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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Carl Williams to dodge a bullet?

Not a literal bullet mind, he's ducking and weaving like a bantam weight. Pretty cool given he's, well, fat. And the Insider can confirm Roberta's been in the green paddock while in jail. Or she's pregnant. Or something.

The Crown is considering dropping a murder charge against underworld figure Carl Williams, a Melbourne court has been told.

Geoff Horgan, SC, for the Director of Public Prosecutions, told Melbourne Magistrates Court the charge against Williams over the murder of gangster Mark Moran may be withdrawn.

Williams appeared at today's hearing via a video link.

"The question of whether the prosecution will withdraw this charge is still under consideration," Mr Horgan told Chief Magistrate Ian Gray.

Why is the case going arse up?
Hard to say really, there are some problems relating to evidence and it would seem some people who'd represented they'd do and say one thing, are now harder to find. (ok longest hyperlink ever, but, well, necessary)


  1. Tye Stephens8:18 pm

    whoever is writing this is obviously an outsider looking in who has no insight what so ever into the gangland killings or anything else that has to do with melbournes underworld and i put it to the author of this commentry who is probly under the desk of one of puranas officers the same way monica leuwinsky was under bill clintons to say in person the same things that they have so easily said over the internet anonomosly mind you to someone who actually has some sought of insight and a little more intestinal fortitude than themselves so though guy what do you say

  2. I say you need to buy/steal some commas olde bean.

    See, they are used, in this context, to delineate a stream of consciousness.

    Get to it.

    We'll be busy under the desk mif ow moufs fool


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