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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Strike FOUR and you're out?

Carl is having a pretty tough time of it as we blog...
...and the fat boy is downnnnn
Police are set to charge alleged underworld figure Carl Williams with a fourth murder, claiming he stalked and shot drug dealer Mark Moran outside his luxury Aberfeldie home nearly five years ago.

Now this case was stone cold dead in the water. Purana (and just about everybody) knew the rumours surrounding Carl's involvement (though most thought it was Benji who did done the trigger work..) but the cops couldn't pin it on him with any certainty. What changed?

The breakthrough comes after a key witness told police he drove Williams within walking distance of Moran's Combermere Street home on the night of the murder.

Good help is so hard to find. Yes the guy dropping Carl in it MR X is the same Mr X who managed to get a whole 7 years off his 25 year sentence for dobbing in Carl. Worst of all, Mr X has deprived us of Carl's antics for about 35 years or so...

The word of a convicted crim doesn't carry much weight on its own... but then:
Another witness, who is not connected with the underworld, has been able to corroborate much of Mr X's statement.

A second criminal source is also alleged to have made a statement against Williams.

Oh this is bad, very bad for our boy. Maybe he will be able to go in "The Biggest Loser" while in prison? He's got a bit to lose...

Murder charge No.4 for Williams - Crime & Corruption -

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