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Friday, April 28, 2006

Charges over gangland death - National -

Charges over gangland death - National -

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  1. Anonymous7:09 pm

    Charges over gangland death
    By Dan Harrison
    April 28, 2006 - 9:54AM

    Police have charged a 41-year-old Melton resident with the murder of a man closely linked to Melbourne's gangland war.

    Craig Vella was remanded in custody overnight and will appear in the Melbourne Magistrates Court this morning, Senior Constable Carla Coslovich of the police media unit said.

    Mr Vella was charged with allegedly stabbing Michael Phillip Dewhirst, 31, of Melton South, during an argument in Melton about 3:15pm yesterday.

    Mr Dewhirst was stabbed in the stomach in the altercation with two men in Palmerston St, which is believed to have been a drug deal gone wrong.

    Dewhirst, who was described by a Supreme Court judge in 2001 as having "little prospect of rehabilitation", was a close associate of Dina Dibra, who became a victim of Melbourne's gangland war when he was shot dead outside his West Sunshine home on October 14, 2000.


    I think this Dewhirst guy one of the guys involved in the nightclub shooting of 2000, along with Dino Dibra. It said in the paper the other day his IQ was 87. Chrrrrrist!!!


  2. Anonymous2:33 pm

    was 'the drugdeal gone wrong' linked to the half mill cash found in a sunshine carpark Thursday??

  3. another junkie dead, all three there were junkies and Mick was more
    of a hanger on with the sunshine boys of past.......Vella, just a Maltese
    junkie who fucked up again.......

  4. Anonymous9:35 am,5478,19048531%255E2862,00.html

    Cartel joins Mokbel hunt

    A RUTHLESS band of Mexican drug runners has joined the international hunt for fugitive millionaire Tony Mokbel, an underworld source says.

    A business associate of the convicted drug baron believes a Mexican cartel of former soldiers, known as the "Zetas", is on Mokbel's trail.
    "Some of the people Tony is in business with are hunting him in the Middle East," the source said this week. "There is one man, who they call El Cactus, who runs the cartel.

    "He is a very dangerous man. They call him cactus because you don't want to get too close to him."

    The Mexican gang is said to be linked to Columbian drug lords.

    The source says he wants the claims made public so more people can join the search. Mokbel vanished in March during his trial for cocaine trafficking. He was sentenced in absentia to at least nine years' jail.

    He is listed on Interpol's wanted database and a police taskforce has been formed to find him.

    He was accused of orchestrating a cocaine smuggling bid that police thwarted in 2000. It emerged during the trial that one of the middlemen Mokbel had used was connected to the Mexican drug cartel Arellano Felix.

    The ultra-violent, US-trained paramilitary commandos known as the "Zetas" have been held responsible for hundreds of murders along the US-Mexico border this year.


  5. son of sly9:59 pm

    Just back from the coast so been away from Melbourne's madness for a few month's lol

    Now lets crack on.

    Dewhirst will be no great loss as he was always just a hanger on with that dog Dibra, if young Benji did any good in his life it was putting off Dibra.

    As for the Zetas after the fat one, well good luck to him if its true "he'll fuckin need it".

    And as for old Keithy rolling over, from what I have been hearing is that he is a broke man, I guess even the hardest crim can brake after two years 23 hours a day locked up by yourself, but then again if you live by the code then you should die by it. Keith is the same now as he has always been, always thinking about himself, well I guess what goes around comes back around as he gave a bloke a choice years ago to plead guilty to a murder that he did so Keith could walk, the poor cunt did a good bit of jail over that. Keith has been behind about 8 murders that I know of over the years but with only 2 manslaughter charges his luck has ran out, about time to.

  6. son of sly10:26 pm

    It's also come to light that Mokbel paid Benji to knock Victor Peirce lol fuck the papers are slow on this one.

    It's old news the Victor took a contract to kill this informer that is now on the run, Vic set fire to his car on the Port Melbourne docks after taking half the payment but didn't knock the bloke then he went on to take a contract from Mokbel & Williams to knock Jason Moran but Vic and Jason being old mates, he warned him but still took half the cash off Mokbel & Williams and never gave it back so Benji was called in to put Vic off. Terence Chimmeri drove Benji to Port Melbourne that afternoon, as Chimmeri pulled the car up beside Victor's, Vic tried to get out of the car and Benji got out and shot him then put Victor back into his own car. Victor had bullet holes in his arms from trying to shield himself from the shots.

    As we all know Chimmeri is still free as the cops can't prove or maybe don't want prove that he was the driver, after all Vic did plan Walsh Street.

  7. Anonymous10:17 pm

    I sense some dislike for Dino Dibra here - what was his story?

  8. Anonymous11:51 am

    yea theres not a whole lot of info on dibra. son of sly you seem to know a bit whats dibra's deal. and why did benji knock him off.

  9. Anonymous3:57 pm

    SOS - while you're at it young fella.........why did Veniamin kill Paul Kallipolitis?

    There's a lone writeup on Kallipolitis hsomewhere on The Bulletin online


  10. son of sly5:54 am

    No probs.

    The main reason Benji put off PK was so that Carl Williams and Benji could take over PK's empire which was the drugs in the Western Suburbs.

    Dibra always thought that he would take over from PK so he had to go. He was also taking the piss with bouncers in the city that worked for a few heavy people and word was going round that a fella that has a few clubs put out a $50,000 contract on him but that wasn't what got him killed, Benji killed him because he was in the way and had to go.

    Dino was always pumped full of steroids and was a coke head and the two just don't go well, he also pulled guns in clubs and shot a few of his old mates in the legs in his drug fucked states a real dickhead that was always going to be put off sooner or later.

  11. son of sly6:06 am

    Dino Dibra grew up with Benji and PK, PK kind of took the two along with a few other under his wing. They ran all the drugs in Sunshine and a few other suburbs, when PK when down over a murder blue Benji and the rest started to rent out houses and grow dope in them along with ripping off other crops and dealers. Dibra also was involved in a stolen car ring and a local chop shop, later on Dibra hooked up with Carl Williams and Rocco Arico and Benji hooked up with Mark Moran and Mick Gatto.

    Dibra was only a low level thug at the end of the day and not long before Benji used his head for a bit of the old target practice the word was going round that Dibra had gone dog as he seemed to be walking from charges and was being giving bail when people had been getting put in the boob on remand for the same charge.

  12. Anonymous7:16 am

    Thanks for that, now it makes sense. In the Bulletin writeup on Kallipolitis it said that if Williams wanted to do business in the western suburbs then basically it was Kallipolitis that they needed permission from

    PK doesn't get too much of a mention these days but it seems before Williams, he was the main guy out that neck of the woods


  13. Anonymous1:42 pm

    why isnt anyone talking about faure (the rat)?

  14. Keithy is doing his bid and worked a nice deal to at least see
    outside again, but he also has given up his brother Noel, who was
    the other shooter in the Lewis Moran job......Keith has been
    giving the Puranha (sp) cops other bits of info from the few jobs
    he was paid to do........word was that it was barrister who
    had tipped of Mokbel that he was about to charged over a hit, from info
    supplied by Keith and this barrister got word of Tonys name
    and the rest is history..........

    have yet to hear more news, last i heard from the wogs was that
    Fat Tony had gone to Syria...........

  15. Anonymous7:15 pm

    how much control of the drug trade did carl williams have. the media seem to be making him out to the the leader. i wonder who actually brought drugs from who. eg carl from mokbel, or other way around, benji from mark.


  16. Anonymous9:27 pm

    Good question. Williams was shot for supplying the Morans with sub standard shit so he was cooking it for the Morans at one point?

    Seems to me he wanted it all and went around trying to eliminate all the competition. And in the end he's got nothing


  17. Anonymous9:40 pm

    Carl and his old boy George were both involved in cooks and had many
    people for whom they were supplying......yet, many people had invested
    in these cooks, such as the Morans who gave the cash for the cook to start
    then complained about the final product............Mokbel was also involved, as
    he put the cash for many cooks as was getting busy supplying Meth, and used
    the cash to purchase pills, etc..........

  18. son of sly10:25 pm

    Carl & George were cooking shit for The Moran's, Mokbel and anyone else with cash or the ingredients and also had backing from The Rebels MC, that's why there was two Rebels at Benji's funeral. The Moran's had some backing from the Hells Angels at one point if I remember right.

    PK was the main man in the western suburbs for coke, speed and ecstasy.

    Carl & George had Brody and a few other suburbs but were close to Mokbel and his lot from there time in jail together.

    Radev & his lot had Coburg and a bit of white collar crime.

    The Moran's and The Carton Crew had Essendon, Ascot Vale and the suburbs around them along with standing over clubs and gambling, old Lewis also dealt with Mokbel on the odd job.

    Willy Thompson & Michael Marshall had Port Melbourne and the leafy suburbs around the city along side Marshall selling from his hot dog van outside clubs and Willy had bouncers deal for him on doors of clubs.

    Its a very tangled web and all of the players dealt with each other at some point and some were even close at some point.

    Mokbel and the Williams lot just wanted it all and decided to get rid of the rest. Some like Marshall were killed because they were $200,000 in debt to Williams, others like The Moran's it was personal for shooting Carl Williams. Mokbel was bashed as we all know and Benji followed him over to his and the Williams side from the Carlton Crew, with that Benji hooked up allot of the Sunshine lot with the Mokbel & Williams lot so what they had was 3 crews with Benji, Rod Collins and Brincat as there hitmen.

    Keithy and his brother were used as a last resort what with Brincat in jail and Benji as dead as a door nail and Rod Collins in jail on a gun charge.

    We should do up a time line chart on the killings i.e who done it, the reason and who paid for it over the years as I think that would clear up a few points.

  19. Anonymous11:15 pm

    We should do up a time line chart on the killings i.e who done it, the reason and who paid for it over the years as I think that would clear up a few points.

    Great idea

  20. Wikpedia Gangland Timeline: Lets begin with a review, then start breaking it down 2nite. Cheers U Priveta. Great idea SOS.......


    * The Melbourne gangland killings are believed to have begun with the murder of 40 year-old Alphonse Gangitano on January 16. He was shot and killed in the laundry of his home, while clad only in his underwear. A coroner's report into his death directly implicated Jason Moran and Graham Kinniburgh. They were both found to be in Gangitano's home in Templestowe when the murder took place; however, it could not be established who pulled the trigger. Kinniburgh's blood was found on a banister inside the house, and his skin was found on a dent on the front security door. Both were excused from giving evidence to the coroner on the grounds they might incriminate themselves. [5]

    * On August 3, John Furlan, a 48 year old motor mechanic from Coburg was killed by a car bomb in his Subaru Liberty outside his home. Domenico "Mick" Italiano was treated as a suspect since he had recently been involved in a payment dispute with the deceased; however, no one has been arrested in connection with his death. [6]

    * 42 year old stand-over man Charles Hegyaljie, known as "Mad Charlie", was killed at his Caulfield home on November 23. He was an acquaintance of Chopper Read and had been associated with the amphetamine industry. Dino Dibra was linked to the killing, which was believed to be either drug or debt related. [7]


    * Vince Mannella,[8] a former associate of Victor Pierce and Alphonse Gangitano, was ambushed and killed outside his home in North Fitzroy on the evening of January 9. Media suspected his death was debt-related or part of an underworld power struggle but no suspects were ever named.[9]

    * Joseph Quadara, a 57 year old greengrocer, was ambushed by two people and killed in a Toorak carpark in the early hours of May 28, as he was about to start work at a Safeway supermarket. The former millionaire was declared bankrupt in 1994. Police believed that his killing was a case of mistaken identity, due to the existence of another Giuseppe "Joe" Quadara involved in Melbourne's fruit and vegetable industry with underworld connections. [10]

    * Brighton businessman Dimitrios Belias, 38, was killed with a single shot to the back of the head on September 9, in an underground carpark on St Kilda road. He was believed to be heavily in debt.[11]

    * On October 13, known drug dealer Carl Williams was shot in the stomach and survived. Williams told the police he blacked out and could not identify the shooter. Known underworld figures Mark and Jason Moran were present at the time, and police believe there was a dispute related to a failed amphetamines batch and ownership of drug manufacturing equipment. A woman told police she heard a man cry "No, Jason!" moments before a shot was fired. [12]

    * On October 20, Vince Mannella's brother, 31 year old Gerardo Mannella, was ambushed and killed outside his brothers home, after attempting to flee from two men. [13]

    * On November 25, George and Carl Williams were charged with multiple drug offences after police raided an alleged amphetamine factory in Broadmeadows. Police seized around 25,000 amphetamine tablets, a pill press, a loaded pistol and 6.95 kg of powders containing methylamphetamine, ketamine, and pseudoephedrine with a street value up to A$20 million. [14] These charges were never brought to trial because of corruption allegations against former drug squad detectives involved in the raid.

    2000 - 2002
    • 52 year old fruiterer Francesco Benvenuto, also known as "Frank Benvenuto", was shot dead while sitting in his car in the driveway of his Beaumaris home on May 8, 2000. Phone records show that as Benvenuto lay dying he managed to ring ex-employee and associate Victor Pierce on his mobile phone. [16] Police initially treated him as a suspect but later offered a $100,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. [17]. Mark Moran and Andrew Veniamin were later named as chief suspects. [18]

    • Richard Mladenich, a 37-year-old career criminal, and associate of Mark Moran was killed with a single bullet in the St Kilda Esquire Hotel on May 16, 2000. He had recently been released from jail where he once shared a cell with Chopper Read. Police later named Rocco Arico as a suspect but were unable to interview him whilst he was in prison. They later named Dino Dibra as their primary suspect [19] [20]

    • On June 15, 2000, Mark Moran was killed with two bullets as he was stepping into his car outside his luxury home in Aberfeldie. Mark's murder initially thought of as retribution for the death of Frank Benvenuto.

    • 35 year-old Dino Dibra was killed on October 14, 2000, after leaving his house in West Sunshine. At the time he was facing charges relating to kidnap and assault. At a police press conference, Detective Inspector Andrew Allen said "We are confident that this gunman is a hired hitman and that he, along with another person, ambushed Mr Dibra that night about 9.15pm and shot him a number of times ... this is not the only murder (the gunman) has committed" [21]. This police profile strongly suggested that "Benji" Veniamin was one of the gunmen. A A$100 000 reward was offered by police for information.

    • On May 19, 2001 Carl Williams was re-arrested and charged with drug trafficking and possession. He remained in custody until July 17, 2002 when he was released on bail due to an internal corruption investigation at the Victorian police drug squad. [22]

    • Victor Peirce, 42, was killed on May 1 2002, while in a car parked in front of a Port Melbourne supermarket. A blue Holden Commodore pulled up beside Peirce, and Peirce exchanged words with the occupants inside the car, before being shot four times at close range. Victor was officially employed as a waterfront worker, however Police believed he was the leader of various drug syndicates in Melbourne and heavily involved with drug trafficking. The death of Peirce heavily impacted the Melbourne underworld. [23] Some media linked Nik Radev with the killing but Police never named any suspects.

    • On October 16 2002, the body of drug dealer Paul Kallipolitis was found in his West Sunshine home. Police believe he had been murdered a day earlier and publicly suspected that his one-time-friend Andrew Veniamin was the killer. [24]


    • Nik Radev, known as "The Russian", was killed in Queen St Coburg on April 15. The known drug dealer and standover man was shot seven times in the head and chest as he sat in his Mercedes coup. Victoria Police told The Age that they believed his death was planned by a father and son drug manufacturing team, and a hitman suspected of four other murders carried out the killing in a red sedan. [25] Andrew Veniamin met Radev on the day of the murder and unambiguously fitted the police description of the prime suspect, along with George and Carl Williams. Damien Cossu and Alfonso Traglia were with Radev at the time of the murder but claimed they could not identify the gunman, and were subsequently named by police as 'persons of interest' [26]

    • In June, Taskforce Purana was set up by Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Simon Overland to investigate Melbourne's underworld.

    • On June 21, 36 year old Jason Moran, and his minder, 40 year old Pasquale Barbaro were shot dead by a man in a balaclava as they sat in a parked blue van outside an Auskick football clinic in Essendon. Five children were witness to the murder including Moran's six-year-old twin boy and girl. The gunman ran away across the football oval and over a Moonee Ponds Creek footbridge to a waiting vehicle. [27]

    • Small time drug dealer Willie Thompson, 39, was killed on July 21, while sitting in his car after leaving a suburban gym in Chadstone. Police say the gunman strolled up to the car and shot Thompson dead before escaping with a second person in a stolen Ford Motor Company sedan. Some bullets were lodged in nearby shops. Thompson's official occupation was a lollipop vendor inside nightclubs, and a police report said he had recently developed an enmity with Nik Radev. [28]

    • The charred body of Mark Mallia, 30, was found in a stormwater drain in West Sunshine on August 18. He was an associate of Nik Radev

    • Housam Zayat, 32, was found in a paddock in Tarneit with multiple bullet wounds to the head on September 11. Zayat was also a close associate of Nik Radev.

    • On October 20 Istvan "Steve" Gulyas, 49, and his defacto wife were found executed in their Sunbury home. Together they ran a dating agency, Partner Search Australia which Police suspected was a front for a brothel. Gulyas was also a friend of Nik Radev. [29]

    • Michael Marshall was shot five times in the head outside his South Yarra home in front of his girlfriend and his five year old son on October 25. He was the owner of a hot dog stand, and also a suspected drug dealer. Marshall was a 'friend' of Willie Thompson and also Nik Radev. Victor Brincat and Thomas Hentschel were arrested and charged for the murder within hours of the shooting by Operation Purana. Police revealed that Hentschel's car had been bugged and that the killing had been caught on an audio surveillance tape. Both men were associates of Carl Williams [30]

    • On November 17 Carl Williams was arrested and charged with making threats to kill a Purana Taskforce detective and the investigator's girlfriend. The alleged threats were made in a taped phone conversation to Victor Brincat in Barwon Prison. Carl was bailed two weeks later. The arrest was dramatically captured on film by The Age photographer Angela Wylie.

    • 62-year-old Graham Kinniburgh, known as "The Munster", was ambushed and shot dead outside his home in Kew just after midnight on December 13. Police said he had been killed in front of family members soon after parking his car. Kinniburgh was carrying a gun and managed to return one shot before being killed. He was considered Melbourne's most influential criminal at the time of his death. Domenic Gatto was a pallbearer at his funeral, Lewis Moran and many other underworld figures also attended. Andrew Veniamin was treated as a suspect in his murder, and Carl Williams was also questioned. [31]

    • In February, Carl Williams went on the record with the news magazine The Bulletin with a denial that he had paid "Benji" Veniamin A$100,000 for five of the murders. [32]

    • In March, Federal Justice Minister Chris Ellison announced the Australian Crime Commission would be investigating the murders. The ACC is a federal law enforcement body, with a role similar to America's Federal Bureau of Investigation (or FBI).

    • On March 23, Andrew Veniamin was shot and killed in the Carlton pizza restaurant "La Porcella" after an argument with Domenic Gatto. Gatto was charged with his murder, Police alleging that Dominic had set a trap for Veniamin. Veniamin was a close associate of Carl Williams and was suspected to be a hitman involved in as many as seven underworld murders.

    • The next victim was 58 year old Lewis Moran, father of Jason Moran and stepfather of Mark Moran. On March 31 he was shot and killed in broad daylight by two balaclava-clad men in the front bar of the Brunswick Club in Brunswick. Lewis had only recently been released on bail for on drug trafficking charges and police had warned him that his life was in danger. The shooting also injured his associate, Herb Wrout.

    • On May 8 the body of Lewis Caine was found dumped in a Brunswick street, with a single gunshot wound to the head. He was a friend of Carl Williams and had been seen dining with him two nights earlier. [33]

    • Purana Taskforce detectives arrested Carl Williams for conspiracy to murder on the 9th of June. His associates Sean Sonnet and Gregg Hildebrandt were arrested only metres from the home of Mario Condello. Victoria Police said the raids had "absolutely" saved Mario Condello from becoming the 28th gangland victim. [34] Eight days later Mario Condello and Dominic Gatto's solicitor, George Defteros, were arrested over a simultaneous plan to murder George Williams and Carl Williams. [35] Mario Condello was himself killed on February 7th, 2006. [36]

    • On 6 February the eve of Mario Condello's murder trial he was shot dead in his driveway at around 10pm. Condello had dined with Mick Gatto earlier in the night and police have warned Gatto is under increased risk as this may be the resumption of the gangland war.

    • On 7 March the body of Lee Torney was retrieved from a goldmine shaft in central Victoria. Graham John Holden has been charged with his murder.

    • On 20 March Melbourne business man Tony Mokbel failed to appear in Court during his trial for the importation of cocaine from Mexico in 2000. A warrant was issued for his arrest, but Mokbel has not seen since 5pm on 19 March. His defence team fears for his life. The week before this date, Mokbel raised concerns for his safety, after an incident not related to this case.

  21. Anonymous6:43 pm

    Thanks for that. Now..........who actually killed who? hehe

  22. son of sly10:23 pm

    That was a fuckin waste of space lol we will do a time line that isn't already on the net and that has a bit the know in it and we'll put it up on MUI blog in the next few days then we can discuss it in the comments.

    I think we all know who was killed but as allot of people and also the posts on Wikpedia, The Age and so on don't tell is who was behind it and why in-depth without the bullshit.

    We will focus on the underworld figures involved in this so called war but not on figures such as Steve Gulyas or Lee Torney or John Furlan as they was just killings that had nothing to do with the rest that have been linked.

    Give me a few days to sort out the fact from the bullshit then i'll post it on the blog and we can take it from there.

  23. Anonymous6:03 pm

    Does anyone know anything about Faruk Orman? He is often seen with Gatto and the Carlton guys, but he also attended benji's funeral. Seems get be quite respected for a bloke his age. I know he beat a gun charge a few years ago....

    1. Anonymous4:21 am

      respect this , 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 ....... and the bass keeps running running , in this concept u dont dissrespect u loose ur head.

  24. Anonymous6:04 pm

    sorry, i ment "seems to be quite respected..."

  25. Anonymous6:17 pm

    Viva Sarah Garde-Wilson. She's back in the picture. MUI - time to post some more pics of her, thanks,5478,19184074^661,00.html

    I know where Mokbel is: insider
    Keith Moor

    THE whereabouts of fugitive drug boss Tony Mokbel are still a mystery two months after he disappeared.

    Police don't know where he is or how he fled.
    They have received information from various sources as to where Mokbel might be and what his escape route might have been.

    But they have so far been unable to confirm any of them.

    "The bottom line is we don't know where he is," AFP national manager Mike Phelan told the Herald Sun yesterday.

    "While we are following a range of different inquiries, both domestically and overseas. If we knew where Mokbel was we would be doing everything necessary to bring him back to Victoria to serve his sentence."

    The Herald Sun has provided the AFP with information obtained from a convicted criminal who believes he knows where Mokbel is and how he got there.

    He has known Mokbel for several years and also knew murdered drug dealers Lewis Moran, his son Jason and stepson Mark. All three Moran gang members were killed during Melbourne's underworld war.

    The AFP has asked the Herald Sun not to reveal precise details of Mokbel's alleged route and destination nominated by the insider.

    "We are still investigating it," Mr Phelan said. "It is one of a number of scenarios that have been put to us from various sources both in Australia and overseas."

    The Moran gang insider said the escape route he believes Mokbel used was established several years ago as an insurance policy by the father-son drug team of Lewis and Jason Moran in case police, or underworld enemies, got too close for comfort.

    Both Morans were killed -- Jason, 36, in June 2003 and his father Lewis, 58, in March 2004.

    Mokbel used to be close to the Morans, but had a falling out and was recently implicated in the murder of Lewis Moran.

    The insider said he was aware of at least two Moran gang members who successfully used the escape plan to get out of the country.

    "I would be very surprised if Mokbel hasn't now used it," he said. "Mokbel was certainly one of only a handful of people, including me, trusted enough to not only know what the escape plan was but also who to call to swing it into action."

    The insider said Mokbel knew how to contact people in Australia and overseas who could implement various stages of the escape plan.

    Each was prepared to accept cash to organise their part of it -- and not ask questions about who the client was. And while each of them knew exactly what to do in relation to their part in the plan, they were not aware of the other stages.

    He said he had witnessed discussions between Moran gang members about the escape plan.

    "Mokbel was certainly aware of it and knew it had worked in the past without authorities discovering it," the insider said.

    He said Mokbel would have been prepared to serve his jail time over the cocaine importation he was recently convicted of.

    "He would have expected to cop about five years for the cocaine job and could have handled that much time inside," the insider said.

    But he claimed Mokbel discovered one of Victoria's most notorious hitmen had turned police informer and was implicating him in Melbourne's underworld murders.

    He said Mokbel feared the Victoria Police Purana gangland killing taskforce was close to charging him with financing at least one of the executions.

    "That made fleeing very attractive," the insider said.

    Supreme Court judge Bill Gillard confirmed after Mokbel fled that Mokbel was a murder suspect.

    "I refer in particular to the revelation that the Victorian police were investigating Mr Mokbel's alleged involvement in a gangland murder and had made a decision to arrest him in respect to the crime," he said on April 26.

    Mokbel disappeared shortly before he was convicted of smuggling 1.93kg of pure cocaine into Victoria from Mexico. He was sentenced in his absence on March 31 to 12 years' jail and ordered to serve a minimum of nine.

    AFP agent Jarrod Ragg told the Supreme Court on April 19 that Mokbel was believed to have transferred $20 million overseas since his release on bail in November 2002. He said the AFP had also received information Mokbel had several passports in false names.

    "Mokbel is the head of a Lebanese organised crime syndicate based in Melbourne," his statement to the Supreme Court said.

    "Mokbel has sufficient contacts and financial resources to support a fugitive lifestyle overseas."

    Mokbel's lawyer, Con Heliotis, QC, has raised concerns his client may have been murdered or abducted, but federal agent Ragg said police had nothing to indicate Mokbel had met with foul play or was being held against his will.

    He said all the evidence pointed to Mokbel having absconded.

    "Mokbel has been named by a Victoria Police informant as having paid for a contract murder and provided the firearms to commit the murder," federal agent Ragg's statement to the Supreme Court said.

    "A statement had been provided to this effect and is suspected to have been made available to Mokbel by his former solicitor and current girlfriend Zarah Garde-Wilson."

    Justice Gillard said Mokbel was believed to have become aware of the contents of the Victoria Police statement on March 14 -- five days before he disappeared.

    "Australian Federal Police were told on Friday, 17 March, 2006, that Victorian police proposed to arrest the prisoner and charge him with being involved in the murder," Justice Gillard said.

    A second warrant to arrest Mokbel was issued by magistrate Phillip Goldberg on April 20 after Mokbel failed to appear at the Melbourne Magistrates' Court for inciting others to import drug-making chemicals.

    The AFP charged Mokbel in October last year over alleged attempts to organise a shipment of chemicals to make ecstasy.

    Mokbel was the first person in Australia to be charged with inciting others to import a drug.

    He was on bail for other drug offences when the AFP nabbed him on the inciting charge.

    Mokbel was carrying $40,000 in cash in a bag and had six mobile phones with him when the AFP swooped.

  26. Anonymous9:35 pm

    how did mokbel make so much cash. i know its through drugs but it sounds like he had 100's of millions. its not that easy to make that kind of cash of drugs. what exactly did tony sell. his brother also jsut got done for a speed lab, i wounder if his going to take over from tony.

  27. Anonymous10:26 pm

    Far as I know Mokbel used the drug money to finance property investments, and the ball just kept rolling from there.........drugs and property

    As for his brother, it seems that Tony got the brains, in the family


  28. Anonymous4:07 pm

    What a criminals these guys are!!!

  29. Anonymous11:19 am

    it's no mystery- mokbel laundered drug money through property developments, riding the wave of the latest property boom to the island of megbucks....

  30. Anonymous11:00 pm

    mark moran killed alphonse..

  31. Anonymous12:03 am

    How long before spotting Mokbel become common place similiar to the old Elvis sightings.

    I was down at the local 7-11 when I saw Fat Tony microwaving a chicken hero yesterday.

  32. Anonymous6:23 am

    Don't be so ridiculous. If Tony was in said 7-11 he would have gotten someone else to microwave the chicken thingy for him


  33. Anonymous6:55 pm

    Mokbel appeal on $1m bail
    From: AAP
    May 26, 2006

    THE sister-in-law of fugitive drug dealer Tony Mokbel has initiated proceedings to appeal against an order for her to pay $1 million surety she provided for his bail, a Melbourne court was told today.

    Renata Mokbel provided $1 million worth of property as surety for her brother-in-law's bail after he was charged with drug trafficking.
    In April, Victorian Supreme Court Justice Bill Gillard ordered Mrs Mokbel pay the $1 million surety after he found Mokbel had failed to observe his bail conditions.

    In the Supreme Court today, Justice Gillard said Mrs Mokbel had filed an application with the court to rescind his order on May 16.

    Justice Gillard ordered a stay on the original court order pending the outcome of the application.

    Mrs Mokbel, who was not in court today, was originally given 31 days to pay the $1 million.

    The court previously heard that sources had told police Tony Mokbel transferred $20 million overseas before fleeing the country.

    He was reported missing after he failed to appear at the end of his Supreme Court trial on March 20.

    He was subsequently found guilty and sentenced to 12 years' jail for importing 2kg of pure cocaine from Mexico to Melbourne in late 2000.


  34. Anonymous8:10 am

    is there another blog similar to this?.. that actually has updates?

  35. Anonymous8:59 pm

    OK, here an update...........

    Lester Ellis, former IBF junior lightweight titleholder was today locked up in a psych ward. His marriage has gone to the dogs and he's taken to the piss in a big way. I fear he's not long for this world

    The reason for posting it here?

    One of Ellis' silent promoters during his heyday in the 80's was one Alfonse Gangitano. It was Gangitano and his thugs that bashed Barry Michael (who beat Ellis for his title in '85) in a nightclub one night. What arseholes Gangitano and his cronies are / were


  36. Anonymous8:25 pm

    hey I was just wondering if anyone has any information on a guy called Tom (Tommy) Kerameidas ?


  37. fuck craig vella i was recently in the nick with a mate he has gone crown witness against

  38. and it was evangelo goussis keith faure lagged not his brother fucking dog

  39. Anonymous12:16 am

    Anyone have any more info on Lee Torney?

    1. Anonymous11:38 pm

      Torney was an associate of Carl and George Williams.... He was killed in self defence by a "business partner" in 2003 he was given a lifetime parole period for killing another business partner in the early 80s... Apparently he introduced Carl Williams to Mr X or Thomas H....... Whatever his name is that's all I know about him

  40. Anonymous11:12 am

    vella is a dog

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  42. Anonymous3:21 am

    Dino was no rat, Dino was no low level thug, People hate whom they fear people hate the people that are doing better then them, Dino knew how to stick up for himself, he would never let anyone talk him down or treat him bad, does this make a man bad? i bet no one would have anything bad to say about him should he have still been alive. now does any one actually ask the people he helped in life what they think or the people he went out of his way for what they think? or are people jealous of a man who had enough balls to stick by what he beleived in? a man who wouldnt let any one step on him? or is it just that no one else these days has the balls to protect themselves or what they beleive in? and so hate the ones who did...

  43. Anonymous3:28 am

    ...As for benji, well heres a man who turns on his mates, whois jealous of them and who has no respect for the mates the made him the man he wanted to be...Unfortunatly for dibra (a man with a heart of gold, that would do anything for his friends and family) he had some really crappy mates that clearly wernt worthy of his loyalty and his friendship...Dibra would do anything for anyone he considered a mate or family...I bet know one knew how much Dibra did for the poor and the homeless and how giving he was towards them! So people please think before you talk...anyone Dibra hurt, he didnt do it for the fun of it, theirs always two sides to a story and no one wants to see dibras, natural human mind set is to fight back when we feel under threat...and so dibra did! So please if youve got nothing nice to say, DONT SAY IT AT ALL!

  44. Anonymous8:14 pm

    I agree^^^ i mean i have never met nor did i know him but ive heard he may have been tough but he wasnt a bad bloke very kind towards the the end of the day he could have possible been a real bad guy but as far as i am aware he was just a tough bloke in a tough world and he treated those against him in a tough manner as for his friends and family and even people he didnt know he was the nicest guy going around always willing to help people. his lifestyle was his lifestyle but we should all be respectfull and not jump to conclusions.

  45. Anonymous8:34 pm

    DINO DIBRA WAS NOT ONLY THE KING OF SUNSHINE, NOR THE KING OF MELBOURNE, DINO DIBRA WAS THE KING! FULL STOP! I tend to agree with the above comments. If only he got in first he would still be around. Unfortunatly what they say about the Good dying young must be true and especially so in Dibras case. Kind hearted and loving. A man without fear and a man who knew how to get what ever he wanted by what ever means neccesary. Dino was and is an insipiration and man with a solid heart and determination. the only way to describe DINO DIBRA is as "A MAN AMONG MEN"

  46. Anonymous1:25 am

    Glad to see so many positive comments bout Dino, in my area he is lookd up to greatly. i know his my hero... RIP DINO...your an inspiration to all of us in the west mate.

  47. Anonymous1:40 am

    hi, guys new to this forum and read some of the stuff son of sly said about Dino Dibra, you need to learn a thing or two about respect mate, i think you have no idea what your about, Dino Dibra was noo dog, he was the real deal, and he should have popped benji (who was nothing more than a drop kick, need i mention that got bashed by his own security mates in king street) while he had the chance. Dino had balls, Dino had ambition and Dino had a heart of gold to with it all. Dino Dibra never worked with police, Dino Dibra never gave information to the police in fact the only thing Dino Dibra had in common with the police was the mutual hate between them. Benji learnt his ways and tricks by the man who brought him onto the scene, yes that is Dino Dibra. Clearly Benji had no respect for the man who made him what he was to become, the man who showed him the way. Now Benji is a man who u can refer to as a dog, he would pop any one, friend ship didnt count, money was more important than anything to him, he wouldve popped his own mother if someone offered him a dollar or two to do so. That short little dweeb got what was coming to him, what can i say? other than BLESS GATTOS HAND fot putting down a mutt that shouldve never been born in the first place.

  48. Anonymous3:15 am

    look these guys ended up in the same place probably doing donuts in the car park in heaven let us for get these blokes let them rip ur just making up shit that doesnt need mentioning west side ...... and for the dumb cunt that mentioned benjis old lady ur a fuckin dog rat.

  49. Anonymous2:48 am


  50. Anonymous2:56 am

    ...Lol to the dude whos commented Jan 5 2012, whats a "dog rat"

    I do agree let them all RIP, i dont think anyone will ever know the full true story of the lives of these guys, we all something about that, what ever we knew for our selves, heard from somebody, saw on tv, whatever. At the end of the day our comments are biased due to personal opinion...we know not enough to start making judgements. Judgement is in gods hands. The only thing that should be gained from all this is the lesson of the tragedy of the lives lost, each and every one who was killed during that "gangland war" had friends and family. Its time to let go and understand that glorifying anyone of the lifestyles of these characters is only going to make more damage to future generations, giving them ideas to work on, characters to look up to after all do we really want to see more people dead and especially at the age some of these guys died at. I personally beleive we should work on educating people on the fact that these guys are dead, they did die young, their lives were not glorious and that many families and friends are left behind to forever mourn what they lost.

  51. Anonymous6:24 pm

    I dont give a flying fuckn shit what any one says, Fact is DINO WAS A SICKCUNT! A true FUCKEN LEGEND! and Benji will always be a dead dog! He was rat who suffered from dwarfism! Bless that hand that which pulled the trigger that killed a peice of shit! Benji you wouldnt have been anything without Dino!

    RIP DINO Always Loved, Always Remembered

  52. Anonymous1:29 am

    R.I.P Dino, Melton West

  53. Anonymous7:58 pm

    Just curious but does anybody have pictures or Dino dibra?? There's only the 1 on the net and thats it..
    Anybody have anymore??

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  55. Anonymous11:41 am

    This pg was meant to b staring the facts not bullshit about shit Mick was mates with sunshine boys yes but he was turning his life around n he wasn't a junkie fact all u dumb fuked up ppl who wanna b heroes n say another junkie gone go fuk ur selves he was a great man, brother, father, cousin n mate so if u don't no him don't say shit may my cousin rest in peace DOGS

  56. Anonymous10:35 pm

    $$$$ RIP dino dibra $$$$

  57. Anonymous6:26 pm

    RIP Dino RIP Dearly be missed :( and does anyone have any info on Mark Mallia, Rocco Arico, Richard Mladenich and Damian Cossu?

  58. great post..Thanks and please keep posting

  59. Anonymous10:15 pm

    Have any of you ever actually met Dino Dibra? The reason I ask is that everywhere I've looked people have said he was a nutcase who couldn't control himself. But I'd love to hear from someone who actually knew the bloke and let me know what he was actually like. Thanks.

    1. Anonymous9:50 pm

      It's true he was kinda a nutcase when he was on drugs.... He was a nice bloke when you got to know him.. So full of life he thought he was gonna rule the world (like most of his mates) then Benji fucked him over... I still think of him today...

  60. I'm a local in Sunshine and came across Dino a couple of times he was only a nutcase when he was hooked on drugs.... Who actually shot him? I've been hearing it was Radev, Zayat and someone else but then everyone seems to think it was Benji, PK and Auciello who did it?

  61. Anonymous11:12 pm

    Hey everybody is there another blog that has updates or active discussion if anyone is still reading this? Thank you and also does anyone know who shot Vince and Gerado Mannella? thanks again

  62. Anonymous4:55 am

    Dino's mate Michael Dewhirst was crazy. He king hit me in my early 20s because I kicked a goal on him in a primary school grand final in '85.

  63. Anonymous4:25 am

    Craig Vella biggest informa and it runs in the family his brother Andrew lags his way out of everything never trust these maggots.

  64. Anonymous9:53 pm

    It's easy to call these guys maggots anonymously once they've passed on. You must be a tough guy! Watch out for this tough guy everyone!

  65. ok so I'm still interested in a lot of this Gangland stuff and keen to here what others think about it. So to get the ball rolling

    Stephen John Asling has been charged with the murder of Graham "The Munster" Kinniburgh.

    I don't know too much about Asling so anyone know who he was associated with? was it a contracted hit? if so by who? I don't think it was Williams to be honest. Anyone have any other info regarding anything?

    I read somewhere that a hitman was released a few months ago and was prominent in the Underworld War any idea who that would be? Alf Traglia comes to mind? Vic Brincat sure not? TH?

    What ever happened to Damien Cossu?

    A bit unrelated to the MU but Chris Orfanidis bashed a man to death back in June/July. I don't think the man had anything to do with the MU more of just a road rage incident.

    Orfanidis was an associate of Williams' and was one of the 7 men that tortured Mark Mallia. He hung around the likes of Damien Cossu, Hizir Ferman, Robert Musso in Barwon.

    He was shot probably going back 5 or so years ago now in Sunshine but survived.

    Anyone have anymore info about Orfanidis? Any other connections?


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