bloke.
    Keithy George: Ha. What did you ever do that was good?
    Chopper: Well, I bashed you. That was good, wasn't it? It was good for a bit of a giggle, anyway.

    It's interesting that Keithy has folded up on this. It's hard to see if he's got form for lagging, but one thing remains- ol' Keithy has been unable to reitre gracefully. Thats the thing about living the tough guy life- there are but two retirement plans: Bars or Box.
    Chopper: You don't much like me, do you Keithy?

    There's also the possibilty that the police want to fuck Keithy's shit up by putting it about he's the one wobbling the gob.
    One could believe that it's Evangelos Goussis going the blab:
    Goussis remained silent during the brief hearing today, but lodged a complaint about his imprisonment under 23-hour-lockdown at Barwon Prison through his lawyer, Maria Priolo.

    "My client just wished to express for the record he has experienced torturous conditions in custody for the past seven months," she said.

    Sounds a bit Guantanamo Bay does it not? That sort of living can drive a man to seek a deal...
    The Age- Wobbly gob Keithy