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Monday, November 12, 2007

Two down. More to come

It's time to go:

Stephen Linell

Dr Lyon told Mr Linnell that deputy commissioner Simon Overland — whom Mr Linnell and Mr Ashby had strongly criticised in some of their taped conversations — had revealed to him in confidence during a September 17 phone call that the OPI intended to investigate leaks to the media.

"Less than 11 seconds later, you passed the information to Mr Ashby. Do you agree with that?" Dr Lyon asked Mr Linnell.

"Yes," Mr Linnell replied.
Is this a record? 11 seconds? Many this guys was FAST!

On another note: As hilarious as this is, why don't the reality TV boffins start a show and get the recently sacked/departed Gretel Killeen to host it?- imagine:
GK: "So, Noel Ashby, who was your least liked person in the force?"
Noel Ashby: "Simon Overland!" (crowd cheers)
GK: "Who will you be friends with now it's all over?"
NA: "Hmmm thats tough, but I'd say Denis Tanner, Wayne Strawhorn and Robert Dabb"
GK: "Well congratulations on the way you left the force, showed a lot of character to wait until you were seconds from being evicted. Right, no-one leaves without a prize... You will soon be on your way to jail and your pension will be spent on Simon Overland's education! Of course your legacy item will be the fact that you will be remembered for this and not any worthy acts!


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  1. Anonymous1:35 am

    Look! I-can't say that I've looked everywhere, but..... everywhere I've looked either no-one has had a clue on what's behind the whole-deal (Bracks & Beauty having a sort-of 'OFFICIAL STATE DINNER' with 'Eric' the American 'Shlomo' & then jumping & also 'HOWARD & LESKE' also met 'ERIC' in Canberra & I-know SFA! Except! 'ERIC' met-up with 'OVERLAND' so they-say!Actually I-do know quite a lot!) You're-all scared aren't-you! If you're-not you-got no-brains! So-am I? Hmmm! Anyway! If-you want-to know more & AREN'T TOTAL SCAREDY-CATS then look-to "supanova-survivor" in-the archives at Windows Live-Spaces! (If-they kill-me violently for saying too-much will I-take revenge after or just go-quietly?) Oh! You so-crazy Robby.... Oh Yeah? We'll-see then wont-we...


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