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Friday, March 31, 2006

Bulletin - Interview 1: Bryant and lawyers

It's 10 years since Port Arthur and a lot of the transcripts from the pre trial interviews have been released. I've not read the lot- but this next passage threw me right off balance:

Bulletin - Interview 1: Bryant and lawyers:
"JWA (MB's Lawyer John AVERY): Have you had any magazines or anything you’re allowed to look at

MB: Oh, I’ve had a few gun magazines

JWA: Gun magazines!

MB: Although that’s one thing I should stay away from"
He has enough insight to recognise perhaps gun mags aren't relly good for him so to speak. But what in God's name was he doing with them in the first place?

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


If a QC doesn't know when he's in contempt- what hope for the rest of us?:
The high profile lawyer of missing drug trafficker Tony Mokbel could face contempt of court charges over comments he made to the media during the trial.

In a new twist to the dramatic case, Justice Bill Gillard said today he would refer Con Heliotis, QC, to the solicitor-general's office to determine whether he committed contempt of court over comments made in a newspaper article.

Mr Heliotis was quoted as stating that he would withdraw from the trial and he did not know what had happened to his client, in a Herald Sun article last week.

The core of this is whether Con knew that Tone was going to do a runner and whether he knew this would sabotage the case. If it looked like Tone had met with misdadventure- then it's pretty hard to convict eh?

Mokbel lawyer faces possible contempt charges - National -

Run.... run... run I'm running

Oh no don't go slow, I'm a coming after you... etc

Thank you The Goodies!

MELBOURNE millionaire and now convicted drug dealer Antonios "Tony" Mokbel jumped bail after he learned he was under investigation for an underworld murder.

Mokbel, who remains missing, was told this month that he was being investigated by the Purana gangland taskforce over at least one — and possibly more — underworld murders.
Ok Sly, U Priveta. WTF gives here? If the Condello hit was nothing to do with Tone and friends- what murders are we talking?

The Age Story

Mokbel: how you can help...

As you all know, we are always willing to help the fine members of Victoria's Police force.

Tony Mokbel is on the run. And while we have no real idea where he is, we think we can assist the police and members of the public apprehend this dangerous criminal.

He is a master of disguise, so we've prepared some deadly accurate photoshop renditions of likely disguises he will use. For contrast, you can see the originals and then see just how clever he is:

And now, with a simple pair of glasses and moustache- he's an ordinary bloke again!

Incredible n'est pas?

Of course, as Tony lives in a fantasy land, he might just use that in his favour:
From this:

To this:

Arrrr me hearties, I've no idea who this lubber Mokbel is, to be sure arrrr!!

Note the attention to detail: the hat, the patch, the shirt and a bird. His own mother would not recognise him. Nor would she want to.

Lastly, you need to understand, gentle reader, that Tony may just indulge some of his personal depravations as part of his getaway. It pains us, but we must present the facts as they stand:
From this:

To this:

I...I...I...I.. like you verrrry much

Please- report his whereabouts. And if you do see him, please do not approach. He has been on the run a few days now and is likely to be very hungry.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Mokbel to be sentenced in absentia. 28/03/2006. ABC News Online

He's guilty- but he's off.... and he chose to:
After Mokbel's disappearance the defence counsel feared he was in danger because of an unrelated matter.

However, it can now be revealed that Australian Federal Police told the court all the evidence points to Mokbel having voluntarily absconded.
Brazil anyone? Kinda worked for ol' Ronnie Biggs...

Mokbel to be sentenced in absentia. 28/03/2006. ABC News Online

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Airports monitored in search for Mokbel - National -

Interstate police are on alert and airports are being screened as authorities continue to search for a Melbourne businessman who disappeared during his drug trial.

A spokeswoman for Victoria Police confirmed interstate colleagues have been urged to be on the lookout for Antonios "Tony" Mokbel, who is accused of importing two kilograms of pure cocaine from Mexico in late 2000.
Just keep an eye out for a fat, balding short guy with a hat and sunglasses on.

Oh and bling. A lotta bling.

Airports monitored in search for Mokbel - National -

Attention Antonios Mokbel: your time is up. Please come in

The problem here is that big Tone has either done a runner from Australia or life in general. Either way, we're unlikely to see him for a while...

Prosecutors have made an application to revoke the bail of missing Melbourne businessman Antonios "Tony" Mokbel, who disappeared part way through his Supreme Court drug trial.

Crown Prosecutor David Parsons today made an application to forfeit Mokbel's bail in the form of $1 million worth of properties owned by his sister-in-law.
Geex she'd be pissed off- if it wasn't Tone's stuff. But it is Tone's, so she'll rest easy.

...on the streets.

Prosecution seeks to revoke Mokbel's bail - National -

Monday, March 20, 2006

Mokbel fails to appear in court - National -

As pointed out in the comments from the previous post, Tony Mokbel was a no show in court this morning:
Fears are held for the safety of a Melbourne businessman accused of drug trafficking who did not appear in court today for his trial, a court was told.

Antonios "Tony" Mokbel is accused of being the key player in the importation of two kilograms of pure cocaine from Mexico to Melbourne in late 2000.

Then the intrigue really kicks in:

Justice Bill Gillard told the jury Mokbel's absence could be due to several factors, including his safety.

"His absence today may be due to a number of reasons and one has been raised and that is a question of his safety," Justice Gillard said.

He told the jury Mokbel was last seen by police at 5pm (AEDT) yesterday at the South Melbourne police station where he reported to police under conditions of his bail.

His partner walked with him to the police station, left him and then went home. She had not seen him since, the court was told.


  • Has Tone joined those who are no longer with us?
  • Has he done a runner?
  • Just couldn't be bothered today?
  • Dole form was due?
  • Then there's the question of the "partner walked with him to the station". If it's still Zarah Garde-Wilson we'll spew up a collective lung.


Mokbel fails to appear in court - National -

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Gangland murder accused in court - National -

This was an odd one, and we apologise for not having noted it earlier.

Police appealed to the public a month or so ago about the wherebouts of old crim Lee torney who had been missing for a year- with bank accounts untouched.

shortly after the found his body in a mineshaft near Castlemaine.

And shortly after that, they arrest Graham Holden- a local who lived near the mine in question


Gangland murder accused in court - National -

The Age insist on calling this a Gangland murder. We think not. While Torney was on parole for topping Sid Graham, it was back in 1982, and this murder is not connected to the current goings on...

World news from The Times and the Sunday Times - Times Online

How to make Strawhorn and Tanner look lightweight:
TWO “mob cops” went on trial in New York yesterday, in a case closely watched by Hollywood, for betraying their badges to work as paid killers for the Mafia.

Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa, decorated New York detectives who met at the police academy in 1969, are charged with a total of eight “hits”, including one on the wrong man. Prosecutors say they received up to $75,000 (about £42,000) each time.

“The two men were not traditional mobsters,” Mitra Hormozi, the prosecutor, told the jury. “They were better. They could get away with murder because these two men were New York City police detectives.”

World news from The Times and the Sunday Times - Times Online