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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Garde-Wilson: sentenced

Early news (we was there!):
She's had a conviction recorded, but no jail time.

The judge was quite sympathetic and acknowledged she took steps to tell the truth (entering witness protection), but would record a conviction regardless.

We'll see what the Law Institute make of this.

UPDATE: Herald Sun

Lawyer convicted, but avoids jail term

ZARAH Garde-Wilson, the gangland lawyer who refused to give evidence at the trial of those accused of her boyfriend's murder, was convicted today of contempt of court but avoided jail.

Garde-Wilson, 27, claimed she feared for her safety if she appeared on the witness stand after one of her partner's killers, Keith George Faure, threatened her life if she gave evidence.

Justice David Harper convicted her of contempt of court, but did not impose further punishment.

No, that's because disbarring will now probably take place.

..and that is punishment enough.


  1. Anonymous4:49 pm

    She should have been sentenced to a lifeime of fetching kebabs for Big Tony

  2. The Don Bossolini6:05 pm

    who cares about this zarah chick


    get some real underworld news.

    all you got is some wop lawyer crap, it aint underworld,

    change your title to snitches and bitches

  3. Anonymous8:47 pm

    Don't listen to this newbie person. Post all the Zarah articles you like (with one proviso - pics are part of the deal)

    How would you like to be playing 'hide the sausage' with Zarah and suddenly big Tony bursts through the door looking less than impressed. Concrete shoes here we come

  4. I agree. We would hbe blogging our arse off about Andrew Fraser if he was in teh news as he was a few years ago, so why not Ms Zarah.

    This is most certainly news, and she is HOTT so shut your un sexy mouth!

  5. Anonymous6:36 pm

    shes not even good looking,

  6. Anonymous6:38 pm

    tony aint even big, his a fat fuck, he aint bullet proof, he cant even speak english properly...idiots

  7. Son Of Sly12:46 am

    tony aint even big, his a fat fuck, he aint bullet proof, he cant even speak english properly...idiots

    "What the fuck has that got to do with the above ? "

  8. son of sly12:52 am

    There isn't much Underworld news at the moment until the up and coming trials of a few crims, so Zarah will have to do for now I guess.

    If this Bluey fella gets his finger out his arse then I think we might see a few dead but doubt anything before the new year.

  9. son of sly2:37 am

    Andrew Fraser ? yeah! now there was one lawyer that walked a fine line.

    I remember in the good old days the 70's & 80's when I would see him round The Cherry Tree in Richmond with the late Dennis Allen and Fred The Enforcer who worked for Dennis.

    Bit of topic but a mate of mine got into a bit of a blue back then and Andrew helped him get off, think it was a gun wrap if I remember right, my old mate asked Dennis if he had the name of a good lawyer and he gave him Andrews number.

    Later on Andrew was Jason Morans lawyer, Andrew was asked who knocked Big Al and Andrew said Jason, litte did the dickhead know that it was Mark Moran that did it, not Jason.

    Jason was pissed off big time at Andrew doing this and and put out a $60,000 contract on his life while Andrew was in Jail over a coke blue, the contract never got took up and Andrew lived to tell the tail, thats more then we can say for Jason Moran.

    I guess Zarah is the new Andrew Fraser or Chris Dane but with out the cock.

  10. Anonymous5:43 am

    There's some interesting stuff you're posting there, SOS

    Dennis Allen - if half the stuff I've read about the guy is true he was mad as a hatter

    His little brother (the one that died of an OK in the mid 80's) robbed the United Kimgdom hotel in Clifton Hill and someone was shot? I regularly go past the hotel this incident pops into my head. It's a McDonalds now

    Clifton Hill - it's funny how it's been all done up with trendy little cafes etc all over the place. Some of the beautiful people that get down there on a Saturday or Sunday morning would die of shock if they knew half of what went on down there in days gone by. Ditto Fitzroy and Collingwood

    Anyway, keep it up fella

    p.s. a forum would be the next logical step here???

  11. son of sly8:04 am

    A forum would be a good idea.

    Dennis was also with Jamie when he robbed the Hotel and it was Dennis who shot the barman in the leg, the old fella died in the hospital from a blood clot not long after but it was said it never had anything to do with the shooting.

    Dennis was never charged over the shooting but Jamie was and he took the wrap for Dennis and did a bit of jail over it.

    Many jacks that knew Dennis said that he had a hand in Jamie's overdose, they think Jamie got to big for his boots, Dennis wasn't involed in Jamie's death at all,

    Dennis loved Jamie and with him doing the time for big brother they got even closer and when he was released he went to work for Dennis as a debt collecter for his booming drug empire in Richmond.

  12. Forum: perhaps, we still need to generate some more momentum with this site so thjat a forum would not be "tumble weed city"

    If you get me.

    We've asked SOS to join us, so hopefully we'll have more content and more comments section action...


  13. Anonymous6:42 pm

    Fair point about a forum. It's dependant on people blowing each others' brains out on a regular basis to sustain it, and currently they're not helping the cause

    I regularly post on a boxing site and one of the offtopic subjects which had some interesting responses was one about a policewoman murdered in the line of duty in the UK - whether the killing of a cop should hold more significance than the murder of Joe Bloggs on the street?

    Do you guys go to ??

    The place just stopped dead in it's tracks over a year ago and I read somewhere that they were putting it all into a book. Comprehensive stuff

  14. Anonymous6:56 pm

    go the forum!!!!!

  15. Anonymous11:42 am



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