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Monday, March 20, 2006

Mokbel fails to appear in court - National -

As pointed out in the comments from the previous post, Tony Mokbel was a no show in court this morning:
Fears are held for the safety of a Melbourne businessman accused of drug trafficking who did not appear in court today for his trial, a court was told.

Antonios "Tony" Mokbel is accused of being the key player in the importation of two kilograms of pure cocaine from Mexico to Melbourne in late 2000.

Then the intrigue really kicks in:

Justice Bill Gillard told the jury Mokbel's absence could be due to several factors, including his safety.

"His absence today may be due to a number of reasons and one has been raised and that is a question of his safety," Justice Gillard said.

He told the jury Mokbel was last seen by police at 5pm (AEDT) yesterday at the South Melbourne police station where he reported to police under conditions of his bail.

His partner walked with him to the police station, left him and then went home. She had not seen him since, the court was told.


  • Has Tone joined those who are no longer with us?
  • Has he done a runner?
  • Just couldn't be bothered today?
  • Dole form was due?
  • Then there's the question of the "partner walked with him to the station". If it's still Zarah Garde-Wilson we'll spew up a collective lung.


Mokbel fails to appear in court - National -


  1. Anonymous12:24 am

    His girlfriend is a Danielle, not Zarah.............
    havent heard much yet, still getting over Sunday
    But doesnt look good for the Kebab King, could singing with Sinatra..


  2. Anonymous8:16 am

    Who are the suspects?

  3. Anonymous11:59 am

    He is no longer with us

    An overseas based faction aligened with some Melbourne people....

  4. Anonymous12:07 pm

    Kalaban and Horty won't be pleased

  5. Danielle is a beauty therapist thingy......He has stepped down a grade there.
    I think he may of been popped off..He wouldnt spend all that money to run off and make himself look worse
    his new girlfrind gave him a full makeover and maybe DID do a runner LOL

  6. Anonymous7:02 pm

    Shes not that bad, but from the word in the grapevine many
    are saying hes done the runner which i think is pure shit as
    he wasnt facing a huge deal of time if found gulity, my guess
    is hes been put off, him fronting cash for hits and trying to
    make himself top of the heap........anyway there many who would have
    reasons to knock him, from the Morans groups, the Macos from Sunshine and
    of course Gattos boys whom some believe that Fat Cunt Tony was
    the cash behind Condellos hit.........


  7. Anonymous8:56 pm

    This could be either the biggest hit to date or the biggest case of "get your fake glasses and moustache and head for the hills"

    There's no doubt he was involved in some heavy duty stuff so wouldn't be surprised to learn he's been put through a meat grinder

    Just can't see him doing a runner and leaving eveything behind


  8. Anonymous9:03 pm

    overseas based faction? with ties to Melb?
    which group are you referring to, as there
    are a few groups with ties outside of OZ??


  9. The outside influences/outside faction refers to the Italian connection thought to be behind teh condello hit see:
    for more

  10. that faction aka Gatto bosses take many orders most likely from
    Adelaide, who are related directly back to the old country....
    havent been around the boys much, everyone is still talking
    shit, cause they are all ready to carve up Tonys piece of the pie.

  11. Son Of Sly11:42 pm

    U Priveta said...
    Steve Rab and his brother Simon are in the mix with Carlton Crew and
    are becoming more of a force with the Williams clan almost spent,
    yet they hated Carl and could have picked Kebab Face Tony as being
    a hurdle for both themselves and the Carlton boys.......

    Hi Mate

    Are we talking about the same people here ? Robert, Steven and Simon Rabizefski from Yarraville ? if so what are they up to these days ? and where are they living ?
    the last time I heard, Robert was a Junkie and I would not be suprised if he is dead. I didn't think Simon was involved in crime at all. I knew there dad George the painter as I use to drink in the Railway Hotel many years ago and see your Simon come in now and they but he would be only about 26 now if we are talking about the same people ?

  12. Anonymous11:24 am

    So is the Rabizefski crew in with Carlton crew and covering the western suburbs? sounds like their moving up in the world.

  13. Steve is in the mix, but once again they are just another notch,
    from what i hear there are already some other blokes who are
    filling the gaps now........Simon is just a small time
    pulling bullshit crimes, i havent heard shit about Rob,
    wouldnt even know if he is still alive, junkies????

    Wouldnt say they are that powerfull, yet they do work
    for Gatto and have filled the void ever since the Morans
    had trouble.....

  14. Anonymous10:15 pm

    It's hard to believe that Mokbel was getting around without some protection though. I saw him on Sydney Rd a while back and he was surrounded by his goons sitting at the front of the pizza joint on the corner of Sydney and Moreland.

  15. Anonymous7:58 am

    when your fat & lazy you leave yourself open to this

  16. Anonymous8:02 pm

    At least he had some "bling bling" did he not? (notice the past tense? - "was")


  17. Anonymous11:15 pm

    the fat cunt him and his brothers, always at the de grove cafe dealing and wheeling, if the cops aren't all over the place they have no f'n clue. this is to you yer old bastards. all of you going down. i'm just sitting back and watching. tj get off the speed you old fart.


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