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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Big Brother was listening

Through to the keeper

This little tasty snippet nearly got through:
A former law clerk threatened to sue a police officer if he did not reduce the number of criminal charges against his client, a jury heard yesterday.

The County Court was told that Helmut Kirsch, along with another law clerk, Ali Aydin, had threatened Detective Senior Constable Benjamin Archbold in July 2001 in a bid to influence the criminal case against Housam Zayat.

Prosecutor Andy Moore said Aydin and Kirsch were trying to frighten Mr Archbold so he would "go soft with their client".

This is the same Ben Archbold from Australian Big Brother. He claimed to have participated in BB order to be hidden from the underworld. TV is the best spot...

There was also this small problem as well:
Benjamin Archbold also reportedly had been threatened by Nikolai Radev, a known criminal who was shot dead earlier this month.

The threats to Mr Archbold, who moved to the Gold Coast from Victoria, were apparently made by Radev during a court hearing well before his shooting.

So who knocked Radev again?
Age article from Ben's time in BB

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