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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Run.... run... run I'm running

Oh no don't go slow, I'm a coming after you... etc

Thank you The Goodies!

MELBOURNE millionaire and now convicted drug dealer Antonios "Tony" Mokbel jumped bail after he learned he was under investigation for an underworld murder.

Mokbel, who remains missing, was told this month that he was being investigated by the Purana gangland taskforce over at least one — and possibly more — underworld murders.
Ok Sly, U Priveta. WTF gives here? If the Condello hit was nothing to do with Tone and friends- what murders are we talking?

The Age Story


  1. Son Of Sly5:55 am

    I never thought that it was anything to do with THE MAFIA as I said that it was Mokbel that payed for the Condello hit. But i'm not to sure if Mokbel is alive or dead just yet to be honest.

    Now back to the point at hand, I knew Mokbel would not let the bashing thing slide, his ego no matter if he was on trial or not would not of let it slide and also I was told that he was behind it.

    Now who do I think Mokbel payed to knocked Condello ? most likely Rod Collins as he is close to that lot and it wouldn't be the first time he has seen someone off.

    To all those at GANGSTERSINC FORUM with your MAFIA story's on the Condello hit, and saying we didn't know what was going on in the Ganglands lol look at us now.

  2. Son Of Sly6:06 am

    The herald has also said that Mokbel payed to have Radev put off over the Bashing lol fuck there a bit behind arn't they ?

    We all knew that Mokbel payed Benji to do it lol maybe they are getting there info from us ?

  3. Like i said before, many of the wogs have said that he
    has done the dash, can only say what i hear, and those
    same guys dont seem to be saying much of where is

  4. In the end, if Tone has run it's because:

    1/ His current case was going tits up. It's clear it did, as he's guilty and about to be sentenced in absentia.

    2/ The cops were going to charge him with something in connection with the Condello killing.

    What say you all?

  5. Anonymous10:15 pm

    From previous reading here about the Condello murder it seemed to me it was a bit too professional for Mokbel and the hit came from higher above the street level guys


  6. Anonymous10:59 pm

    Mokbel isn't a street level guy. He's far above that.

  7. Son Of Sly2:01 am

    From previous reading here about the Condello murder it seemed to me it was a bit too professional for Mokbel and the hit came from higher above the street level guys


    If you read my posts, I have always said it was Mokbel.

    Mokbel is very far from street level, and as for professional there are a few kicking about that Mokbel knows that would of done this so lets drop the fantasy thoughts about the mafia lol.

  8. Anonymous3:15 pm

    so whats to say that Mick & and his boys havn't got back at Tony for getting mario?

  9. Anonymous5:48 pm

    Well Simon Overland seems to be of the opinion that Fatso's done a runner overseas


  10. son of sly9:20 pm

    Well from what I hear, Mick Gatto is done with all this for good and want's nothing to do with any of this, but he is on side with young Bluey and his crew and I know he is gunning for Fat Tony and The Reptile.

    I am still not sure if he is on the lam or is dead.

  11. Anonymous2:05 pm

    What happened to Jessie Franco?

  12. Anonymous4:33 pm

    The Reptile? do you mean Terrance the junkie?

  13. mate, Jesse and the rest of those wogs (Ptarico etc)who were busted for that
    big dope shipment all were found guilty i think after a second
    trial..........Jesse is doing nine years..........anyone guess who
    these guys were connected too?

  14. some food for thought boys, remember when the South Melbourne
    frutier, (Ben Riccardi) was shot and robbed some months back?
    well the bloke that actually pulled the trigger when shooting
    him (Darren Parkes) was shanked the other week to death in
    Port Phillip..........goes to that this bloke didnt count
    on this blokes relatives, his grandfather is top man for
    the grapecrushers, initals O.L............anyone guess his name???

  15. Anonymous11:48 pm

    Good old fashion pay back at its best....

  16. Anonymous11:50 pm

    Off the current topic...

    Any relation between Allan Williams and George & Carl

  17. Anonymous8:37 am

    Rosario Giammona charged with the prison murder of Darren Parkes (awaiting trial for the attempted murder of Ben Riccardi). Does anyone know anything about this guy?

  18. Anonymous5:34 pm

    Mokbel may have fled with $20m, court told


    POLICE have information that missing millionaire drug dealer Tony Mokbel transferred $20 million overseas and unlawfully fled Australia, a Melbourne court has been told.

    Mokbel, who was sentenced in absentia late last month to 12 years' jail for trafficking cocaine, has been missing since March 19 when he failed to appear at his Victorian Supreme Court trial.
    Federal Agent Jarrod Ragg today told the court he still believed Mokbel had voluntarily absented himself from the trial.

    He was appearing at a hearing where the prosecution has applied to revoke Mokbel's $1 million bail, put up by Mokbel's sister-in-law.

    Mr Ragg said sources had told police that after Mokbel was arrested he arranged for $20 million to be transferred overseas and that he was in possession of several passports in assumed names.

    Mr Ragg also told the court police had information that Mokbel had unlawfully departed Australia after he failed to appear in court.

    The federal agent said he had information on Mokbel's whereabouts, but would not reveal in court where the convicted drug trafficker was believed to be.

    The court was told that Mokbel believed he had been implicated in an underworld murder and had expressed concerns for his safety.

    Justice Bill Gillard reserved his decision over the $1m bail at today's hearing. – AAP


  19. Anonymous10:52 am

    I was in Barwon with Rosario Giammona. He was with Robert Musso, Hazir Ferman , Ahan Ferman & Little Tony9 Slick ). They were part of Carls Crew and Mokbels. they are know hitman. Google them. Robert has since been stabbed by his best mate Damien Cossu who was aquitted along with Hazir over the Mark mallia Murder.

  20. Anonymous3:04 pm

    Damien Cossu is a RAT. He stabbed his best mate Robert Musso because of a shitty rumour. Damien Coosu was and will always be a GOOSE wannabe gangster who will suck Carls cock for cash. Hazir ferman is another wanker. In Barwon they walk around thinking they are all big Gangsters and hitman but when they got into a fight with the POW's Hazir asked to be transferred cause he was scared shorty would get him. They ended up punching on and Hazir bit off shortys ear then shit himself. Musso and Ross ( Giammona who stabbed dareen parkes ) are also scard gutless dogs. Matty jOhnson who killed Carl Williams and who is THE GENERAL & l eader of the gang POW'S in Jail is a coming for them all ( GOTCHA ). They all shit themselves cause Matty wasnt in jail at the time but then he came back and they all left Barwon the weak Dogs. Another of this wanna be crew was Terrance the DOG RAT Chimmeri and Mick the DOG RAT SKUNK RADD who thought he was a sick cunt too. And then there was this dog LEBO called Steph who is a junkie rat heroin addict who injects methadone and brup in his veins in jail and shares needles from the abos and on the outside he steals ladys handbags the weak DOG. they call him kaleb and he is a gutless rat. All this crew are dogs. they thought they were tough shit when Carl was around and now that he is gone and there is no money left they are all crying like little faggots begging crims to not stab em. Fucking weak DOGS, Robert Musso, Rosario Giammona, Hazir & Aharn Ferman, Mick Radd, Terrance Chimmeri & Little Slick. From Tacca and the boys POW'S 4 LIFE

  21. Anonymous12:33 pm

    you were not saying that when u had a magazine stuck on the back of your head, thats the only time hez was wanking and it was on ur dog face . you know all about begging and crying like a little faggot but dont you dog? lol
    robert musso sold out his own crew and wanted $20,000 not to lag. he is a rodent. Damien Cossu True Soldier and friend. 7 years but didnt pay or pat the dog robbie. well done Damien!!! a staunch crew that does not promote or reward dogs. Hez, Ross, & the rest of the boys DOWN FOR WATEVA DOGS!!!! so let shorty know but make sure u yell it out if he is hard on hearing due to missing ear yeah?? they probably all shit themselves who knows wat deseases you tip rats carry!!!! ur general not coming for no one dog stop running ur mouth on them meds coz he cant go unnoticed a second time or does he have a special pass when he kills people lol have a listen to u dog lag ur own boss. ur a bunch of

  22. Anonymous9:59 am

    U are a GOOSE. Hez was the one shitting himself in Barwon after the fight with Shorty you maggot. Yeah and he didnt take his ear off DOG, thats how much u know, but then again HEz is proberly going around saying that to look tough. He cust the ear lobe a little. Fucking Turkish DOG. POW's 4 LIFE. Matty will take care of Hez, Damien and the so called DOG Crew. Robbie was working with the jacks long before he demanded 20,000 u tip RAT. He sold Hez and Christofer & Damien over the Mark Mallia thing. They are all RATS. Come up to Barwon u dog. Long LIVE THE POW'S. BEAVER< TACCA< SHARKY, SHEILDSY. HEZ FERMAN IS A RAT DOG TIP RAT CHAMP DOG DOG DOG DOG CHAMP TAMP.......

  23. Anonymous10:24 am

    Hey buddy, Hez is a legend. Dont u mouth off GOOSE. Hez demolished shorty and the pow's. Robbie and Hez are the true POWER in Jail. By the way why have the POW's scattered out of Barwon?????

  24. Anonymous2:08 pm

    WHere are you TACCA???? DIdnt you run off to protection in Barwon cause Hez wanted to knock you. Dont u remeber you owed them money and that is whay Hez puched shit out of Shorty ( ALL CAUSE OF U TACCA ) Go back to Junkie Ville u maggot TIP RAT. Where is ur General MATTY now??? Oh i forgot he got the green light from the PIG JACKS to knock CARL and he was Carl's mate. Thats what u POW's are about, weak DOGS who turn on ur mates and fuck each other in the arse in jail you diseased ridden vermin. Next time u are back in jail, watch ur back cause Hez is a coming and Damo and Ross & the rest of the boyz. By the way tell ur little dog crew , Beaver, Sharky, Shieldsy, Shorty, Smelly, Lovitt, Dog breath etc to shut their mouths. When all the shit went down in barwon in 04 u couldnet even stick up for your own leaders u weak maggots. Why didnt u dogs get back at Hez and the crew for cutting Shortys ear off?? I know why cause u are all scared little maggots. U guys had at least 30 men and Hez only has 8 and u still couldnt win. WEAK RAT - TACCA & POW'S

  25. Anonymous11:46 am

    is there nay more boys that hezz has got? does he only have 8 and he took on 30 he must be tough.

  26. Anonymous2:43 am

    hezzz all the way

  27. Anonymous11:45 am


    1. Anonymous10:27 pm

      Robbies a staunch cunt..known him over 20yrs any u dogs can say that? snoop callin ricca, im back

  28. Anonymous12:16 am

    hez is a fucken man and a true soldier .my name is matthew also but matthew johnson you are a fucken discrace magget dog.u make me wish my name wasnt matthew.all i have to say is if hez was outside i would roll with him anyday. all the p.o.w are a bunch of maggets,dogs and cockroach, dont worry though your days are cummin .HEZZZZZZ all the way

  29. Anonymous7:15 pm


  30. Anonymous8:24 am

    POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW ALL THE WAY - HEZ is a BITCH and he loved it when Beaver stuck it in his rectum

  31. Anonymous8:25 am

    Robbie Robbie Robbie OUCH OUCH OUCH, Why didnt Ross or Hez get this Cocksucker Damien Cossu back???????

    1. Anonymous10:31 pm

      robbie is a staunch snoop bro

  32. Anonymous8:15 pm

    mate know your just talking shit beaver didnt even go near hezz

  33. Anonymous10:18 am

    i know hez well use can all talk shit but cum face to face u skung weak worms yeah use will get everything taken of use and maybe ur life to keep talkin spastik cunts use wana talk politix wen use dont even know bout these blokes use think use do pow lol matty fuks kids goose robs laddys at mccas whats he done all of these kunts ur talkin bout r in slot on the street hez will cum up on top dont get reala then ferman kunts

  34. Anonymous5:01 am

    The Generals new name should be General Rat. He is a shit stained cum bucket along with all the other POW's (poofter orificed women). I don't know Hez but cheers to him for given it to you cunts in the near future you fuckin maggots!

  35. Anonymous12:27 pm

    hahah hez box hill boy

    1. I remember him and Feret crazy blokes

  36. Anonymous4:26 pm

    did benny goldsack overdose on herion one week out of jail that just shows what you pow cunts are really about h junkie rats

  37. Anonymous4:41 pm

    Whatever tough guy bet you never said shit to Benny when he was alive or the rest of the real crew, put ya fuck'n name to it!! course not hiding now like you were probably hiding in eucalypt.If you were even up their probably said to smu "don't send me there, or I'll kill em all", you make me sick cunt.

  38. Anonymous9:45 pm

    did the general get tipped off the crew thats the latest going around

  39. Anonymous3:59 am

    yep go hez you are a man

  40. Anonymous11:24 am

    hezz is a weak dogggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg, hes hiding in barwon scared of the pows coz they want to get him

  41. Anonymous7:47 pm

    Pows are week tamps lol

  42. Anonymous1:56 pm

    POWs true power in jail

  43. Anonymous11:19 pm


  44. Anonymous12:44 am

    You cunts are a fuckin laugh!!
    Son of SLy - Man you were a bit off base about the whole Tony thing?? Whos your contacts? Every cunt and his dog knew that those two fuckin fat fucks were working for tony and running his shit, they were a fuckin joke, that fat cunt Bart, fuck me he was a laugh, cunt thought he was in the fucking godfather lol, his number plate said it all, I remember him saying, what you think of the plates? I laughed and said huh you like to finger granmas?? if any of you cunts know him you will have a laugh.. Fuckin Tosser
    His right hand man was a fuck knuckle, mansua was the weakest dog you'd fuckin meet, what Tony was thinking I dunno.. it gets so much better though, there storage joint was run by a semi retarded fuckin junkie, and im not kidding. Ill never foget walking into a mutual friends to fuckin see it was this three, don't think they were too pleased I was there, as I informed everyone at the house just who these three were.. a fuckin joke, cunts you to talk about bashing or whatever, id laugh and say mate you could take all these cunts money by fuckin nipple cripple - they were that fuckin weak..
    As for this fuckin laugh - POW v Hez boys, go for it boys!! I wanna see Ange V Hez that would be quick lol... Keep it up fellas, we haven't had this much of a laugh in ages, fuckin glad we got the internet!!!

    1. Anyone who was at barwon know a big dude by the name of Junior?? If he out or???

    2. Anyone who was at barwon know a big dude by the name of Junior?? If he out or???

  45. Anonymous8:02 pm

    RIP Hezzza.. JNR is locked up again mate..

  46. Anonymous8:11 am

    Who's the junkie now! He was smoking ice and cock before he died in jail.

  47. Anonymous4:04 am

    Never been to prison & only visited my mother there in the eighties some might say I'm not a crook! Some might say I'm a good crook for not being caught! Either way i grew up with hez from the eighties onward i knew his family his father ahan (Jessy) & i knew Hezir (Hez) from the age of 5 i knew him when he was a quiet shy very young teenager playing his first year of footy (AFL) i knew him when acquitted & released of mark malia's murder back to port melbourne with his mum & sister & no matter your personal opinion of him from your experience with him either in prison or out of prison .Hez was a true friend a loyal friend to his true friends he was his sister's guardian & protector he loved his mother to his core with every inch of his being. Hez was not one to be taken lightly if he had a goal or an obstacle he was most likely to achieve his target from pure determination & ability he wasn't one to gloat about what's happened or brag what could happen he just didn't..
    If the obstacle in his way was another man he didn't back down put on the spot he was always ready to blue didn't matter the opponent or the situation he was crazy when need be! Most occasions it wasn't even his blue but one of his fellow mates or comrades with the dramas & like a true friend & loyal soldier he would put himself in harms way & fight the mates fight for him so his mate wasn't hurt soldier in my eyes. 1 on 1 hez was capable of taking your life with his vicious tendencies for violence without weapons & sometimes a little sneaky & dirty if needed but this is life & there isn't no rules when fighting for your life on the streets or in prison or we'd call it boxing ... R.I.P HEZ TRUE SOLDER TRUE CRIM TRUE PORT BOY MAY YOU REST FOREVER IN BLISS & COMFORT MY OLD M8 ...

    P.S That true they had to kill him rather than release him the true fucking RAT DOG'S are the fuckin maggot screws that murdered him last year. Boy's & ya's should be focusing your attention on them making a truths between each other & combining your efforts to fuck the system up so you or your loved one isn't the next convict murdered & swept under the rug by the dirty maggots.. ova & out


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