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Friday, May 06, 2005

Gangsters targeted by new squads - Crime & Corruption - Features - In Depth

The Vic Police have called in the consultants- no they will not recommend outsourcing everyone and then hiring themselves on higher rates- that's the Workcover and the TAC version of a revamp. No, this is the mighty Victoria Police and the result will be efficiency and better communication.


The proposals include:

- Incompetent and lazy detectives to be sacked if their performance remains unacceptable.

MU says: Well good thing the Drug squad was disbanded when it was or the lot of them would be looking for guard work.

- Psychological and personality testing to identify police susceptible to corruption.
Well that's going to reduce the intake rather severly one might suggest.

- Rewarding elite investigators with study opportunities, overseas trips and career advancement.
WTF is "elite"? Lots of dodgy arrests? Lemme get this straight- if you verbal some stooge and fit him up for a non existent crime- you could get a "study tour" to Las Vegas. Yeah. Right. That ought to stop corruption.

-Establishing a 24-hour crime desk to assign resources to breaking crimes around Victoria.
"Your crime is important to us- press one for murder, two for break and enter, 3 for rape or say your crime after the tone"

- Regular reviews to stop police continuing "dead-end" investigations into crimes that are unlikely to be solved.
If this happened 5 years ago, the Silk/Miller muders would not have been solved.
- A mentoring system for specialist detectives to pass on expertise throughout the force.
Sounds a lot like "you get brown paper bag A from crim B and go to crown to achieve C- laundering"

- Less emphasis on crime types and more on tackling major crime identities.
Celebrity crooks with celebrity cops. We've called for this for sometime. Like Big Brother, but with guns.

All bullshit aside, this does look like a better strategy than MU Insider had expected. The lack of Vic Police input- is a bloody good thing. We naturally await Paul Mullet of the Police Assoc. to bleat like one of the sheep from 1984- "All Cops are honest! All Cops are honest! All Cops are honest!" Honestly, he's a fucking dinosaur who has allowed the bad eggs to rule the roost. Don't get us started on the issue of dismissing dodgy cops. In short unless you are caught red handed, convicted, shot and cremated- Mullet reckons you are ok by him. Moron.

But there is one gaping hole in the strategy:
Some murders where the offender is known will be handled by local detectives, while more complex killings and long term "cold-cases" will be investigated by the homicide squad.

Oh dear. Does the Colin Winchester case ring any bells out there folks? The AFP version

Paul Mullet telling us how great all the cops are...
Gangsters targeted by new squads - Crime & Corruption - Features - In Depth

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