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Friday, January 21, 2005

Carl Williams- Game Over?

Huge story brewing here folks- it appears that Carl Williams is to be charged with the murder of Mark Moran in June 2000.

It's been rumoured that Carl was involved ever since he gobbed off at Jason Moran in prison about how he "took the bullet out of my stomach and put it in Mark" (referring to the earlier shooting of Carl by the Moran brothers...) but frankly we here at Melbunderworld news always thought Carl was a bit of a pussy when it came to tooling about.

We was wrong!

Seems Carl was a regular Wild Bill Hickok eh? He didn't stay down and dirty once the cops were onto him though- the late great Benji put up his hand and Carl handed over the rosco just as fast as he had used it.

So folk- is this the end game? It was said that the Carlton Crew were gone once the Munster and Lewis Moran went- but seems the Williams crew are not far behind- all the trigger men are dead or in jail, the players are in jail and tony Mokbel is just waiting for a knock at the door.

And what happens now? Well a vacuum rarely stays a vacuum when there is fresh air nearby.

*Calling all tough guys, your time has arrived*

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