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Friday, November 09, 2007

A moment of hilarity is a sea of holy shit

Denis Tanner claimed the OPI hearing into leaks of sensitive information was part of a plot by Ms Nixon to destablise Police Association boss Paul Mullett.

"This is Ms Nixon's last hurrah to try and stitch up Paul Mullett - that's the way I read it," Mr Tanner told ABC radio this morning.

"She's tried every way . . . since she's been in power to try and sort him and the Police Association out.

"I think Ms Nixon is trying to elimate Paul Mullett so that she doesn't have more problems with her role."

Mr Tanner defended the police union boss who, according to claims provided to the OPI, leaked information that a police officer was being investigated.

SAID THE MURDERER! Holy Jesus in a handbasket, why would ANYONE interview Denis about ANYTHING ever!? It defies description.

Anyway isn't this fun? Overland to be King, Ashby to ashes, even old darling Brian Rix will have plenty of time to ride around the world again and Luinell can write a book about it.

A. Clusterfuck.

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  1. Anonymous2:43 pm

    Remember "Adele Bailey?" One of life's gentlemen! Women\Men Women? Whatever! Nice-bloke! Good Heart!

    Wasn't he\she sort-of 'FOUND IN-THE SAME HOLE' so to-speak as Tanner's missus was? I-know who-killed 'ADELE' & it-sure as hell wasn't Mistra Tanner! You'd think Tanner would want to 'GET' whoever actually really caused his wife to die even if-he did hate-her! You-know! Class? Loyalty? Strangle them with your old school-tie etcetera! How-come it's-only international drug-bosses crime-kings & mob-lawyers that seem to have loyalty?

    Come-on Dennis! & All your copper mates! 'DAMAGE THEIR HOUSE!' In Australia it's-made of glass at-the moment! (Why did Bracks Twaites & Beauty really take a runner & why is 'HOWARD' scared & regretting his official-dinner with 'ERIC' the dead?) 'THE FAMILY' is-not made of steel whatever they tell-you! Come-on SFB! You-do know much much-more than you've ever-said! Come-on! No-one should try living on this earth forever because it sucks big-time the longer you try!


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