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Monday, November 14, 2005

Supression order lifted

We knew about this last week, and Lord we hinted at it, but here it is:

Zarah Garde-Wilson has been charged with, and has been found guilty of a charge of contempt of court after failing to sign a statement.

In other not so shock news, we can tell you she also has been having an affair (on and off) with Tony Mokbel. She is currently living in one of Tone's many maisons.

This case has been subject to a supression order, an order we decided to respect.

Updates as the mainstream news catch on...

The Age Get on Board:
Garde-Wilson was found guilty of contempt of court last Wednesday after refusing to answer questions in the trial of Keith Faure and Evangelos Goussis. Last month, both were found guilty of Caine's murder.

While refusing to give evidence, Garde-Wilson made a failed application to enter the witness protection program.
Ohhh so close. May be Wendy Peirce had a chat about the ins and outs of being in witness protection when you have lagged out family/friends/loveer/whoever.

Herald Sun:

Justice David Harper said the justice system could not work without witnesses overcoming their fears – like many others in the Faure trial did. "Were they, and thousands like them . . . to succumb to it, no system of justice could survive," he said.

Justice Harper said he believed Ms Garde-Wilson's claim that there had once been a threat to her safety from Faure, but it was no longer imminent.

The Age again:
She said she was "petrified" for her safety and could possibly lose her licence to practise as a solicitor.

...Law Institute of Victoria chief executive John Cain told The Age that an investigation might be opened once Garde-Wilson's matters have finished before the court, to test if she "is a fit and proper person" to practise law.
That's a given. Even if she gets a non custodial sentence (as we suspect she will) it's game over for her legal career. It's ironic that this charge will make a her a full on gangsters mole. Not charging her would have given the cops a half chance at turning her into an informant. Who is running this shit?

By the way- just how crazy hott is that get up we see her wearing in the picture? Man she could hold our briefs anytime she wants.

The Age
Herald Sun

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