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Thursday, November 01, 2007

...because to date it was all about cakes and puppy dogs

The life of former wife of Melbourne gangland multi-murderer Carl Williams seems to be turning to misery.

Well, perhaps this is what happens when you play with matches. There are many examples of women like Roberta- not the whole gangster vibe, but rather the "driving force" behind a figurehead male. Seems that Janette Howard is one such example. Roberta played the "just a suburban housewife" card more than once and played the "we're just a normal family (yo, with gangster shit topping)" card long after it became obvious she was none of the above.
So here's how it goes down:
Holding back tears, Williams, 38, once the wife of a wealthy and powerful crime figure, revealed she would be forced today from her husband's former Essendon house.

This is where Carl shows he's no Mokbel. We all know Fat Tony has cash bursting out of ever orifice, nook and cranny. And will do so forever. He's just more rat cunning. Carl should be taking care of his daughter at worst- no matter how his and Roberta's relationship is (and we're not sure just how angsty it really is...).

Fact is she really is in some strife, and for all her faults this has been a tough time and we are not without sympathy:
Roberta Williams' lawyer Theo Magazis told the court that she was now a sole parent to her three children - aged 15, 13 and six - and may soon have care of a foster child.

Mr Magazis said this child, aged eight, belonged to Williams' eldest sister Sharon, who is dying of cancer.

That said, acknowledged etc, it's still true that: Roberta was the driving force behind a lot of bad shit and it may be a cliche, but if ya plays wif matches, yaz gets burned.

Lastly: Roberta no longer has the looks (plus three kids) to land a sugar daddy, so she's got a cozy 30 years of fun ahead.


  1. Anonymous4:37 pm

    She never had the looks to begin with. But it seems she has infact landed herself a sugar daddy. The same guy who was responsible for her wearing a beanie (he shaved her head after finding her smoking Ice). Also turned her to Islam.

  2. Anonymous11:42 am

    Thats definately not a lie, it wasnt raising funds for cancer that made Bert shave her head, she had no choice.


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