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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Officer faces punishment for LEAP leak - National -

A Victoria Police chief inspector will face disciplinary action over the leaking of 291 files from the police database.

That sounds bad enough ... but wait!:
Victoria's Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon said the same officer then failed to brief her properly on the seriousness of the security breach.

Announcing the findings today, Ms Nixon said the report recommended formal disciplinary action be taken against the senior officer who, on July 14, gave approval for the files to be emailed to a corrections officer and to a senior officer within the Justice Department.

"There were 291 made 7,000 pages of documentation and so it was a fairly extensive file," Ms Nixon told reporters.

Seven. Freakin'. Thousand. pages.

But thats ok. Those who have had their privacy so carelessly breached will be informed so that they can make appropriate changes/panics/move overseas.

ummmm... no:
Ms Nixon said the people whose files had been released would not be told of their direct involvement in the incident for fear of jeopardising the identity of a whistleblower in the matter.

Gee thanks. The whislteblower is safe (for once), while the 291 Jones/Smiths/Allens have had their files flung about cyber space. But will never know it until the shit really hits the fan.
"I think the vast majority of members of Victoria Police do the right thing."

Who said that? Paul Mullet? Kel Glare? No.

Christine Nixon. Out of her mind.

Officer faces punishment for LEAP leak - National -

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