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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

We've done our time..

and we'll never be naughty again

WEll, NOT as it happens:
Hizir Ibery Ferman, 22, of Port Melbourne, and Robert Daniel Musso, 25, of Mill Park, were on parole on December 19 last year when they were pulled over by the police Special Operations Group in suburban Reservoir and found to be carrying a semi-automatic pistol and .38 calibre revolver.

Judge Tom Wodak sentenced the pair to 12 months in jail to be served cumulatively with remaining time on previous sentences for armed robbery and attempted armed robbery.

As they were led from the court, Ferman turned to a Purana Taskforce detective and shouted: "You reckon 12 months is going to stop me, you dog".

Musso added "You fucking rat".

But we hope and pray here at MU that they boys have time to reflect on the gravity of their crimes and repent and rebuild their lives. Maybe find Jesus too.

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