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Monday, April 05, 2004

Adam Shand from The Bulletin digs deep.

Though not breaking new ground, Adam Shand from The Bulletin did manage to get interviews with both "Benji" Veniamin and Carl Williams recently. It makes for some interesting reading:
It has come to light that police believe Veniamin had once been a loyal associate of the man charged with his murder, Dominic "Mick" Gatto. Investigators believe that Veniamin, a suspect in at least five of the slayings, had operated as a paid assassin for both sides, picking up $100,000 for each successful hit.

Well there's a cosy 800 grand in the bank (maybe more..)

There's also this quote about Beji's car:
When this reporter met Veniamin recently, it was hard to believe that here was Melbourne's most prolific contract killer. He was a small, lively man, with soft brown eyes that darted away if you got too close. His hands seemed too soft and delicate to be those of a killer. But for the tattoos, he was like any ethnic kid you might see in a hot Torana on a Saturday night. The silver Mercedes-Benz he was driving when he died wasn't his. It was a loaner from an associate too scared to ask for it back, police sources said.

Here at MU we doubt this a bit. If Benji was getting 100 large for knocking folk, then hecould afford it. He was also close to some lucrative speed makers and there was cash a flowin'.

It also outlines Benji's past with Gatto and friends, the falling out over Mokbel's bashing and the resulting war...

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