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Friday, March 31, 2006

Bulletin - Interview 1: Bryant and lawyers

It's 10 years since Port Arthur and a lot of the transcripts from the pre trial interviews have been released. I've not read the lot- but this next passage threw me right off balance:

Bulletin - Interview 1: Bryant and lawyers:
"JWA (MB's Lawyer John AVERY): Have you had any magazines or anything you’re allowed to look at

MB: Oh, I’ve had a few gun magazines

JWA: Gun magazines!

MB: Although that’s one thing I should stay away from"
He has enough insight to recognise perhaps gun mags aren't relly good for him so to speak. But what in God's name was he doing with them in the first place?


  1. son of sly4:37 am

    Now do we really need to put that cunt on a Melbourne Underworld Blog ?

  2. Anonymous6:00 am

    Hilarious (not)

    This guy was a total fuckin moron and was found to be sane at the time of the shootings. 35 innocent people dead - that's a shitload of people all in one go

  3. Anonymous2:40 am

    You know there's loads of conspiracy theories saying he didn't do it, that it was special forces op aimed at setting up a 'false flag' attack to deprive Aussies of gun rights.

    Some Internet nutbars reckon it was a Mossad bloke who did the shotting.

    Me - I reckon these Yank idiots are full of it. Mate of mine was reporting from there the day it happened.

  4. Anonymous7:50 am

    Yanks are a strange people indeed. Think about this - the number of 'alien abductions', UFO sightings and abductions in America FAR outnumber those in other countries

    Either the aliens know that the US is the world ahem, leader, or the yanks are mental. I know which one of the above options I'd vote for

    EG Yanks used to made cars with wood panelling. Nothing odd about that you reckon? Well, they put the wood panelling on the outside of the cars


  5. The gun dealer who sold an obviously retarded boy ALL THOSE weapons he had, should have gone to prison also.

    In the classifieds of The Australian on Saturday 27th (the day before the shootings) there was a Tender called by the operators of the Port Arthur Prison Tourists Attraction, for the installation of a 'sound and light show'of floggings at the prison.

    It was an attempt to boost visitor numbers.
    I don't think they went ahead with the idea.

  6. A young girl that was killed there was in my year level at school.
    That year we were doing an assignment about guns then Port Arthur wanker did his thing.. The school made us all stop our assigments and restart a whole new one.
    But really why are we talking about him on MUW.
    Im sure there are planty other things to talk about ie maybe that we could all have a go at guessing how much Condello's house is going to sell for. We all know its up for sale. Wonder if its going to be open for inspection, i just live around the corner and visit while walking my dog LOL

  7. I wasn't going to post this, but it is relevant- the result of the PA massacre were the new gun laws, and we here at MUI were curious to see if you folk wanted to talk gun laws- especially regarding semi autos and how the gun laws have affected the underworld.


  8. Anonymous6:11 pm

    I for one would like to see a total fucking ban on the things. Take a good look at what's happening in Sydney with their homie gun culture crap - people are going around doing drive by shootings on an incresingly regular basis and shooting at almost anything that moves. It'll get that way down here too, if we're not careful

    As for the underworld and guns? They're going to get the guns no matter what the laws are (this is how a lot of Americans justify their ridiculously relaxed gun laws. My thinking is....why make it worse?). And I doubt they give a toss about the gun laws anyway


  9. Anonymous8:20 pm

    If we look at the 'gangland wars' here, how many civilians have been killed? None. Everyone who has been whacked has been a player of some sort. And how many massacres on the level of Port Arthur or Hoddle Street have we seen? None.

    One - nil gun laws.

  10. son of sly9:44 pm

    Guns don't kill people, people kill people.

    More people die each year from being killed with knifes in Australia but we don't ban them.

    If you have a look at Arizona in the U.S, there you can carry a concealed legal firearm and Arizona has the lowest gun crime rate in the U.S.

    Gun laws have never affected the underworld, I do think that guns are just as available now as they were back in the 80's.

  11. Anonymous6:52 pm

    There have been no massacres since the gun laws, at state and federal level, the gun laws work.

  12. Anonymous8:23 pm

    Massacres are usually the work of people that go nuts all of a sudden after spending most of their time as loners and outcasts, or they develop paranoia

    In the late 80's there were several in what seemed in only a few months here in Melbourne. I left for the UK for a couple of years in October '88 and in the few months or so before that, we had Hoddle Street - a misfit that went nuts. The Queen Street massacre - another quiet guy that completely lost the plot and went beserk. There was also Eyre-Tynan but that was another kettle of piss altogether

    Got to London and thought a bit of peace and quiet would be the go (NOT). The IRA were going ape and detonated a massive bomb at Victoria train station (the place is bigger than Spencer Street), then there was a massive train pileup with dozrns killed and finally just before Xmas the Lockerbie thing happened

    p.s. In those days the Irish borders were something to behold if you were from friendly and troublefree Oz - fully armed soldiers suspect of anything and everything asking you questions etc before letting you through. The border towns were full of more soldiers crawling around on the ground fully armed, while an old dear walks past him with her grocery shopping, as if he wasn't there. First time you see this stuff it certainly puts things into a different perspective

  13. Anonymous4:56 pm

    There are still parts of Ireland where you can see that - not many, but places like Crossmaglen and Keady still have the full patrols and helicopters and so on.

  14. Anonymous1:22 am

    At least Bryant knew how to shoot, not like the fags you people worship.

  15. Anonymous6:36 am

    Well that's the main thing innit? (you're nuts)


  16. son of sly7:40 am

    Anonymous said...
    At least Bryant knew how to shoot, not like the fags you people worship.

    This cunt lol worship ? you must have rocks in your head to think that way, we report it, and far from fuck worship it lol

    Don't even know why I gave this dickhead my time to reply.

  17. What were two SOG guys doing standing guard at the Grove Cafe on Sydney Road this evening?

  18. Anonymous2:40 pm

    Apparently KGF's prepared to talk. More at the Age today on 26/4. I thought you guys would be all over it.

  19. Anonymous6:38 pm

    do you have a link?

  20. Anonymous7:24 pm

    Yeah, whats the story MU, get with it.

  21. Anonymous6:56 pm

    Thanks. Found the story just recently. Emailed it to MUI but no response

    Maybe Fat Tony got a hold of them and gave them some concrete shoes

    Anyway, Faure sems to have had enough, he's in his 50's and has had a lifetime of (sekf inflicted) dramas. Although he won't be seeing the outside world for quite a while


  22. son of sly10:11 pm

    Its caught up with him, after killing about 8 people that I know of but he is meant to be behind 4 more so that would bring it to 12 over the years and only two bloody manslaughter charges its about time he got his right wack.

    Keith left a note in the Herald Sun for Jason Moran after he was put off and then went on to drive the getaway car to kill old Lewis Moran "fuck" he is a cold cunt. I also have heard that he was short of cash and knows he is dieing so wants to leave a bit for his wife and kids, the only thing is he has just rolled over and wont be out until he is 71 so if he is dieing then why would you roll over if your going to die in jail anyway ?

    He will have to spend the rest of his sentence away from the gp so know up n comer tries to knock him as there would be a good few that would love to say they knocked Keith.

  23. toecutter9:04 pm

    how bout more info on the most fa ous underworld figure uncle chopper read!!! yay

  24. Anonymous10:52 pm

    Choppers @ bullshiting pill poping old cunt!! He's a dog to, and most of his story's are completly made the fuck up,

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