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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

There's no place like home... there's no place like...

Yeah, lot of pressure. You gotta rise above it. You gotta harness in the good energy, block out the bad. Harness energy, block bad. Feel the flow, Happy. Feel it. It's circular. It's like a carousel. You pay the quarter, you get on the horse. It goes up and down and around. Circular. Circle. With the music. The flow...all good things.
Oh Tony why hast thou forsake thine own sister?

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  1. Anonymous6:23 pm

    Surely fatso can get the money to his sister in law somehow? He managed to get $20 million out so what's the drama?


  2. Anonymous7:52 am

    yeah i would suspect she may have a couple of lazy mil's in the cookie jar

  3. Anonymous11:42 pm

    Fat Tony's escape route
    Friday, May 19, 2006

    imageDetails of how Melbourne drug boss Antonios “Fat Tony” Mokbel pulled off his amazing vanishing act continue to emerge, with the latest pieces in the jig saw claiming he used a previously established “rat line” or escape route through Asia.

    According to the Herald Sun the land-sea-air route, which involved bribing Asian officials, had been originally set up by the Moran crime family. It had previously been used to successfully spirit members of that group out of the country.

    Although Mokbel and the patriarch of the Moran clam, Lewis Moran, fell out over Mokbel’s ambitions to dominate the a Melbourne amphetamine market, the Herald Sun says those running the rat line were only interested in the colour of Fat Tony’s money.

    “Although the plan was set up by the Morans, those who actually arrange the various forms of transportation, false documents and bribed officials don’t care who the fugitive is, as long as they have plenty of cash,” an insider said.

    And there was plenty of that. According to the Australian Federal Police, he had $20 million stashed away. Mokbel is now widely believed to be in his native Lebanon, which does not have an extradition treaty with Australia.

    Mokbel disappeared on March 20 in the closing stages of his trial on cocaine smuggling charges. He had also been tipped off that Purana gangland squad detectives were close to charging him with murder.

    The falling out between Mokbel and the Morans, supposedly due to Mokbel’s attempos to poach the Moran’s expert pill maker, was one of the triggers for Melbourne’s underworld war.

    The Victorian Supreme Court has been told that Mokbel and another man paid $140,000 to have Lewis Moran murdered in March 2004. Both Moran’s sons, Jason and Mark, were also murdered during the war. You can read Gotcha’s previous posting on the Lewis Moran murder here.

    It also emerged today that Mokbel’s girlfriend, convicted drug dealer Danielle McGuire, had also once been the lover of Mark Moran, gunned down in 2000.

    end of story

    Who was the expert pill maker and who else partnered with Mokbel to whack Lewis Moran? Was it Carl Williams? Is Williams the pill maker?

    I live in the States but have been following this story of Melbournes gangland for about 5 years. Best gangster scenario in years. It makes our wise guys look like sissies since they lost their penchant for public warfare.

    Does anyone have a 30 thousand foot view on this entire scenario? Is there a central "Mr. Big" behind all this warfare or has it just progressed like a domino effect.

    I lived in Oz for two years in the early 70's, went to school at Macquarie before finishing up in NZ at Otago in 1978. I went to school with a young lady named Julie Theilman who was killed by (anyone remember this guy?) Mr. Asia's gang, specifically John Terrence Clark, whom I had also met while living in Auckland, and she was buried in the Blue Mountains along with her boyfriend. It's what got me reading the Melbourne papers a few years ago while researching her murder.

    Thanks for the blog, I really appreciate the updates and the excellent sidebar conversations you folks continue to generate.


  4. Anonymous4:38 pm

    flattery from americans.... cos we got more murder and mayhem.... but they've outdone us (in iraq)

  5. Anonymous5:58 pm

    i wounder how old carl is doing in jail.

  6. Anonymous7:50 am

    Somewhat droll comment considering the thread does not concern Iraq...I think I'll pass on the bait.

    Was Carl W the infamous pill maker?

  7. Anonymous5:08 am

    Union boss denies Gatto kill claim
    Keith Moor

    POLICE were told underworld identity Mick Gatto threatened to kill union boss Dean Mighell in a building industry dispute.

    Mr Mighell last night confirmed having a dispute with Mr Gatto, but denied being intimidated in any way.

    "Mick Gatto never threatened to kill me," he said.

    Former chief superintendent Kerry Milte made the death-threat claim in a five-hour taped interview with detectives from Victoria Police's ethical standards department.

    In the interview Mr Milte also named allegedly corrupt police and identified several organised crime figures.

    The Herald Sun has seen a copy of the transcript of Mr Milte's interview with ESD.

    Mr Milte, 61, a former Commonwealth police officer and barrister, was recruited by Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon in 2002 to help tackle organised crime in Victoria.

    He has been committed to stand trial on charges including bribery and conspiring with a Victorian police officer to disclose confidential information.

    In his interview, Mr Milte:

    NAMED an Italian organised crime boss who was allegedly involved in five murders.

    CLAIMED murdered mafia financier Mario Condello and another underworld figure stripped a solicitor naked and beat him in a Lygon St restaurant basement as a warning not to speak about their activities.

    IDENTIFIED a Lygon St crime figure who had allegedly paid $4 million in bribes to senior Victorian police.

    CLAIMED corrupt police "green-lighted" the illegal activities of several Italian organised crime bosses.

    ALLEGED the Italian syndicate has put gang members in positions of authority in immigration, customs and the police. Mr Milte told ESD why he was recruited by Ms Nixon.

    "Because of some old connections, I had the means of getting information on particularly Italian organised crime," his August 19, 2005, record of interview claimed.

    "And to a lesser degree, Chinese operations and to another degree, some Lebanese people and that principally involved Mick Gatto, Mario Condello, Mokbel (fugitive crime boss Tony Mokbel)."

    Mr Milte claimed in the interview that Mr Gatto had threatened to kill Electrical Trades Union boss Dean Mighell.

    "He came to see me via a politician," his record of interview claimed. "I offered, in regard to the obvious state of fear he was in, to make contact between him and the police."

    Mr Mighell last night denied Mr Milte's claim.

    He said a dispute with Mr Gatto over building work at the National Gallery had been sorted out amicably.

    Mr Milte last night told the Herald Sun he was horrified his ESD record of interview was being circulated.

    He claimed a small faction of Victorian police was trying to undermine Ms Nixon and suggested circulating his ESD interview was an attempt by these officers to discredit her.

    Mr Milte would not identify Mr Mighell as the person allegedly subjected to death threats, but said: "The union official was in genuine fear of his life."

    Mr Milte told ESD about an alleged attack by Condello and another man on a solicitor for an Italian organised crime boss.

    "They stripped the solicitor naked . . . held a pistol to his head, broke a plate on his head and wanted to know how much he'd told me about what was going on," he said.


  8. Anonymous5:35 pm

    why the hell is there never any updates. ok, u guys said u were busy but what the fuck its been like 2 months. get ur shit together.


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