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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Major Strasser has been shot!

A man believed to be the son of slain underworld figure Victor Peirce is in a stable condition in hospital after being shot in Melbourne's east last night.

Victoria Police were called to a house in Scoresby Road, Boronia shortly after 8pm, following reports of a shooting.

"Initial investigations indicate there was an altercation between two men outside the address," police spokeswoman Sheree Argento said.

I'm not saying that people should change their names to avoid fate, but if your name is Victor Pierce- DON'T go out of the bloody house!

Seems Vic jnr is getting his racing stripes as we speak. Word has it he's already puffing his chest out like a fucking pigeon. Yeah boy, pigeons get eaten by falcons.

This is not truly gangland- as Vic Jnr is so freaking jnr he doesn't rate a mention. Question is: will he lag like his mother, or get popped like Dad, go crazy like Uncle Dennis or be a legend like grandma?

We'll go with "Dead by 2008". Any takers?

Son of slain gangster shot - National -


  1. Anonymous9:25 pm

    Don't think he will go Crazy like Uncle Dennis but it would be good, there hasn't been anyone around like Mr Death since Mr Death, apart from being a dog Dennis was one crazy cunt.

    If Melbourne Underworld had to pick the worst of the worst then Dennis gets top spot by a long shot, no one was more feared then him in his day.

    Dennis liked to kill just for the fuck of it or fun of it, 13 deaths were linked to him but I have been told by a jack that was round in the 80's that the number could well be 26 to 30 so I guess that makes Dennis Melbourne if not Australia's biggest killer.

    Just a few thing that he did to get the nick name Mr Death

    1: After stabbing a Murder victim in the head, when putting him in a shollow grave Dennis jummped on his head to get him in quicker and the head fell apart, this same person was stabbed in Dennis's house and ran to Dennis for help and he helped him out by doing this.

    2: Used a chainsaw to cut an ex Hell's Angel's legs off so they would fit into a 44 gallon drum after he shot him for no reason.

    3: Shot a bloke about 20 odd times and Dennis in his Crazed mind thought he was still alive so he then cut the blokes throte and left him out in the boot of his car for a few day's.

    The list go's on and on but you get the idea of what kind of man Uncle Dennis was.

    Victor Peirce jr has got a lot to live up to as its well know that his old fella helped out Uncle Dennis on more then one murder.

    Son Of Sly

  2. Anonymous3:31 pm

    Can you put a photo up of victor jnr


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