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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Police suspended in OPI probe

Police suspended in OPI probe :
"Police Association Secretary Paul Mullett said Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon had 'hung them out to dry'.

'Who are the bad guys? The armed robbers who compromise community safety ... every day of the week,' he said.

While he added that 'no one was above the law', Senior Sergeant Mullett said the officers were entitled to the presumption of innocence and said the evidence should be presented in the appropriate jurisdiction rather than at a public hearing."

One minute he sounds like he supports Guantanamo Bay, the next he makes these bent fuckers sound like David Hicks.

Honestly- he's as consistent as a paranoid schizophrenic three weeks off their meds.

Let's get one thing straight: Paul Mullett is an idiot.

That feels much better.

You heard it here first; even if you knew it all along...

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