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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Gangland wife 'incited Moran killing'

She's just a housewife people. Just a housewife...

Roberta- OUt damned spot!
Lady MacWilliams:Out DAMNED SPOT!
Photo: Michael Clayton-Jones,

The Age

The wife of alleged underworld identity Carl Williams has been accused of inciting the murder of crime patriarch Lewis Moran.

The accusation could not be reported until Roberta Williams, 35, yesterday pleaded guilty in the Supreme Court to drug trafficking charges.

A protected witness, who is in hiding with a new identity, has promised to give prosecution evidence against Roberta Williams implicating her in encouraging Moran's murder.

Of course for Roberta to qualify as a "housewife", one would have to modify the job description slightly to include: trafficking, conspiring to murder, fraud, etc, etc.

For sometime now, many people have held the opinion that Carl Williams is, quite frankly, as dumb as dog shit. He may have some street smarts, but his public (media) performances have made him come across as a brain damaged moron. This may indeed be an act (think: Vincent 'The Chin' Gigante who faked being a moron for 30 years...), but one tends to lean towards the "real moron" scenario.

Roberta on the other hand is as cunning as a gutter rat. John Silvester described the two groups of crims as Wise guys
These men tend to keep low profiles, and while they enjoy the trappings of success they don't flaunt their wealth.

and Tough Guys:
In an underworld increasingly dominated by warring drug syndicates and fuelled by a massive market in illegal amphetamines, these men now hold sway. To these criminals, respect becomes more important than revenue. And violence is often the first option.

Carl was (and we say was coz he is staring down the barrel of 20+ years in prison) a Tough Guy with a Moron moon rising.

But Roberta is more enigmatic. She is a non specific kinda gal. She happily invited the Sunday program cameras into her home to "plead" her case. She came across as a genuine, seet, loving wife who was confused about the media and police attention. Those who knew better could see through this, but to an outsider, she was seemingly truthful. This is classic Wise guy thinking. "Behind every great man..." never rang truer.

It has long been the opinion of the contributors on this website that Roberta Williams plays a dangerous game. She is not invincible, nor does she have a bulletproof vest in the form of being a mother. This may have been the case a few years ago. She was and is a major player and more and more she looks like Lady Macbeth. Blood on her hands- Lewis Moran for one, and probably many others to boot. She is alone now. While there is always an underworld social climber willing to be her bodyguard, the death of Benji and th imprisoning of Brincat and others means she does not have a genuine "tool" man around the house to defend her. She might be a player, but she's no Kath Pettingill (Kath was always willing to get REAL blood on her hands..)

I can't see her getting a long custodial sentence, she might even get off, but I can see her getting knocked at some stage. She has just said and done too much. Carl is untouchable (well, possibly) while in prison. But believe this, the Carlton gang want him hurt.

And knocking the missus is one sure fire way to burn him...
Gangland wife 'incited Moran killing'

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