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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Last Man Standing Axed..

No, it's not the fantastic and funny Channel Satan television program, but rather the last of the old school crims Mr. TONY MOKBEL!

Now Tone was the big man on campus for a while there. He was more old school than Carl Williams et al- happy to see the Carlton Crew members eat lead Benji sandwiches- but was staying as low profile as possible- well as low as the biggest drug dealer in the state can stay. Ok, not very low at all. Ever.

Soon, big Tone will soon be rooming with Carl Williams. They can compare notes. I suspect Carl Will be the Bottom, Tony is all about being Top. I'll let you all process the thought of sweaty man love between our Carl and our Dear Tony for a moment...

Meanwhile, on the outside, we here at MelbUnderworld will be seeing how Roberta Williams' latest botox-ing has gone, and finding out if she's had any surgery of interest.

Roberta- on the prowl for some sweet lovin'?

Carl Williams leaving court with a Dead Man Standing

Lets have a squizz at what the Tone has done:

Accused drug dealer faces new charges

Police say they have charged accused Melbourne drug dealer Tony Mokbel, over the importation of ecstasy and drug-making chemicals.

Federal police have charged Mokbel in connection with another drug investigation.

Officers questioned Mokbel after raids on properties in Southbank and Coburg.

The 40-year-old is awaiting trial on an unrelated charge of importing about three kilograms of cocaine from Mexico.

Tonight, Mokbel has been charged with inciting to import ecstasy and drug-making chemicals.

Federal police say it is the first time anyone has been charged with the offence.

He has been refused bail and remanded in custody in an out-of-sessions hearing.

Mokbel is expected to appear in the Melbourne Magistrates Court tomorrow.

On the UP side, Tone has the record for being the first person charged with importing drug making chemicals. That, along with his criminal record, is a record that can't be taken away.

Tony Mokbel, take a bow.

I tried to find a flattering photo of the Big Tone, but no such pic exists. Here he is looking like a fat drug dealer. Interestingly enough, HE IS a fat drug dealer. Proving that first impressions are the way to go.

BTW: Folks, we have a problem. Tony is the Last Man Standing- where will this blog go next? Maybe WE should go into crime? We are much smarter than these cheese eating surrender monkeys! Your comments please...

The cast of Last Man Standing. At least when their time is up, they go to a new casting. Thats better than 20 years in a cell with Carl Williams.


  1. Anonymous11:51 pm

    The word is the new kid on the block to watch is a bloke caller Bluey from the Western Suburbs, he was a mate of Jason Morans that left the country for a while and is now back with a bang as they say.

    From what i've heard he's even more feared then PK was and has in the past been involved in a few unsolved murder blues.

    A mate of mine was in a pub in Ascot Vale last week when this fella walked in with two blokes and pulled a mate of Carl Williams out by the neck, seems to me and what i've been told he's back for revenge over the loss of his good mate and his brother Mark.

    I take it that since most of the Williams Crew are in jail then he's just gonna clean up what's left "George & Roberta should be shiting there self's".

    Hopefully it should heat up again for a bit, makes good reading on my lunch brake.

    The Son Of Sly

  2. Anonymous6:12 pm

    But but but..........isn't Roberta just a struggling suburban housewife and mother?

  3. Anonymous8:12 am

    Well after her being the one that wanted poor old Lewis Moran knocked I don't think this bloke gives a shit, she is part of all this and is going along for the ride.

    Victor Brincat is just lucky he's locked up at the moment, but his brother isn't so I wouldn't put it past this Bluey fella if he knocks him to back up.

    Son Of Sly

  4. Anonymous5:48 pm

    The previous comment was tongue in cheek. Nasty piece of work is Roberta

    Any guess on how long some of these fellas such as Carl Williams and Victor Brincat will be locked up for? (my guess is a hell of a long time)

    Whatever happened to the skinny looking guy that became Williams' 'bodyguard' after Veniamin was killed?

  5. Anonymous8:27 pm

    If both Williams & Brincat are found guilty then its life so the next time we see them will be in a box on there way to the graveyard.

    The bloke's name that became Williams' 'bodyguard' is Terrence Chimirri, a runt junkie, he's had the shit kicked out of him a few times since Williams has been locked up.

    If I was gonna get myself a bodyguard it sure as hell wouldn't of been a dickhead like him.

    The Son Of Sly

  6. Anonymous12:58 pm

    funny how alot of u use the internet to hide and mock and talk alot of shit, but believe me this person who dares even address my mate as "tone" ever crossed paths would dred the day he mouthed off like the way he has hear.. BEAWARe

    Also all u little faggots talking about victor the way you are... MY God u are Lucky that he is behind bars believe, ur time will come.

    1. Anonymous12:09 pm

      brincat is a DOG, a big fat police loving dog,

    2. Anonymous12:12 pm

      brincat was a dog in SA FACT !! Brincat was a dog in NSW Fact and he is still a DOG in VIC.

      runner, hard man my arse when he looked at life he folded, hes a fuckin DOG.

      Vic Brincat also known as William albano is a fuckin DOG> FACT !!!

  7. Anonymous9:03 pm

    Sheesh, if you find all this upsetting why not email the site's owners and "make them an offer they can't refuse"

    Or slap them around a bit like the Don did to Johnny Fontaine when he was sooking

    If the above is a bit too poofy then I thoroughly recommend putting "their fukking head in a fukking vice"

    Nah maybe not, the above is a bit over the top I agree. A plain old cliched horses's head in the bed will suffice

  8. Anonymous10:56 pm

    funny how alot of u use the internet to hide and mock and talk alot of shit, but believe me this person who dares even address my mate as "tone" ever crossed paths would dred the day he mouthed off like the way he has hear.. BEAWARe

    " Your mate Tone ha ha ok buddy, Tony coudn't punch his way out of a poofters tea party, in the real world of hard men he doesn't rate at all"

    Also all u little faggots talking about victor the way you are... MY God u are Lucky that he is behind bars believe, ur time will come.

    (Thats the best place for an animal like Victor "behind bars" shooting people infront of kids takes alot of dash doesn't it, and if your so called mate Victor had any sort of a brain cell then what is he doing banged up in Barwon, for a hitman he wasn't very good was he, I mean he got bloody cought for all the hits he did.)

    (At least the million he got for the Moran hit might be able to get him a better lawyer for his big day.)

    P.S It's also funny how alot of you internet tough guy's use the internet to make threats to people, I bet you read alot of crime books and live in a fantasy land dreaming about being a gangster.

    Carl Williams, Benji, Victor Brincat, Tone, Victor Peirce and the rest are no loss to the decent people of Melbourne so stop bitching and stop reading crime books there fucking with your head.

    Son Of Sly

    1. Anonymous1:32 pm

      Brincat didn't c a fukn zac !!! Carl promised him the world & gave him Roberts's sister !!!

  9. Anonymous4:03 am

    Interesting point re: shooting people in front of their own and others' kids

    Some unspoken rules were beginning to be broken and this was one of them. How anyone could cause so much trauma to such innocent young ones is beyond me

    Wonder if they'd have tought it was ok for say, their own friend's kids to witness their father's murder (can't have it both ways)

  10. Anonymous4:55 am

    Very true, also as soon as Mick Gatto was charged, Carl Williams came right out and said that Benji was set up by Gatto, so does that not make Carl an informer ?

    They all make up these so called bullshit rules as they go along I think.

    I've spoke with a few blokes that have know Victor Brincat in the past be it in jail and that, and he has never been a bright spark with any dash, but then he's also been done for rape and we all know that rapist's don't have any dash to start with.

    Son Of Sly

  11. Anonymous8:52 pm

    It's ironic that the new boys on the block came in with a huge gust of wind and it just turned out to be one giant smelly fart

    At the end of the day there's been absolutely nothing achieved. How many kids are fatherless and how many are facing long stints inside as a result of what basically amounted to people's massive egos (started off as a power struggle but went way beyond that)

    At least the old boys did what they did in part at least, as a means of doing something FOR their families

    All these guys managed to do was: something TO their families

  12. funny how alot of u use the internet to hide and mock and talk alot of shit, but believe me this person who dares even address my mate as "tone" ever crossed paths would dred the day he mouthed off like the way he has hear.. BEAWARe

    Also all u little faggots talking about victor the way you are... MY God u are Lucky that he is behind bars believe, ur time will come.

    It's nice to hear the illiterate mouth off about the soon to be jailed for life.

    "BEAWARe"- is that a new word- or are you as smart as those that came before you? Anyway, yes, we'll DRED(sic) the thought that big Tone et al will have the MUI collective whacked for mouthing off on the internet. Boy if everyone whacked everyone else who got gobby on the net- they population would go from 20 mil to, ohh three people in a week. Here's the deal- when we go into drug dealing, etc, then have us whacked. Until then, you are guilty of what you charge us with doing: mouthing off on the internet under the veil of anonymity.

    These new school boys make us sick. How did you find this site? Google right?. EGO googling. *sigh* Give us The Munster back. He wouldn't have a/ known how to use the net and b/ given the remotest shit about what people said on it. But you little quasi-tough-guy-but-mostly-monkey you have to puff your chest out and tell us we are all going down. Either you are a/ a troll b/ for real- and therefore a total, utter, fuck knuckle. Here's a tip- be smart and shut your fucking face.

    Anon 1: Toche re: Roberts being a suburban house wife and mother. *lol*

    Jail sentences: A raffle, but we'll be old and this site will be an archive.

    RE: Victor - he does have "dash" Kill n Dash. The marathon man il n'est pas?

    To my other, worthy readers: It's simply wonderful to have you all on board again. These are interesting times and we'd love to hear your rumours, innuendo, lies and threats *ooooh shaking* Email us using an anonymous sytem like
    our email address is: [soon to be set up]

    See the front page for more...

  13. Anonymous9:34 am

    Nicely put mate and the bit about Victor lol think I might of pissed myself or was that from that fella with his threats, well its alot better then calling him a Fat Drug Dealer, both would of done in my book but its not my blog lol

    Tone has got a better ring to it anyway " alot like Benji's mobile before Greg the baby sitter rang it before Mick sent him off to meet his maker, infact if I was told that it was Greg that wrote the comments above that would not fuckin surprise me at this point in time.

    Son Of Sly

  14. Anonymous6:25 pm

    And furthermore.........

    Greg D (destroyer)is now the main man out in them thar rootin tootin high falutin western suburbs. All he needs now is to get rid of that heinous hairdo and people will fear him. Just like the Don, no doubt

    p.s. Will Roberta and Greg shack up together? Will she let him babysit?

    p.p.s.s. this here place is turning into some funny shit (or is it just a bit of shitty fun??)

  15. Anonymous12:50 am

    What I can't understand is, why would Benji and Carl Williams let a child killer like Greg be around them or any of there kids, in the good old days he would of just got knocked but its crazy how he is still walking around.

    Son Of Sly

  16. Anonymous6:55 pm

    Apparently Veniamin felt sorry for him. Roberta certainly wouldn't have wanted him around. They were neighbours me thinks

  17. Anonymous1:15 am

    How could anyone feel sorry for a child killer is beyond me.

    Veniamin also was a bit of a dick head, he pissed off that many people in the end that if Mick never took care of him i'm pretty sure someone else would of, there was even word going about that he was banging Roberta behind Carl's back.

    Son Of Sly

  18. Anonymous6:07 am

    True Veniamin was a dickhead and I wouldn't be surprised if he and Roberta were doing a bit of horizontal dancing

    Veniamin - apparently he cracked onto some guy's girlfriend so they decided to square off in a park somewhere, with the only rule being - no guns

    The other guy turned up as arranged and Veniamin promptly shot him several times

    Yeah it seems he thought he was invincible, it was always going t happen

  19. When Benji got popped we said that "if it wasn't the Carlton crew then it would be an associate" and the months after his death bore this out.

    He was out of control. He was 24/7 armed and had more drugs in him than the Bali nine had on them. (however Benji was a speedy kinda guy)

    At the Gatto trial (we watched) they asked questions relating to Benji like he was an ordinary bloke ie"As if hew would carry a gun in the front of his 3/4 shorts", but then Benji was insane and drug fucked to hell. Once again, at the time, one of the collective said "it's any wonder he didn't blow his cock off"

    Gatto settled for his neck.

  20. Anonymous6:59 pm

    All of you need to get a life! Are you seriously writing this shit?! As for the comment about the 'runt junkie' you allege became Williams bodyguard, i'd suggest having the constitution to make those remarks in person than like some ranting little piss ant on a blog. Thats a very serious thing to say about another person you have never met and guessing by the indignified way you conduct yourself, will never have the pleasure of meeting. Please get a life and find something else to do aside from casting aspersions on people and situations you so obviously have no idea about.

  21. Gee , wel for a start,the word is dispersions cast on this impeccable character?anyway dead men dont talk and mortals seem easily swayed these days..personally i like him.n ol school as l may be. Im stickin fat wit him. I bet u wouldnt call terence that to his face. .however ld love to see u try. Di.s.a.

    1. Anonymous11:58 pm

      aspersion= a damaging or derogatory remark or criticism
      dispersion= an act, state, or instance of dispersing or of being dispersed

  22. Anonymous1:42 pm

    Whos this bluey guy from the western suburbs?runs the block now apparently.thats a load of shit and he knows it.lets get the facts straight before gobbing off and stating bullshit facts.

  23. Anonymous9:51 am

    You gimps

  24. Anonymous9:44 pm

    What prison sentence did Brincat get??

  25. I remember Bluey he was in the Sunshine Crew with Benji, Dino, PK, Mallia, Arico etc. what's going on with him now? and Terrence Chimmiri I believe was also in the Sunishine Crew how's he going aswell?

  26. Anonymous5:46 pm

    Wow. Amazing.

  27. Anonymous10:19 pm

    Hmm use start running your mouths about stuff use apparantly no then one person cees it then tells another then what was heard n.passed on to someone else brings up the past n ticks someone off to go n shoot someone then.thst person gets shot dead then it continues n.becomes out of hand again just shut fuck up oppinions to yourself

  28. Anonymous10:06 am

    That's it am coming to Melbourne to pop a cap in all your asses , lol

  29. Anonymous9:45 pm

    Son of sly - you are so full of shit you dumb fuck. you've watched underbelly too many times and read the herald sun daily.
    I know first hand the likes of who you talk shit about. Brinner had dash. Go back to ur popcorn and dream about knowing all HA HA GOTCHA GONE CUNT

  30. Anonymous12:00 pm

    My cats breath smells like cat food


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