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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

1-0 down with 8 minutes to play

Australia vs Japan?

NO YOU IDIOTS! listen up- Zarah has waved the white flag of surrender:

Lawyer gives up appeal against contempt conviction

Melbourne lawyer Zarah Garde-Wilson has abandoned her appeal against her conviction for contempt of court after being warned it could result in a harsher penalty.

Oh damn! She's slowly being painted into a corner. No appeal= no career. Appeal= possible even worse sentence + disbarring. No third option your worship?

It's not a certainty that she will be disbarred (ie there is no mandatory sentence), but hell- it will all add up to the point where there's no freakin' choice but to send her on her way.

Maybe she will do medicine- a sort of reverse Geoffrey Edelsten or Irene Bolger?

We wish her well and will follow this as the hearings and so on are conveyned.


  1. Anonymous9:08 pm

    There's something very cheap and nasty about this girl. Good looking and finely tailored as she appears, she's a hoe. Or a skank (or any other homie type expressions you can think of)

    Maybe she'll make a career of going shoplifting and having an orgasm every time she's caught


  2. Anonymous9:50 pm

    Hee hee! Very funny. I swing from respecting her for having incredible courage and balls, to feeling pity for her naivety and stupidity. I (along with several other women, as I have since discovered!) was seeing Lewis Caine at the same time she claims to have lived with him. But unlike Zarah, I've been desperately trying to stay out of the media in order to save my career. So far I have been successful. Thank god.

  3. Anonymous4:41 am

    What was Caine doing drinking with Faure and Goussis anyway? Didn't he think that Faure being what he is a hitman), was there for a reason?

  4. Anonymous2:49 pm

    I've wondered that myself. I read that he was meeting them to propose a deal to work together for the Condello hit. He may not have realised they had been hired (by Condello?) for his own hit, given they were 'freelance'. Although, knowing Lewie, he knew you couldn't trust anyone and that people 'crossed' each other often in that world. I have a theory that it may have been his way out. He had tried hard to go straight. Sadly, without success. I read that he said goodbye to several people in the weeks leading up to his murder. Almost like someone who is planning to suicide. He was tormented because he didn't like what he had become, but it was so hard to get out. I think in his world it would've been less cowardly to be murdered, rather than take your own life. He knew he was going to be next. He could've tried to go interstate and hide, but he didn't. This is all merely speculation of course...

  5. Spears6:25 am

    I have followed the saga of Zarah for awhile...and I must say that I am disappointed that there hasn't been a Ralph or similar photo shoot with her yet...they offer them to the 7th place Big Brother bimbo, but not a woman with that raven black hair...sheeze...I wish her luck, and law, being the profession it is, respects personalities and characters...if she was an accountant I wouldn't like her chances...


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