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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Gangland murder accused in court - National -

This was an odd one, and we apologise for not having noted it earlier.

Police appealed to the public a month or so ago about the wherebouts of old crim Lee torney who had been missing for a year- with bank accounts untouched.

shortly after the found his body in a mineshaft near Castlemaine.

And shortly after that, they arrest Graham Holden- a local who lived near the mine in question


Gangland murder accused in court - National -

The Age insist on calling this a Gangland murder. We think not. While Torney was on parole for topping Sid Graham, it was back in 1982, and this murder is not connected to the current goings on...


  1. Anonymous7:04 pm

    So is this Holden fella, 166?

    1. Anonymous8:27 pm

      i know the guy he should have 4 legs know what i mean

    2. Anonymous8:37 pm

      this imbisile should have got a 100 years the gutless so called ganster this fella has spent most of his life ripping old people off some gangster HA/ HA/ HA

  2. Anonymous11:03 am

    why was lee killed then? if not a gangland murder?

    1. Anonymous8:29 pm

      the dog got hungry, work it out

  3. Anonymous9:33 pm

    Just watching the Commonwealth Games ceremony and this thought popped into my head - why not a Commonwealth or even Olympic mobster / wannabe toughguy games?

    Kath Pettingil as the queen to do the opening speech "I declare these berloody games farkin well open oright?. Catch and kill yer friggin own"

    Bring out fat Carl and line him up against Mick Gatto for the Heavyweight title

    Brincat can run in the marathon

    Vienamin for the trapshooting

    Radev the Bulgarian defector to clean up in the weightlifting

    Mark and Jason in the double skulls

    Alphonse to supply everyone with drugs and generally crack people's heads open for no good reason

    Roberta to do a Jana Pittman and have a major dummyspit for no good reason

    Zarah to do the Tamsyn Lewis thing thing and swan around just looking shaggable

    Kinniburgh to do the Richie Benaud commentating thing

    I reckon I'm on a winner here - what do you think?

  4. Son of Sly4:37 am

    LOL thats fuckin some mad thoughts mate.

    Does anyone know who the former league footballer was that has been charged with giving Judy Moran an ear full at the Brunswick Club "Whaddaya gonna fuckin' do now your fuckin' gangster sons are dead? Ya fat fuckin' slag!" are the word he spoke.

  5. Anonymous8:52 pm

    A pic of Carl not long after paying a visit to Mark M

  6. Anonymous10:19 pm

    Phil Cleary?

  7. Anonymous5:21 pm

    allo allo allo wots going on 'ere den?

    Accused drug trafficker 'safety fear'

    From: AAP
    March 20, 2006

    FEARS were held for the safety of a Melbourne businessman accused of drug trafficking who did not appear in court today for his trial, a court was told.

    Antonios "Tony" Mokbel is accused of being the key player in the importation of 2kg of pure cocaine from Mexico to Melbourne in late 2000.
    The 40-year-old has pleaded not guilty to one charge of being knowingly concerned in the importation into Australia of a trafficable quantity of cocaine.

    Mr Mokbel, who is on bail, did not appear in court today for the 29th day of his Supreme Court trial.

    Justice Bill Gillard told the jury Mr Mokbel's absence could be due to several factors, including his safety.

    "His absence today may be due to a number of reasons and one has been raised and that is a question of his safety," Justice Gillard said.

    He told the jury Mr Mokbel was last seen by police at 5pm (AEDT) yesterday at the South Melbourne police station where he reported to police under conditions of his bail.
    His partner walked with him to the police station, left him and then went home. She had not seen him since, the court was told.

    Justice Gillard said a warrant had been issued for Mr Mokbel's arrest and the trial would be adjourned until Wednesday while police investigations continue.

    A Victoria Police spokeswoman said while Mr Mokbel's failure to appear in court was a federal police matter, state police were looking to identify his whereabouts.

  8. Could it be that Puff Fatty, Tony Mokbel has been put off? havent heard shit yet from the wogs, last time i saw Tony he was with his bird Danielle, but that was three months ago, and he was in a nice South Melbourne cafe, eating of course.....

  9. son of sly7:19 am

    Maybe Moran's friend Bluey has put him off, Fat Tony did put up 1/2 of the mil along with Williams to have him knocked, also heard that Fat Tony knew that Bluey was back from exile and was very edgy in recent weeks, with talk that he had been put on a hit list for Jason's murder you just never know.

    Then again he might be on the lam, or is that lamb "Kebab" in his case.

    Hope he has been knocked as never like the fat cunt.

  10. keeping colse to the grapecrushers this morning, might hear something,
    but a few words were spoken to say if he were put off, then either
    the Macodonians or Moran extended group are on top of the list.....

  11. Anonymous7:26 pm

    Why the macos?

  12. Steve Rab and his brother Simon are in the mix with Carlton Crew and
    are becoming more of a force with the Williams clan almost spent,
    yet they hated Carl and could have picked Kebab Face Tony as being
    a hurdle for both themselves and the Carlton boys.......

  13. Anonymous9:12 pm

    Yeah but it would be a big call for the St Albans/Sunshines boys to scratch Fat Tony. Unless they had more backing (eg carlton crew and the Italians)

  14. From all angles, there are many who are gonna
    benefit from Tonys put off, esp the Carlton boys
    and there other friends........yet, if he has been
    knocked my guess the cash required would have come
    from either Gatto's bosses aka the old wogs.....or
    maybe split between Adelaide and Perth......

  15. Anonymous10:40 pm

    Maybe John Kizon was in town for the COmmonwealth games

  16. Son Of Sly11:42 pm

    U Priveta said...
    Steve Rab and his brother Simon are in the mix with Carlton Crew and
    are becoming more of a force with the Williams clan almost spent,
    yet they hated Carl and could have picked Kebab Face Tony as being
    a hurdle for both themselves and the Carlton boys.......

    Hi Mate

    Are we talking about the same people here ? Robert, Steven and Simon Rabizefski from Yarraville ? if so what are they up to these days ? and where are they living ?
    the last time I heard, Robert was a Junkie and I would not be suprised if he is dead. I didn't think Simon was involved in crime at all. I knew there dad George the painter as I use to drink in the Railway Hotel many years ago and see your Simon come in now and they but he would be only about 26 now if we are talking about the same people ?

  17. Same lot mate, Stevie is around with some of the
    Carlton boys, i think Dino, more of in the mix
    when it comes towards the drugs department....
    yet, i couldnt really think they had the either
    the cash or pull to knock Tony, still a few of the
    boys are saying hes done the runner......i beleive as you
    said he is a marked man, and from what i hear it comes
    from the Moran faction.........

  18. Son Of Sly3:00 am

    So what's Simon up to then ? and is Robert still alive ?

  19. Steve is in the mix, but once again they are just another notch,
    from what i hear there are already some other blokes who are
    filling the gaps now........

    SOS: Simon is just a small time pulling bullshit crimes, i havent
    heard shit about Rob, knew he was a junkie but little said there...

    Took some bets today with the boys as to Tonys fate, i say hes been
    put off, and few still reckon he is on the lam......SOS, whats your
    take on this one? any news from the Aussie side?.... ill have to wait
    to 2moro when i talk to the grapecruchers at the market, will
    update with some info then............yet, my personal belief
    (which means fuck all) is that Tonys had a planned meeting
    after the jack shop with someone and thats was his downfall...

    Wonder how the rest of Mokbel boys are feeling now?? No more parties
    at the Vatican hey???

  20. Son Of Sly11:27 pm

    Hi Mate

    I think that a fella called Bluey has put him off but I could be wrong, Bluey grew up with Jason Moran and from what I hear has a crew of about 6 or 7 all nuts, from what I know is that he left the country for a while and is now back.

    Going by what my mates son has said is that he is a type of bloke that Melbourne has not had for along time, I've never meet the fella but have seen him around, looks about mid 30's, muscled, tats the lot and has been in the past a suspect in a few murders.

    The word is that Mokbel wanted to talk to him to get everything out in the open as was very shakey about his return.

    The only other thing I can think of is someone to do with his coke trial has done him as there were a few that arn't sure if he will roll over and start giving people up or not.

    Or then again he might of been planing this for a while and has gone on the lam, with his money he could of charted a plane to asia and pissed off, but he would of only been looking at a few years if found guilty so why he would piss off, who know's ?

  21. Anonymous12:09 am

    Bluey Wilson?

  22. Anonymous12:12 am

    Tone might have been topped by some corrupt coppers too. Remember when he owned the cafe across the road from the Brunswick CIB. Word is that this is where he first perverted a few of them by offering them a Slater and Gordan style deal at the races: no win, no pay. I remember hearing that he had cops all through the system on the payroll and was able to make evidence just disappear. I think there was a case where some chemicals got swapped or something and he and bro Kebabilan and Karam got to walk.

    Who knows.. it could be revenge for the death of the sonny schmidt??

  23. Son Of Sly3:23 am

    Anonymous said...
    Bluey Wilson?

    I think his last name is Wilson, its Wilson or Watson along those lines.

  24. Sonny copped a raw deal on the coke sting, he was used........
    but he died due to having cancer..........let just b4 he died,
    he wasnt put off........Sonny was in the deal to make a buck
    to support his GH and roids........

  25. Anonymous11:20 pm

    I was joking about Sonny.

    Seriously though, I reckon he was offed. I heard his lawyer saying today that there was some 'unrelated matter' that had 'come up recently' which was worrying Mokbel. e.g. someone coming into the scene from a time o/s.

  26. son of sly11:34 pm

    Yeah he was shiting about a crew that wanted him off after what him and Carl did to Jason Moran, said to be that Jason's mate Bluey was very pissed off about the way he went, being out of the country and coming back to a good mate gone would not be a good feeling.

    In recent weeks there has been word that Gatto and Bluey had sat down and had a chat, not sure what was said but from what I understand they both have agreed to let Bluey and his crew clean up what's left of these dickheads as long as they done't get Gatto into anymore shit that he doesn't need.

  27. Yesterday was working when talk came about Kebab King, and
    a someone mentioned that he has been put off and that
    people connected with Moran are the main suspects it
    seems around town........SOS, looks like Bluey might
    have gotten his revenge........also heard a bit of info
    that the same hitter was used for both the Condello and
    the Hodsons hits....

  28. Anonymous5:26 pm

    A question for all - are you all from Melbourne?


  29. Anonymous3:25 pm

    Im a melbournian and Lee Was my friend hadnt seen him for awhile ...Now i know why !!!!The worlds full of good people they just make some bad choices GANGLAND MURDER ha ha ha that fuck Holden could only Fucking dream......hes a slime that doesnt fit into the people category. What happened to Lees dogs!I guess they were found down the mine havent heard yet.

    1. Anonymous8:53 pm



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