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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Kill offer a charade, court told

A MAN accused of conspiring to kill alleged underworld figure Carl Williams was taking part in a charade, a court heard yesterday.

Mario Condello, 52, believed Mr Williams was plotting his death, the Supreme Court was told.
So Mr Condello led a would-be hitman, who was actually a police informer, to think he wanted Mr Williams dead so he could gather information on him, the court heard.

Oh boy oh boy is this going to be a close one. Mario et al have really done their homework on this. Be advised: they wanted Carl Williams d-diddly Dead. And I reckon it's self defence myself.... but hell this new direction is better than my idea.

Probably why I'm NOT a defence lawyer eh?

During Mr Condello's bail application, defence lawyer Anthony Howard, QC, said the case against his client was weak and based on the word of an unreliable police informer.

But there's one GAPING hole that they will be sure to drive a truck through:
His lawyer, Tony Howard, QC, told Justice Bernard Teague that the Crown case was weak and based on "inaudible and fragmented" recordings of conversations made covertly by the informer, known as 166. The informer had had drugs charges against him dropped after he helped police, Mr Howard said.

But if the charges against Condello fall over can someone PLEASE explain who the fuck conspired to murder Lewis Caine????

The Age story
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  1. As a london crime writer i have followed the melbourne gangland wars with great interest.
    It seems as melbourne has turned into the wild west with every coked up gunmen thinking he is billy the kid.
    Jason morans murder was as vile as it gets,to kill two men in a car with a back seat full of children even in gangland killings crossed the line,as one london face said to me,(every self respecting crimmanal in melbourne no matter what side he batted for should have took it in turns to hit the trigger man in the head with a claw hammer,no women no children its as simple as that.even in our buissness there has to be rules or we are just the same as all the other animals in the zoo)
    And so killing number 24 was benji,who went for a pizza and ended up a takeaway courtesy of a hole in his chest and forhead given free off charge by mike gatto.
    This killing proberly saved lives, if the stories are true about benjis fondness for shooting people dead in his spare time between drug deals.
    At least gatto gave him a fighting chance which is more than benji gave his victims,if the rumors are true.
    And so to the late benjis boss Carl(who ate all the pies)williams this guy seems to want most of australia dead talk about a chip on his shoulder,he makes Darth vader look like a peace campaigner,carl seems to have the hump because one of the moran brothers shot him in the guts a few years ago,talk about holding a grudge, it looks like carl decided to kill the whole moran clan,
    I bet who ever shot fat boy in the guts wish he had aimed a foot higher might have saved a lot of grief in the long run.
    And so we come to the melbourne police,what can i say twenty four gangland killings and no arrests untill gatto holds his hands up and gives them a smoking gun and benjis dead body in a pizza parlour in broad day light while muttering i killed the bastard in self defence,it does not make good reading for the oz boys in blue,as one london crim told me (if we had the oz police investigating us we would have all retired in our thirtys filthy rich and free as a bird).
    So i await the next chapter in this war,however i have the feeling that it will now carry on in the prisons of oz as all the main players are dead or behind bars, at least chopper (mark brandon read)should have some thing to fill his time while he awaits his trial i have read how much mark loves a prison war,well what can i say ,enjoy mark,let me know how it goes in your next book.

  2. Anonymous9:00 pm

    London crimewriter, your full of shit.

    London crims aint shit.

    "bobbys" over ther don't even carry guns lol

    Once again your full of shit


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